TheVoiceOfJoyce Workers in America deserve hazard pay and the Corporations employing them are above the Law? Why is OHSA powerless? Why aren’t there Lawsuits and fines for negligence? When over 5000 people die from lack of training and poor working conditions, where’s Union support, enforcement, pay for the injured family, insurance policies, Corporate fines? You’re thinking of striking? Where is the NLRB? Why are Corporations allowed to operate without safeguarding workers lives? This behavior is criminal! Why no lawsuits against Caterpillar? How long will the American worker allow themselves to be abused? I’ve been asking this question for 10 yrs. I’ve been waiting for the People to Speak. Asking, When will “ We the People Speak”?

Dierkes’ death in June was the subject of a report issued by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Osha) earlier this month. The report determined that “ if required safety guards or fall protection had been installed, the 39-year-old employee’s ninth day on the job might not have been their last”.

Osha said workers at Caterpillar’s foundry were “routinely exposed” to unprotected fall hazards and has proposed a fine of $145,027. The decision does not go far enough for Jessica Sutter, Dierkes’ fiancee.

“My children are left without their father, I am left without my fiancee, my partner, my best friend, all because they didn’t want to take better safety precautions for that type of work,” Sutter, who had two daughters with Dierkes, said.

She claimed Caterpillar has not provided any assistance or support to her and her daughters. She is now trying to find additional work to save enough money to find a new place to live with her children because her landlord won’t conduct needed repairs on her home. She said they were already suffering financially because Dierkes had been out of work for two months before starting at Caterpillar.

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