TheVoiceOfJoyce Being complacent about COVID-19, doesn’t mean you’re safe! 500,000 deaths from Covid is tragic. In Israel, they’re conquering Covid. They have enough Vaccine for the entire population Like us, not all Israelis want the Vaccine. Their solutions: a Green Card, certifying you’ve had 2 shots. They’re reopening the bars, gyms, restaurants, offices and you can enter, with your Green Card only. Then, Israel has gone a step further, they’re placing mobile Vaccine sites outside closed bars and offering a free Shot for a shot. In the Orthodox community, they’re offering homemade Cholent( stew), hummus. Making it easy and painless to be Vaccinated. When we’ve got people displaced by the weather, here, why not vaccinate everyone 18 & older on line for food? Water? That will keep the Variants down in our Society. Make it easy and painless to be Vaccinated and everyone will buy into the program .

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