TheVoiceOfJoyce Healthcare workers across America, require more pay, healthcare benefits and a ratio of care to patients. Dialysis workers are now striking and joining Unions, though the Corporations controlling these vital Dialysis Centers, are using unfair practices and lobbying to curtail Union participation. Two corporations, DaVita and Fresenius, own 70% of the Dialysis Clinics in America, and the growth of large Corporate chains has increased patient loads by 11.4% per employee, according to 2019 analysis. Anti trust enforcement is necessary for better healthcare outcomes in America. Corporate greed has no bounds and employees and patients suffer! Enforce anti trust regulation. Establish a standard of care for all segments of Healthcare. Increase employee pay, benefits and their work environment and we’ll have a healthier population.

We want to improve our wages, benefits and patient care overall. There’s a lot of issues in dialysis that need improvement and it’s been years and years and years, and it seems like the companies are not doing anything to improve any of it,” said Tellez.

‘It can be scary’: how corporate America is hitting back against unions

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Nearly 500,000 Americans receive some sort of kidney dialysis treatment every year at over 7,500 dialysis clinics in the US, costing about $90,000 a patient every year. The US market for kidney dialysis is worth more than $24bn annually.

Workers throughout the dialysis industry – vital to many Americans with health issues – are often short-staffed, paid low wages with benefits that are expensive to access and are significantly lower than wages paid to comparable workers in other sectors of the healthcare industry.

Two corporations, DaVita and Fresenius, own about 70% of the dialysis clinics in the US and the growth of large corporate chains in the market resulted in increased patient loads of 11.7% per employee, according to a 2019 analysis of 1,200 dialysis clinic acquisitions over a 12-year period.

The dialysis industry has aggressively fought legislative efforts to rein in the immense profits of the industry in California, spending millions of dollars to oppose bills and ballot initiatives, including over $110m in opposition to a 2018 ballot initiative to limit profits to 15% above the amount spent on patient care.

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