AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The plight of Labor today. It can be Bright using Clean Slate Laws.

Dear Followers, after 5 years of writing about Labor vs Corporations or Congressional Legislators, controlled by Corporate Money and Lobbyists, our future, right now, is bleak. Can it become bright again? Yes, when we all participate in writing a better future for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

In 2014 & 2015, I was prolific artistically, illustrating with Justin Weingartner, the plight of the Middle Class and Labor in this Country. I am sorry to say, nothing will change for Labor, unless, we vote out of office, those Legislators who stand for an imperial Presidency and/or short term monetary gains for themselves and a select few.

My collaborative artistic legacy:

  • A few statistics about the decrease in Unionization in America, compared to the other developed Countries. This is an SOS call for America’s workers! Only 12% of Americans are Unionized. This is a decrease from 35%. 98% of the French are Unionized and the German’s are 56% Unionized. Even the British, America in microcosm, are 28% unionized.

The Clean Slate report”, sponsored by the Ford Foundation in conjunction with The Harvard Law School, connects diminished Union Power to diminished Labor power and Income Inequality.

Income Inequality is not new. It started with the marginalization of the African Americans in 1935. Then,as Labors rights and wages soared in the 60’s and 70’s, Lewis Powell, under Richard Nixon, recognized the threat of a Powerful Labor force to Corporate Profits. He organized Conservatives to prevent further upward mobility of “we the People”.

“Powell’s report to the Chamber of Commerce, laid out a detailed plan for Corporate America to spend heavily, on books, pamphlets, think tanks, speakers bureau, advertisements & sympathetic educators to help win the appointment of Corporate Friendly Judges, to beat back the attacks on “Free Enterprise” and to consolidate corporate power against us. The Plan worked. Corporations have tremendous power in Washington and State Governments.” As Corporate profits and the stock market increase, all wages have largely stagnated and income inequality has increased.

The GDP is now 2.1%, however, in 2010, following the Recession, the GDP was 2.3%. Labor continues to lose power and money.

With Labor friendly Legislators and Judges, the Clean Slate Report recommendations, can be enacted.

  • The Report recommends putting 40% of Labor representatives on the Corporate Board
  • Permit minority Unions to form, when 25% of the workforce decide to organize.
  • If 10% of a National Corporation, with 5000 or more employees, petition for collective bargaining, it should be granted.
  • If a workplace has 500 or more employees, there should be Monitors to help employees understand their Rights.
  • The Report also recognizes the Rights of employees to have a say in Corporate Culture, by bargaining over Corporate positions on Global Warming, Pollution and violations of Consumer Privacy.
  • The Report also recommends giving employees the power to cooperate with neighboring communities to supply affordable housing.
This list was paraphrased from the Ford Foundations article on the Clean Slate Report and suggests how Employees may achieve greater equality and pay with dignity.

Unfortunately, none of this is possible under the current TRUMP administration. Vote for change and vote for self preservation!

The heart and pulse of “we the People”.

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