AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce There are good reasons to be skeptical of Government directions. They’re sometimes confusing. The Science is clear. MRNA Vaccines are not a new development, scientists have been working on them for 20 years. Could the pricing be lower to our government and others, yes. Get rid of Citizens United and Lobbyists and take away Law Makers incentives to make money off of Pharmaceutical stocks and Corporate money for their Campaigns. The Vaccines work. You do need 3 shots for the best immunity. KN 95 masks work to prevent giving or getting infected. Peer review papers corroborate their efficacy. So, in 2022, in spite of your trust in Government, the Vaccines will prevent you, your family and your Community from being very sick, needing hospitalization and possible death. Life has no certainty, but the Vaccines are your hedge against serious Illness. Perhaps they’ll develop an all purpose Vaccine to cover proposed Variants. It will be like your yearly flu shot. You might get the sniffles but not very sick. The Vaccines are our way out of the Pandemic and back to living better. We have problems & they’re solvable!

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