TheVoiceOfJoyce Mass murders happen in Colorado, because it is a Sanctuary for the 2 nd Amendment. What does that mean? Colorado has watered down Red Flag Laws. A large proportion of Colorado residents commit suicide. Too many need counseling and too many mass murders take place in Colorado. It started with Columbine and hasn’t ended yet. This last shooter wanted to bomb his mother and her neighborhood, walked free, was never prosecuted and went on with his life. A year and a half later, Anderson Lee Aldrich was charged with shooting 5 people in a Colorado Springs LBGTQ nightclub. Unfortunately, the warning signs were there and nobody stopped this troubled man from committing mass homicide! Is there any soul searching going on in the State of Colorado? Is owning a gun, whether you’re suicidal or homicidal, more important then protecting everyone’s life?

A year and a half before Anderson Lee Aldrich was arrested as a suspect in a Colorado Springs LGBTQ+ nightclub shooting that left five people dead, he allegedly threatened his mother with a homemade bomb, forcing neighbors in surrounding homes to evacuate while the bomb squad and crisis negotiators talked him into surrendering.

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