TheVoiceOfJoyce on Day 272, another reminder of Russia’s inhumanity to man. As fierce fighting in Kherson began and Russian troops died, their comrades buried there bodies and it burned them in the landfill servicing Kherson. Rather than ship bodies home for families to mourn fallen soldiers were burned to erase their memories. How many young Russian boys, serving Putin’s unjust War will be missed by families, leaving them grieving without closure. Whether you’re a Russian citizen or a Ukrainian, Putin and the Russian Motherland place no value on your life!

The reason for the jittery secrecy, several residents and workers at the site told the Guardian, was that the occupying forces had a gruesome new purpose there: dumping the bodies of their fallen brethren, and then burning them.

The residents report seeing Russian open trucks arriving to the site carrying black bags that were then set on fire, filling the air with a large cloud of smoke and a terrifying stench of burning flesh.

They believe the Russians were disposing of the bodies of its soldiers killed during the heavy fighting of those summer days.

“Every time our army shelled the Russians there, they moved the remains to the landfill and burned them,” says Iryna, 40, a Kherson resident.

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