AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceofJoyce. Ep. 107: “My Brother’s Keeper”

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Those issues can be solved when we decide on the Society we want. Do we want a Society based solely on money? Or do we want a Society that cares about and values people too! All People.

It’s our choice to make. Reflect this Holiday Season. Is it all about me? Or am I part of my family, community, Country? Am I my brother’s keeper, according to the Gospels?

No one makes it on their own. That’s a fact. Do we want what was written in the Declaration of Independence “The pursuit of life, liberty and Happiness and equal justice under the Law”?

No money or a Society Based on Money was in the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights. Money as an end in itself evolved. We have it in our Power to stop that evolution and put the concerns of “We the People“ first. What will you choose?

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