TheVoiceOfJoyce Minor correction: TWIV #850 not #860. For those vaccinated & boosted, relax. The Vaccines work. Assess your risk of Covid 19 by determining how many co morbidity’s you have. If none, your chance of severe Covid is 1/60,000. If you’re over weight, you’ve increased your risk for more severe Covid 19. Paxlovid , the new anti viral is very effective in reducing severe Covid. For the unvaccinated, be aware there’s a chance you could experience severe Cognitive decline and be unable to work. Once again the Vaccine is effective, it has been shown to reduce long Covid. So how many more reasons do you need to get the Vaccine? Don’t want death, mental decline, oxygen deficiency, infusion of drugs, wear your mask and get the Vaccine. If you’re vaccinated, relax. Make sure kids get vaccinated & boosted too!

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