TheVoiceOfJoyce. TWIV, Microbe TV , Clinical Update with Dr Daniel Griffin. Commenting on the latest treatment & infections in America. The Unvaccinated are being hospitalized & dying . To avoid the Long Covid symptoms, fatigue, dementia, if you’re lucky to survive, get the Vaccine30 days after your infection. If you’re pregnant and have been Vaccinated but not boosted, get the booster to protect your unborn child and yourself. Don’t risk complications at delivery. Our children are becoming hospitalized;Especially the babies to 5 years of age and kids up to 18 yrs of age. Please Vaccinate your children. Available pharmaceuticals are discussed as well. Next week, Dr Griffin will be in Ghana to discuss their health needs at their major Medical School inAccra. Be informed and be safe. We’re not safe, till everyone is Vaccinated.

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