TheVoiceOfJoyce 1.9 million Americans required expensive drugs for Cancer treatments, Diabetes & MS and many cannot pay $4000-15,000 extra per month & are not privy to discounts. Why? Congressional leaders, are the recipients of Big Pharma’s Largess, especially Krysten Sinema. Who voted , no, to drug discounts and helping to decrease medical bills, directly harming fellow Americans. She’s not Alone ,who else is putting self interest above love of Country? Bristol Myers Squibb has had a kick on Chemo drugs for 20 years. Small Labs & Universities can make these drugs less expensive and less harmful to our bodies, but no one can break their patent or their lick on pricing. Though Maryland’s cap & budget of Hospitals and insurance Cos Costs is a model for all rural and failing hospitals systems to follow. It can be done, we can have good Medicine for Everyone without compromising Quality. We need the will.

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