TheVoiceOfJoyce The life of a meat packing employee. In Texas, there are no requirements for Workers Compensation. OHSA doesn’t visit the Plants. As 60,000 came down with Covid & 300 died , refugees have no recourse. They’re abused. One man sued for $1300 in back pay. He won. Pay is $19-24/hr. With no days off. Even after 30 yrs experience, there are no days off with pay? Pro business doesn’t have to be anti employee? Time for a Clean Slate for Workers! In every state. Front line workers should be citizens and have the Right to Vote! No wonder today’s GOP favors Voter Suppression & Gerrymandering, they don’t want all Texans to vote. There are 2 America’s. The ruled and the rulers. With one person, one vote, who would vote for a Government that thinks some people are expendable, like “Pantyhose “! Bet you don’t remember them. A lot of People don’t see America’s workers either. That’s just not right!

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