TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube EPISODE 56 Thanksgiving

Dear followers, this will be a different Thanksgiving for most of us, as we celebrate being alive and wish our families and friends much love, perhaps from afar!

For many of us, following the CDC guidelines and Dr Fauci’s advice, we’re staying home for the Holidays. We don’t want our Holiday to be a super spreader event. Be patient, wait for Dr Mina’s, Rapid SalivaTests, We can take this test in our homes to prevent outbreaks, while allowing us to safely embrace our loved ones in the near future. This interim test gives us the ability to enjoy our lives, while waiting for a Vaccine. Dr Fauci approved of Dr Michael Mina’s Rapid SalivaTests and I do hope they’ll be scaled up for manufacturing in the near future. Help us advocate for these tests, which will allow those who have tested negative for the virus, to resume full lives.

We’ll still maintain the CDC guidelines, while waiting for a Vaccine.

They’re coming along with better days , if we can flip the Senate Democratic and vote for Ossoff & the Rev Warnock in Georgia.

We need a twofer, one Senate seat is not sufficient to turn the Senate Democratic.

Don’t forget to mail in your vote, Georgians must reapply for absentee ballots to vote by mail. I’m supporting that effort by Funding the Voter Participation Centers special fund for Georgia for on site registration to Vote by mail. I’m also giving to the GALEOorg. electing Hispanic voters to public office. Both are non taxable organizations and I hope, since they represent 35% of Georgia’s population they’ll be successful in re registering everyone eligible to vote!

Our Economy & our lives depend on voting into office the Democrats from Georgia.

Together, these two candidates can help change our lives for a better future. I’m looking forward to them helping to pass a Stimulus Package that helps all Lower and Middle Classes, working or not. Then we have Infrastructure programs, education, healthcare and so many more programs to make our Society more equal and more productive. Literally our Country needs this Democratic win to move forward and build back better.

Have a lovely holiday. See you next week.

The heart and pulse of “We the People “.

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