TheVoiceOfJoyce The Fed is signaling a taper of Bonds by $30 Billion a month January-March. Core inflation is 4.1 % which is not high and signals some growth in the Economy. My opinion: I don’t see a “hot” economy, nor do I think good jobs are being created for Middle Management . On December 15 th the child care provision of previous Bills, sunsets. The For the Families Act will help families and our Economy. Biden’s massive Bill plus Infrastructure implementation, retraining and Child care will keep many out of poverty and lessen Inflation’s risk. A little Inflation, according to Buffett, is a good thing for the Economy! Let’s support higher wages, benefits, Unionization, R&D, new product development and new technologies to help us transition to Heritage Farming and Alternative Fuels, Broadband, connectivity for everyone and more light Rail. There’s a lot to do. Inflation is not a worry, though we’re experiencing inflation in the short run!

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