TheVoiceOfJoyce From the Guardian.Org, supported by the Rockefeller Family foundation, brings you the Dirty Dozen, those wealthy individuals support Climate Denial and enable the Use of Fossil Fuels, muzzle scientist on Social Media, Filibuster all laws that would Create new alternative energy and jobs for millions, because it profits them to do so. Who are these profiteers ❓. 1. Mike With CEO Chevron2. Darren Woods CEO Exxon 3. Jamie Diamonds. CEO CHASE 4. Charles Koch. And Cato Institute ( Supreme Court ClarenceThomas) 5.Mitch McConnel Who disbanded the Filibuster to put 3 Pro Corporate, anti science Justices on the Supreme Court , including Amy Coney Barrett whose family has ties to big oil 6. Joe Manchin who won’t support the Infrsstructure agenda because he meets with Exxon Lobbyists several tomes a week 7. Mark Xuckerberg CEO FB , promotes Climate Denial for profit. These sites get 413 million views , while scientists are silenced. 9. Rupert Murdock CEO OF FOX NEWS, founder News Corp. & owner WSJ , 10. David McMachennan CEO of Chargill, makes money by deforestation of the Amazon, planting-soy & grazing beef! 12. Richard Edelman, PR firm bearing his name , works with Exxon & shell and others. 12. Ted Boutrous ,Partner with Gibson & Dunn ! Support the Guardian, investigative Reporting. I do!

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