TheVoiceOfJoyce Inflation is temporary and can be abated by shifting priorities. Reduce import tariffs on goods from China & restart supply chains. People are buying Furniture, that can be a more permanent industry, subsidize it to train new employees. Isn’t that included in For the Families Act? Retraining. When there’s a burst in demand because people are home bound, invest in new companies and decrease oil subsidies. These solutions are up for debate. How would you solve our parts problems? I’d give money to Main Street. $20/hr is still $40,000 a year. That’s not inflationary . I paid warehouse men that salary 20 yrs ago. Once money flows to the poor and middle Class, they’ll be able to work and afford food. Also, help small farmers & Mom & pops. This is an unusual circumstance. It’s Global and won’t go away unless and until Covid is eradicated Globally. Meanwhile, undo trade imbalances . That will free up parts. We can’t have adversaries when we need cooperation. That’s my 2 cents, what’s yours?

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