TheVoiceOfJoyce Why are they recalling Governor Newsom❓Because they can. He has stood firm on the Environment. Allocating $12B I’m this years budget for protection of homes in forests. He’s trying to stop the wildfires. PG& E have caused many of them, no wonder he wants electric charging stations, solar & wind power. He’s also trying to save water! Obviously, whoever gets in will have a detrimental impact on the California environment. Governor Newsom is funding public transportation, Boles and there’s a moratorium on gas powered cars in 2045. Sounds reasonable considering the weather extremes Californians have suffered. Infrastructure, sustainable agriculture, limiting fossil fuels and PG&E are common sense . California is the 5 th largest economy in World. What happens in California won’t stay in California. Vote overwhelmingly for Governor Newsom if you value your life and your children’s lives!

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