TheVoiceOfJoyce Across America renters are in fear of Eviction. The Federal money allocated is insufficient to cover everyone in need. Many Rental properties are controlled by Investment firms! In my opinion, they and all Landlords during this Pandemic, don’t have to raise rents. Give folks a chance to get back to work. Most likely, Landlords and other firms , have gotten Federal money to survive, that added to their bottom line. Many families have no cushion or security. Better to remain with a tenant who always worked, than add to the homeless. If you believe in family values, accept the reality of Covid and its impact on the poor and middle classes! There should be a moratorium on rent and mortgage rates, too! With the Delta Variant, we’re not returning to normal, until everyone is Vaccinated. 4 days to be infected, antibodies are evaded and 6 people can be infected by you. Testing once a week is insufficient. The Unvaccinated are a breeding ground for mutations. Get rid of Covid, we have aVaccine. Eradicate Covid and everyone can resume life safely. We also have the Freedom-to raise employee salaries!

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