TheVoiceOfJoyce Only organizations promote disinformation. There’s another “Dirty Dozen “ organizations” promoting Climate Crisis Denial. Their model is not good for people or our Planet. This information was compiled by the Center for countering Digital Hate. 1. Beitbart News run by Steve Bannon 2. Western Journal a conservative news site 3. Newsmax -they also espoused election fraud. 4. Town hall Media founded by Exxon and funded by Heritage Foundation 5. Media Research Center- Exxon funding 6. Washington Times7. Federalist Papers a site that also spread Covid Disinformation 8. Daily Wire 9. Russian State media via RT NEWS & Sputnik News10. Patriot News a conservative website using pseudonyms. Why? These are the sites supported by Facebook. Google allows ads on their site for misinformation that get $3.6 million. 10 sites. 10 sites sponsored by Conservatives, The Russian Government or Exxon. All for short term gains for themselves and a terrible model for our Future. Tell Congress we want Laws against Misinformation on all Tech Platforms. Self policing doesn’t work! Legislation & enforcement would stop our culture wars and restore our Democracy to “we the People “.

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