TheVoiceOfJoyce Scientists don’t know how diseases and viruses carried by mosquitoes, rodents, bats or primates spread to man. They do know that there is a correlation between cutting down forests and loss of natural habits & decreases in biodiversity is linked to viruses and epidemics on man. It’s a necessity to stop deforestation, halt fossil fuel extractions and start using alternative energy to power our planet. In colder climates in Russia, the melting of perms frost can unleash more and different pathogens. There is urgency to maintain our Planet’s Biodiversity now! We can offer tax incentives to buy electric cars. We can encourage light rail service in our cities and rural areas. Connecting people with transportation and work and housing. We can support Puerto Rico’s plan to go Solar and prevent the costly rebuilding of a Centralized grid that never worked. We can Federally find R&D of Fusion Energy and 4 th generation Nuclear Power Plants . We can maintain Fossil Fuel subsidies if they invest in alternative energy! We can encourage the rewinding of farms. Eliminating the need to plow soil under and allow for bio diversity, perennial crops , and the rebuilding of the top soil. There is much that can be done to stop increased Carbon Emissions. People need the will to change. And if that doesn’t work, the loss of Subsidies should be an incentive. This is a new age and requires new beginnings. Going back to heritage farming is one significant way forward.

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