AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Two things we shouldn’t be worried about: Inflation is coming down, except where greed prevails. It’s not labor causing inflation, it’s Corporate greed. Corporate Greed, caused the run on SVB and signature Banks. Whenever regulations become lenient, Bankers take risks. Bankers are prone to being under collateralized, whether they’re a small bank or large. Therefore, regulators must set a precise amount of secured collateral on hand for both ,smaller banks and the Funds carrying Trillions , on their books. The taxpayer is not responsible for Bank risk taking nor will they be liable. Make Bankers have skin in the game and claw back their compensation and assets, too! Then we’ll prevent excessive losses.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has predicted there could be more bank failures down the road, but believes depositors should not ever be worried.

Speaking to CNBC today, Buffett predicted depositors would be protected – as happened when the government guaranteed all deposits at Silicon Valley Bank last month.

Buffett says:

“We’re not over bank failures, but depositors haven’t had a crisis.

Banks go bust. But depositors aren’t going to be hurt.”

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