AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceofJoyce. Ep. 114: “Discord”

Are you disturbed by the vocal minority? Don’t be helpless, join organizations that will help you write a script to counter their arguments. Are set up Rules of Engagement and evict folks from School Board meetings.

If you don’t want banned books. Be civil and vocal. The majority cannot afford to be silent.

Civil Discourse resolves issues. I was on Periscope for years before Twitter stopped sending followers to my site. Their algorithms must have preferred violence and cultural unrest to civil discourse.

Great Britain and the EU are going to regulate the Social Media Platforms and I say kudos.

Meanwhile, check in on the latest Fusion Experiments, they’ll power our World.

Please tune into my reaction videos. I’m honoring H.E.R. And will honor other Artists during Black History Month. Enjoy the music and stay for my Political commentary. Solutions provided. Thank you.

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