TheVoiceOfJoyce TWIV #850 Clinical update with Dr Daniel Griffin on SARS COV2. New variant Omicron is virulent. It is not cold like, except in Vaccinated & Boosted individuals. Our population is different from South Africa, 45% of the population is Vaccinated & 55% had a prior infection. Their last Covid encounter with Omicron was 30 yr olds & they had less deaths and symptoms. That’s not true in the UK or US. GSK monoclonal antibody works against Omicron. Paxlovid distributed by pharmacies in your area also work to prevent severe infections. If you’re boosted, you’re protected for 6 months. Especially with Moderna. Boosted individuals are safest against Omicron unless you have comorbidities: overweight, hypertension, diabetes, immune suppression. Where masks at all times. Never miss an opportunity to be Vaccinated, especially kids. Kids are getting sick. Healthy kids are being hospitalized. The Country’s health is everyone’s responsibility.

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