TheVoiceOfJoyce Frances Haugen testifies in GB about Facebook’s concern for profit & shareholders over their culture of misinformation, unsafe conditions for pre teens at Instagram and Zuckerberg’s control over 3 Billion people. She stayed all Social Media platforms require external controls. It is obvious FB provides a safe haven for conspiracy theorists & others who are privy to select information that leads them to believe an alternative to the facts and ideas and opinions, though like theirs, have no relation or relevance to the rest of their Countrymen’s beliefs or Policies. These confirmation silos cause the destruction of Democracy, because too many believe in alternative reality. It is divisive for Democracy not to have people understand and deal with the same truth. That’s why, FB and other Media platforms, need a clear set of Regulations. Democracy cannot withstand divisive cultures. It is tearing American apart and other Countries as well. Kudos to Great Brittain for taking the first steps toward Social Media platforms Regulation.

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