Big Lies

You’ve got to ask yourself, why? Why would Big Oil perpetuate Climate Denial? Money. It’s all about Money. Who else Profits? Social Media Platforms. Luckily, I don’t believe “We the People “ are buying into their Lies.

The 2nd Big Lie was Perpetuated by Donald Trump, his kids, his Campaign and members of Congress. When you ask, Why? It’s all about the Money. The Mueller Report, reading like espionage, details Trumps Obstruction of Justice and his seamless connection to Wikileaks and Putin & Putin’s GRU. Read my book, “Shining a Light on the Mueller Report.” It’s a synopsis for Everyone and decide for yourself, was the 1/6/21 insurrection foreseeable? Who gains? And how?

The 3rd Lie I don’t understand. It’s the Anti Vaxxers. Why disparage a Vaccine, when it prevents severe infection? Isn’t our goal, do no harm?

On the light side, I invite all of you to look at and Subscribe to my Music Reactions. The vocalist chosen, from many Nations, I hope will touch your heart as they do mine.

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