AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Florida south western coast battered by Hurricane Ian. 2 million without power. The poor and middle classes suffered the most devastation. Hopefully they fled the region. The storm is now heading for South Carolina. Unfortunately, the Hurricane season will continue through November and 8 more storms are forming. With Global warming and increased usage of fossil fuels, our planet is warming as predicted in 1977, in the Press memorandum. 50 yrs of denial and misinformation by the Fossil Fuel industries has led us to this moment. Damage to life and property are costing more than humanity can sustain. Can the Fossil Fuel Companies be sued to share some of the Peoples burden? Why should taxpayers foot these bills for our devastation? Sue and win? Then, insist AI work for your towns, map out flood plains, equalization of scarce resources and placement of renewables.

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