AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Inflation bites into the Lower Classes necessities. Poorer Americans didn’t have $400 in savings before the Pandemic, what’s left now? It’s a pity Congress won’t negotiate and pass the For the Families Act and the Infrastructure Bills. So much money, so much good intentions, yet it doesn’t help hungry hard working households. The Lower and Middle Classes are still waiting for a living wage and childcare relief. We have the resources, why aren’t we spending money to help Americans? Instead winner take all politics on the GOP side is neglecting the poor and middle class needs. The DEMS have good intentions, but where’s the Action on “we the Peoples “ behalf? We’re waiting. To further help the lower and middle class pass a higher minimum wage and change the rules of the National Labor Relations Board. Let Americans organize and have a seat at the Corporate table. It wasn’t so long ago, 1980’s, that Labor was valued. Capitalism works. Policy can save Main Street and Wall Street. Late Stage Capitalism and monopolies don’t work to benefit “we the People “. Institute Fundamental Change Now! #Inequality

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