TheVoiceOfJoyce: I’d like the Majority to choose life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness. A vocal Minority is harming us. Read on and add your suggestions for reigning in malicious misinformation!

Why is Democracy and the will of the greatest numbers of People weak❓ Why do we allow a vocal malicious- minority to bully us?

Why are 46 million people, influenced by a small number of Websites and News Channels, allowed to derail the plans and lives of the majority of Americans?

Misinformation is a Global phenomenon. Why allow it to play out here?

We have effective Communication Laws, monitored by the FCC. Why aren’t we enforcing truth on all Media Platforms and TV channels? Only a handful of Corporations and news sites are perpetrating misinformation, they are easy to find. My Twitter feed names them. Delete them and enforce heavy fines for harming the Public and undermining trust in Science.

Let’s create Laws that protect the Greater Public.

For 50 yrs, the Majority has been Silent. How much longer before everyone understands the Status Quo is the beginning of hard times?

We can choose another path. Crack down on the Vocal Minority and choose life. A better life for the Majority, restoring our right to pursue life , liberty and happiness.

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