AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Why isn’t the NLRB aggressively prosecuting Starbucks for violating the Civil Liberties of their employees? Forming a Union should not be met with Corporate dismissal. Jennifer Abruzzo helped write The Clean Slate for Labor, how long does Labor have to wait for their implementation? Starbucks Corporate Power is excessive and cares little for the payment and benefits due employees. Starbucks, is evidently following the Chicago School of Economics, long debunked, that espoused Shareholder value & profits, over pay with dignity and proper working conditions for employees. Henry Ford understood, you pay your employees handsomely and they can afford your products. Major breaks in the employer/ employee contract started to occur with President Ronald Reagan. Now with a new person in the NLRB, fund the organization for Rule Changes that favor employees and keep Corporations at arms length from their Rights to Unionize!

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