TheVoiceOfJoyce Labor Unions have added 200,000 employees to their ranks. 71% of Americans favor Union Work. Major Corporations have violated NLRB LAWS in 41.5% of all union elections. There is a need for public policy reforms to protect labor rights to organize and join a Union. The NLRB has requested increased funding and staffing to review and adjudicate worker complaints. Hundreds of big name Corporations are being Unionized and without a strong NLRB, Union workers are being penalized and fired. Where’s public policy to curtail Corporate power?

US employers spend an estimated $340m annually on hiring union avoidance consultants to oppose unionization efforts and employers are charged with violating federal labor law in 41.5% of all union elections, according to a 2019 analysis by the Economic Policy Institute.

Labor experts have highlighted the disparity between support for labor unions and decreasing union density as revealing a need for public policy reforms to protect workers’ rights to organize and enact meaningful penalties on employers for violating labor laws. They also say the NLRB needs more funding as workers face long delays for charges to be reviewed and adjudicated.

Workers have won union elections for the first time at many US locations of high-profile corporations, including Amazon, Apple, Trader Joe’s, REI, Chipotle and more than 270 Starbucks stores that have unionized since December 2021.

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