TheVoiceOfJoyce How many more extraordinary weather events must occur before New Zealanders act on Climate Change? They’re not alone, so many would rather return to the status quo. Cyclone Gabrielle is threatening to create many homeless on the North Island. New Zealand was just designated as best able survive a disaster? Really? New Zealand’s flooding is epic . The Prime Minister excoriated Parliament for their bickering and procrastination on Climate Mitigation. Look at the recent effects of flooding on Pakistan and other Nations. Extreme weather events present a challenge to the survival of independent Nations. Whole regions of our planet will fight over scarce resources and land, if we fail to act soon. We have a choice and a voice!

New Zealand is in a national state of emergency as it continues to be battered by the cyclone, which has caused widespread flooding and enormous destruction across the North Island. It is the third national emergency to be declared in the country’s history.

The scale of damage is not yet known, with entire regions cut off from road access, electricity and mobile networks, neighbourhoods submerged by flood waters and landslides destroying homes and state highways.

Redcliffe Bridge is closed off as debris piles up along the Tutaekuri River in the suburb of Taradale Photograph: Kerry Marshall/Getty Images

Shaw, who is co-leader of the Green party, attributed the scale of the disaster to the climate crisis, saying: “There will be people who say it’s ‘too soon’ to talk about these things … but we are standing in it right now. This is a climate change-related event. The severity of it, of course, made worse by the fact that our global temperatures have already increased by 1.1 degrees.

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