This week in Virology with Dr Daniel Griffin Epi 91 on TWIV Link to YouTube video

We are concerned about the Omicron Variant but don’t have much data on its rate of transmission or its virulence. Why? It’s too new and the data is not available. It would be helpful if we were doing more sequencing of the virus or participating is modeling predictions.

Israel and other Countries are providing our Scientific data. Interesting after their initial infection spike in Israel, the R values, rate of infection spread are going down. They’re seeing less infection in the Israeli population.

The Vaccines work if you’ve been infected with SARS COV2, were really sick and recovered, one year later your at risk for various systemic diseases. Diabetes, heart disease are not uncommon one year out. Do make regular appointments with your physician.

There was a discussion of the effectiveness of monoclonal antibodies on the Omicron Variant, two would be effective, Adagio was one. A little known company and maybe Regeneron!

Masking works. Be cautious. We’re still in a Pandemic. The Booster is recommended. If you’re going to large family gatherings do use the RapidTests before attending, the day you’re part of your family group and the day after. Then you can stop Outbreaks!

Vaccines work. If we were all Vaccinated, we wouldn’t be concerned about VARIANTS. We could stop the Pandemic and live our lives!

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