TheVoiceOfJoyce Dear Followers The truth is sometimes hard to understand or absorb!

I recently quoted an article, directly from The Guardian, an investigative Newspaper that I subscribe to, along with Pro Publica,

I quoted them directly and passed the information on to you, my followers. American Citizens are not finding Climate Denial and misinformation.

Misinformation on our Climate is being perpetrated by 10 organizations primarily who have a vested interest in keeping Americans from believing in the Climate Crisis we’re experiencing Globally.

Misinformation is harming all of us! Look around you and you determine, if you need Infrastructure in your towns & Communities?

Do you know if your town is impacted by Cancer Clusters, pollution, toxic waste?

Then ask yourself and read who is harming your Communities and decide for yourself, their reasons.

I only deliver Facts that I trust from reputable investigative sources. What you do with those facts, is your choice. Sunshine is a powerful detergent! And to quote an old cliche, Knowledge is Power!

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