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June 2, 2017



I don’t know if there are conspiracies at work. What I do know is the election of Donald Trump was the last gasp of a a moneyed few sponsored by lobbyists, big business and the alt right. They can wreck havoc with our World as they try to hold onto their power and money by impoverishing the rest of us. Or we the People can defeat them!

With your help dear followers, web can resist and advocate for change that benefits us. My loyalties and passions reside , with ” we the People”. The Middle Class, the center and any stranded by our Gig economy struggling to make a living , or struggling to survive.

The People supporting Trump are varied. They can be the Uber Wealthy, or racist or the Middle Class, like you and me desperately wanting to believe that Trump and his cronies will help you.   I’ve heard the refrain, he has so much money, why wouldn’t he share?, he doesn’t need more? That’s precisely my point, his type of person, never has enough and doesn’t share. They recognize no one else except those in his select clique.

Just like the Kenyans, our country has been hijacked by an elegant group of thieves in designer suits. The worst kind of despot. Slick, very slick! 

However, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. We the People have the numbers to pressure the ” good guys” on both sides of the aisle to work for us. We can support them at the ballot box, because every vote does count. We can be aware of our Congressman’s voting record and cry out if they defund healthcare, education, infrastructure and IT.

We can be self advocates only if we want to emerge from our Gig economy and listen and learn from each other. United anything is possible. Look what happened when the French backed Macron! In one fell swoop they defeated a potential despotic regime. We can do that here. 

Never again will we allow elections to be hijacked by the moneyed greedy few. We can vote in decency and dismantle our world of for profit prisons, brick by brick.

Together , dear followers , we can dream big. Together we can change our World. No one person can undertake this task on their own. God Bless you. 
Let’s chat at 11 am. 

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

The Voice of Joyce: vote for the poor and Middle Class. We need each other! 

March 29, 2017

When Corporations and the wealthy feed off the Federal Government. That’s ok. They’re the wealth generators.  If that were true , why don’t we have jobs?

Corporate welfare sucks our Country dry and then looks at the little guy for more. The greed of the few has destroyed our homeland and us.

It’s not to late to cast off their shackles and say no. I see the truth and I don’t like it. Nothing for the poor and Middle Class and everything to make the rich richer and more powerful.
Is this what you want? Is this what you voted for America , a Class of People who views you with contempt. Who sees a good citizen as a dead or dying citizen. Too weak and too poor to purchase health care? too demoralized to think about your loss of dignity?
Cast off your shackles and see the truth. There are good people in America . unfortuneately, many are not in the Congress, or the lobbying groups or the White House or the large Corporations.
Vote for decency. Vote for people’s rights,  vote for progressive ideas and jobs and human dignity. vote for individuals who insist upon Laws that encourage “Statesmen and women” and prevent abuse of their power.

Vote and vote pro people like yourself. Ideology will kill you. Vote for self preservation not the party that cares about the wealthy at the expense of the Middle Class.   I do intend to run as The People’s President with your help.  Together,  we will seek common ground to resurrect the Middle Class and help the poor.

I am appalled by what I see in Congress. The greedy fighting to destroy the poor and Middle Class. Some decent Republicans may remain   In the interim,  Vote Democrat, when warranted , till our People’s Party and their representatives exist , to preserve our American way of life.   Vote Republican,  if they don’t vote for bills that destroy the poor and Middle Class.  The next few years will require Community Involvement and vigilance to protect our American Values and Democracy.

The Voice of Joyce: Coastal Elites? Who are they? 

February 10, 2017




Dear followers:
Yes, I want you to be involved citizens and I will provide the tools you’ll need for local action. First, I’d like to dispel the ” coastal elite” myth.

The actual elites in our Country are the top 1% of Society. This nomenclature belongs to the CEO’s of Big Business , Banks , Big Oil & some Congressmen & women.

Why are many calling us on the Coasts the Coastal Elites? We’re not the top 1%. The people who differ with President Trumps agenda are “ordinary ” citizens. 70 yr old grandmothers, who are ” Mad as hell”, living on Medicare, ready to march for social and economic progress. They also include the young folks , 18-60 yr olds ,  who would have voted for Bernie Sanders and our burgeoning immigrant population.  Who do you think drives yellow cabs, Uber , Via and 100, 000 other vehicles in NYC? We are melting pot of at least 150 nationalities! I don’t think any of us qualify as the Coastal Elites. Nor should we be discounted as those New Yorker’s or Californian’s, we’re ordinary Americans just like the rest of America. We are a diverse population and we embrace our diversity. Don’t label us.   We’re like you. We want jobs, education, health care , a fast reliable internet and services  like every  other American.

If given the opportunity to mingle with each other, I bet we’d all get along. More then that , I believe, decent well meaning folks, will seek common ground on common issues. So, stop labeling us , rather, “Look in our eyes and see yourselves”.  Together we can work out our differences. There is no right or left way to govern America. There is a Common Sense and “Common Ground ” way we can achieve solutions to all our problems when we work together .

“We the People” need full time good paying jobs at all levels of income with benefits. That’s a goal , I think, we can all agree upon.

When good ideas are proposed by experts I will print them, independent of politics.  I would urge every expert, on healthcare, monetary policy & infrastructure (a broad concept) to propose the best policies for the well being of 360 million Americans , even if you are not in Government . Why not be Proactive?
See you at 11 am.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle class ”

Joyce AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am A few decent “Congressmen” & Trump’s Agenda

January 30, 2017




“What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people.   January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.”

– [ ] Where are a few decent men and women ?
– [ ] I keep asking where are those people today. Why are Congressmen and women in Power unwilling to sacrifice their needs for the Common Good? Besides the Democratic Caucus, 5 Congressmen and women of the GOP spoke out against Trumps latest executive order banning immigration from 7 Muslim Countries, causing chaos among our citizens returning from foreign lands.
– [ ] The will of the People has been heard as protests erupted at airports and a Brooklyn judge tried to clarify the order. It is important to note, Executive Orders, do not carry the weight of Law.
– [ ] I’ll conceived executive orders will face push back from “we the People” and the Courts . Americans are watching and our President is watching. Let’s see if he can learn fast enough to avoid chaos. The World listens and watches , too!
– [ ] Push back is required against these rapid fire executive orders and the poor choices presented by the President for the incoming Cabinet Heads. He may thrive on chaos and impulsiveness but many of us function best by studying one major program !
– [ ] Equally important, the NSA , has Steve Bannon , deciding which Military or Intelligence Agencies are invited to this “forum”.   From WNYC , this morning, this intervention goes against the Constitution which requires Military Participation at all times.
– [ ] Much has happened during Trump’s first week.  It behooves us to keep our eye on what’s scheduled now.
– [ ] Two priorities were mentioned for the first 100 days : replacing Affordable Healthcare and Infrastructure jobs.
– [ ] Both programs require long hours of planning ,thought, and implementation by following processes and procedures , that can be codified into Law.
– [ ] It is time, past time, to cast aside identity politics and work together to produce the Goldilocks programs and government that we were promised.
– [ ] The rights of the many demand to be listened to. The rights of the many economically challenged got Donald Trump elected. The Art of the Deal must cease and yield to the Art of good governance. “We the People” did get 1 promise passed that was unanimously wanted, no lobbying for 5 yrs after leaving government. “. Don’t rejoice too soon, without law, there are loopholes.
– [ ] Meanwhile, “We the People ” must unite, while Congress and the President make up their minds about how to govern 360 million. We should be forming the National Centrist Party with every expert and creative artist we can encourage to join us.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am You’ve been Trumped! Not me.  I Can’t accept an Authoritarian Militaristic Ruler! 

December 13, 2016





Why are we playing Donald Trumps game? Clearly he and his team are self serving, having their own agendas and that doesn’t include the health, wealth or welfare of America.   Trump is for Trump!  You’d expect that in an Authoritarian Militaristic Regime.  Remember all those Middle Eastern Despots and others like them, who never bowed to the will of the People and insisted instead on keeping all of their wealth at the expense of their People.  Donald Trump is just like them!

Donald Trump will behave in a bullying petulant manner until someone puts him in his place.
He should be investigated by the FBI.    At some point,  I suspect, he or his minions asked Russia to leak Hilary Clinton’s emails.   At some point, Trump knew the DNC and RNC had been  hacked.   It was a  “no brainer ” for him to request,  in a Public forum, that Hillary be Hacked!  He Knew!  He knew she’d be hacked because he was always privy to the information.  According to the Financial Times , he and his nominees have a 30 yr history with Russia and money has changed hands!  His nominee for Secretary of State has been Awarded a Friendship Medal by Russia and makes deals on behalf of his company , not necessarily on behalf of”we the People”.


As the CEO of Exxon Mobil, Tillerson , is familiar with Dirty Tricks and fake news.  The Rockefeller Foundation is suing Exxon Mobil for perpetrating Climate Denial to benefit themselves.  One of my friends , said invest in Energy Stocks , if you want to be opportunistic.  HaHaHa!   The  jokes on US!

I’m for detente! I’m  just not for Trump and his cronies getting rich on the backs of all Americans not part of his clique!

We the people don’t need a mean vindictive divisive autocrat to rule us.   America isn’t a dictatorship!  We’re a Constitutional Democracy.  We are the envy and leader of the World! We need a smart administrator who works with people effectively to rebuild trust in our systems. It’s not impossible , it takes time and caring about the integrity of our institutions and we the people.

I beg  you, my dear followers,  to reject Donald Trump for President!  Why should we the People suffer  because we fear the havoc of a Trump Presidency.
See you at 11 am.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class” 

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Peroscope@11am Winner take all votes means “casting your vote with your proxy. ” your individual vote doesn’t count?! 

December 6, 2016




Dear followers:  I look forward to continuing our conversation on the Electoral College.  Our lives depend upon making our choices for those “governing” us.  See you at 11am, when we continue our chat!

Meantime,  I urge the States to  keep counting and validating the system. According to the experts, unless Counties forgot to count, the recount will be fairly consistent between scanners and hand counting.

Fact: The inauguration date of 1/20 is not a ” drop dead” date. It used to be March until cars made traveling easier to the Capitol!   Carry on  recounting , please, if only to calm all our nerves


Please note, dear followers, the role of the elected representative , by their Party, to the Electoral College, is one of Conscience.  The designated electoral college representatives can vote along Party lines or they can be faithless voters with no consequence.  Our elections, without The National Popular Vote Compact,  depend on our  Party’s choice of Electoral College Proxies.


With winner take all delegates, we’ve negated one man one vote. This can be easily changed at the State level.   Then, the  Electoral college functions as intended, proportionally, with clear winners in 1st and 2nd place. Re-instating the National Popular Vote Compact,   would also encourage campaigning in every state,  not just ” battleground states”, increasing the likelihood that the will of the people would be maintained throughout our Land!

You asked, I did my homework,  the latest articles on the Electoral College are listed below!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks:Periscope 11am Get out the vote for Joyce! Our voice counts!

November 4, 2016

Are we blaming everyone but ourselves for what’s happened in America. ? Are we too silent?

Many knew ” the news ” was entertainment, but I tuned out rather then confronting it. Now I’m skeptical of all news given to us. I’m skeptical about once cherished papers, knowing they slant the news by what’s not said.

The same for government agencies. Jobs? Everyone is miserable but appears hopeless. How do  we harness that energy for change?

If you’re so dissatisfied with Trump or Hilary why vote for them. Go for a write in Campaigner like me ?  Why wait 4 more years?  Vote in  large enough numbers to make a difference.   I want change, don’t you?   How many yrs can you take of low stagnant growth? How much food can you seen thrown out and not distributed to the needy?   How many shifts can you work short handed?

Only an  informed demanding electorate can achieve change. Are you ready to stand up for me and convince more to do the same ?  Why wait a generation?


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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