TheVoiceOfJoyce Fentanyl outstripped all other drugs, in drug overdoses during the Pandemic. 100,000 people died from Drug overdose. Enough people to fill the University of Alabama football stadium. So many people died during this Pandemic because there are so many stressors. Financial instability, mental health issues in coping with Infections, work on the front lines, inability to pay rent, lack of transportation. The list is endless. There is a need for the Family Cares Act and access to retraining. Why is Biden selling this Bill. 70% of Americans are waiting for this safety net. Pass the Bill and move on to anti trust enforcement and stop Corporate Inflation. Let’s add entrepreneurs to our future! How many football stadiums do we have to before Local, State and Federal Government realize People are dying for lack of needed funding, education and transportation. Stop catering to Big Business and give the lower and middle Class a financial safety net. Do it now. More than 850,000 people have died needlessly. Enough to fill almost 9 University of Alabama Football Stadiums

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