JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Wednesday: Don’t like Legislation? Litigate & ask for damages through class action law suits

June 13, 2017




Forget negativity. Forget suffering. Why can’t we the people fight back through the courts, using Class Action Law Suits? 


  • The Court’s have blocked Trumps travel ban.
  • Attorney Generals from Washington, DC and Maryland  are suing Donald Trump  for the right to review & release his tax returns.

Why can’t “we the people” call Trump, the appropriate Cabinet Member and Congress to account for their draconian actions and hold them liable for harming “we the People”?
If people start to lose healthcare due to inaction on providing subsidies to the insurance companies, sue!  Litigation is the tool of choice in a country of Laws and Justice. 

I think we should be ready with an injunction, a cease and desist order, to prevent the Senate moving forward on egregious legislation. Why sweat the details or wring our collective hands when we can block bad legislation legally? Anyone should be willing to take on the People’s case, it would be precedent setting.


  • So,  if all else fails Sue and ask for damages. 

Next Unionize all 1099’s ! The only way to get rights is to demand them and strike for them. When management knows you have a voice they respond. No one responds to an apathetic majority.   In 1907, when the mine workers protested poor wages and working conditioned , they struck and won.

However, I have a caveat; if and when we  decide on a National Strike for our return to a better way of life, don’t take to the streets,  stay home. Patronize local shops and don’t go to the stores owned by multinationals unless you think they’re one of the “good guys”:  characterized by paying a living wage and  providing  vacation time and health care benefits.   Do tell the rest of  us which Multinationals you support !  The Public needs to know who  and patronize the Corporations of excellence. We’ll invest in them, if we have more then $400.00 at our disposal.

This is one way to stop the apathy and raise our heads high. Use the tools at our disposal to fight this system of labor oppression! Be creative, innovate and we can live our tomorrow’s today.  Let’s Litigate.  If that doesn’t work for you, consider a National stay at home strike!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Long live the Revolution! 

June 2, 2017



I don’t know if there are conspiracies at work. What I do know is the election of Donald Trump was the last gasp of a a moneyed few sponsored by lobbyists, big business and the alt right. They can wreck havoc with our World as they try to hold onto their power and money by impoverishing the rest of us. Or we the People can defeat them!

With your help dear followers, web can resist and advocate for change that benefits us. My loyalties and passions reside , with ” we the People”. The Middle Class, the center and any stranded by our Gig economy struggling to make a living , or struggling to survive.

The People supporting Trump are varied. They can be the Uber Wealthy, or racist or the Middle Class, like you and me desperately wanting to believe that Trump and his cronies will help you.   I’ve heard the refrain, he has so much money, why wouldn’t he share?, he doesn’t need more? That’s precisely my point, his type of person, never has enough and doesn’t share. They recognize no one else except those in his select clique.

Just like the Kenyans, our country has been hijacked by an elegant group of thieves in designer suits. The worst kind of despot. Slick, very slick! 

However, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. We the People have the numbers to pressure the ” good guys” on both sides of the aisle to work for us. We can support them at the ballot box, because every vote does count. We can be aware of our Congressman’s voting record and cry out if they defund healthcare, education, infrastructure and IT.

We can be self advocates only if we want to emerge from our Gig economy and listen and learn from each other. United anything is possible. Look what happened when the French backed Macron! In one fell swoop they defeated a potential despotic regime. We can do that here. 

Never again will we allow elections to be hijacked by the moneyed greedy few. We can vote in decency and dismantle our world of for profit prisons, brick by brick.

Together , dear followers , we can dream big. Together we can change our World. No one person can undertake this task on their own. God Bless you. 
Let’s chat at 11 am. 

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Tuesday: ” We the People” are the Power! Recognize it! Use it! 

May 29, 2017

Dear followers, ask yourself these questions and determine for yourself what is right and just.

Are the poor less entitled then our children and our families? Does it have to be, either or?   Why not both?  Use our tax dollars to feed and provide Healthcare and a social safety net to the less fortunate and take care of our children and families, too. 

Next, you might wonder how do we provide for the poor and those who were once comfortably Middle Class? We raise revenue 5 different ways. Just re-look at my Revenue Generators, enclosed. Then we  readjust the taxes stated and collected on Corporations (28% , no loopholes) and  tax Individuals making $1 Million and up!

Why should we Tax the wealthy you may ask? Because the wealthy are becoming indolent while they make fortunes for doing nothing. Look at the  CEO salaries posted on Twitter @ grandmajsilver.   CEO’s  are lavished with huge  compensation  packages whether or not their company’s share price rises or whether they have improved their corporation.   I urge you to read, Gretchen Morgenson, Fair Game’s column @ The NY Times.  She cites several examples.


  •  Why should  CEO’s grow their businesses?   They are well compensated for being the CEO! Therefore, Corporations keep their cash and reward their shareholders and themselves at the expense of everyone else in our Global society.   

We see evidence of absolute greed in everything we do. There is no customer service for “we the People”, systems crash because IT project managers have been cut from businesses in order to increase profits. The end result, we have created a society of needy self centered individuals clamoring for more money , creating nothing and destroying the lives of ” we the People” who use and rely on their products .   As an example, think of British Airlines,  this weekend.   They cut their IT depts.   and sent their business off shore to India.  Management said they were on top of the problem, really, when passengers were stranded for two days, languishing in airports with a meal voucher?


When I was delayed in Savannah, I was candidly informed, delays happen all the time, the Controllers and the Delta schedulers don’t communicate.   Delta is routinely  not equipped to handle scheduling changes ?  Why not we should be asking? Airlines never made so much profit;  They’re making 40% profit.  These profits were  not attainable years ago.   When  Buffett purchased an airline and called it an embarrassing moment in BRK history,   he meant it.  He called his purchase, “the indefensible”.


Times have changed. The airlines haven’t improved, they’ve just gotten greedier. Pretty soon as they continue to accommodate more passengers with smaller interiors they might clip their wings and be unable to fly!


But I digress! You get the idea?
The very wealthy CEO ‘s are holding back progress by taking all the money out of their corporations  and keeping it for themselves.  They are preventing the rest of us from creating because we lack enough funds to be creative and to live at the same time. This is the dilemma of wealth inequality. The wealthy socialize and purchase high ticket items while the rest of us subsist. 

Where is it written in the great religions of our World that we should look away from those in need? It isn’t. I know full well that life isn’t fair. No one guarantees you a helping hand , however , “we the People ” have every reason to hope for a Social safety net and a job. Life was better for the Middle Class before the Reagan Tax Cuts.

I remember life before the Fiscal Crisis of “08. I remember those wonderful workdays when we experienced fairness in the workplace and had an opportunity to make a living wage . A healthy thriving Middle Class is a sign that our Country is thriving and productive.

When the wealthy are taxed, they may make less and they’re forced to be creative to earn more money, just like “we the People”.  


Everyone benefits when society is balanced and equal. When more money circulates through our Economy , the creative flourish, society produces more and those dreams we dared to dream become reality. That’s the Society I want to live in.

What about you dear follower, what society do you envision for yourself and your families?   A self interested Society, rewarding a few or one that is all inclusive , giving everyone an equal opportunity to succeed ! I choose the latter.

I remember Mrs B, the owner of the Berkshire Furniture Mart, I met her when she was in her 90’s before the fiscal crash, driving around the warehouse on her scooter in a Chanel suit , she stopped to talk to me and explained that she was disgusted with her 4 children. She called them the dilettantes, spoiled kids who knew nothing about the worth of money. She was unhappy, exclaiming, they had too much and forgot the value of hard work. We talked for 15 min. It may be recorded somewhere, I don’t know.   I do know that her saga is not unusual. Many of us have given too much to our family and perhaps that experience has jaded your outlook on the poor and misfortunate?

In this age of record Corporate share prices, who is thinking of their employees and Americans ? Will they willingly share their wealth? No! Taxation is the only way I know to make people work harder. Then, If they want to give personally of their time and money , that’s commendable.  

In this age of Inequality there is no way forward for Millions without taxing those with so much. The Party is over. We will not have true prosperity till we reverse our State of Inequality and stop artificially inflating stock prices and CEO SALARIES.

ANOTHER THOUGHT: Since some of the 10 top earners in the Country are Internet and Social media corporations, they should pay us, “we the People” , for using their platforms and allowing them to steal our profiles for their personal and commercial profit.   Just a thought! This concept is being used in India. Every time someone clicks on a product , they receive cash in their iPhone accounts.

Enough is enough!  ” We the People ” are indeed valuable and deserve to be rewarded, just like the rich. The rich would not have so much, if we didn’t vote for them or buy their products. We are the power behind the wealthy. Choose wisely , we don’t want an either or Society or  “us vs them”.   We want “us” and ” them” to live and prosper according to our chosen destiny! 
See you later at 11 am.
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Big business and government collude to pursue “Late Capitalism” (short term profits for themselves & nothing for “We the People”)

May 17, 2017

What’s wrong with American business? They’re too busy amassing cash and less interested in running their business effectively with proper professional staffing .Our Middle Managers , skilled project Managers no longer exist in the new dystopian world of business.   Knowledgeable It people are too expensive , I suppose and Big Business forgot that they keep all our systems safe and maintain customer relations and data.


6 months ago my son thought there would be a need for skilled IT professionals when Windows 10 debuted. Big business was not hiring and they’re still not hiring though 1.3 million corporation’s and hospitals and government have been disabled by cyber hackers in 155 Nations. Will we respond to this crisis properly?  Will America be proacive?  Don’t bet on it.  Our Congress and businesses are consumed with short term profits, only.    They have entered “late Capitalism”

Microsoft is not to  blame, blame  Big business’!    Trouble shooting was neglected and  systems are vulnerable because Big Business colluding with Government enablers exercised poor judgement.    We prefer to cater to the needs of the few at the expense of the many.   


This weekend, I encountered “Late Capitalism”, first hand.  There were storms in New York and Savannah causing chaos on the ground as flights were cancelled or delayed indefinitely.   According to Delta personnel delayed and cancelled flights have been the norm for the last 2 months. The FAA controllers are under manned and don’t coordinate scheduling with the airlines who are under staffed as well.  Rather then rerouting or corrdinating exitisting flights,  chaos on the ground ensues as passengers are left stranded in cities. A good computer system could coordinate with the controllers, schedule flights and update passengers, limiting frustration and a lack of customer service on the ground.

Instead of 36 people flying to JFK Saturday night 19 of us flew out. The flight was one third full. Lack of system control and bad policies prove to be more costly then proper manning and coordination of flight functions. The travelling public is paying for 40% profit margins and getting very little in return. Our wings have been clipped along with the plane’s. We’re being short changed and neglected at the expense of a greedy short sighted few.

These are Two examples of mismanagement that are hurting “we the People “.   Soon, “Late Capitalism” will  impact Big Business pocket books as well.   Lack of planning for our future is destroying America.  The pursuit of enormous Profits are destroying America’s vision. Perhaps it’s time to think about the needs of a well running business and customer service. Then Big Business can survive and thrive with a secure dedicated employee and customer base. 

“we the People” hate Big Business as much as Government . The culture has to change back to a value added policy of service. Service to the customer, service for we the people”.   We’re paying our tax dollars and now we expect equal payment of Big Businesses’ fair share, as well.   No more tax cuts , they encourage greed. Pay more into the system, hire back the IT professionals and other Middle Managers and let’s reinvent good American history..    I remember a time when Corporations acted on behalf of their employees , valuing and rewarding them.   Increased revenue will follow. As the Middle Class and the working poor become more prosperous they spend.  We’d start to resolve our Country’s ills,  if we paid a living wage to more folks.

We’d also see a return to family values and less opioid addiction,  if people were less distressed and able to put food on their tables.

Our era of greed is at an end. It will collapse like a deck of cards. Disabling systems is only a system of our failure to maintain and fix anything .

We can do better. We have before. Let’s put our Patriotic duty first and restart our culture of excellence. Think what you would need , if we had the money to improve our lives. We do have the Power if we stand together with a united voice.  The money exits.  We can pursue the American Dream of life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Corporate Tax Cuts destroy Americans : We are swimming in Money and can’t use it! 

February 28, 2017



The plot to kill American Democracy and Americans.

Just look at Kansas. Tax cuts for big business equates to minimum revenue for education.  Therefore, in Kansas , the folks lack the basic skill sets to understand what’s best for them.  They have been given a poor education and have limited health care and access to media that speaks truth to power!  When some folks say, the electorate is stupid.   It is by design.

If you increase spending on the military, on security , on law enforcement and for profit prisons you are not only hurting large groups of people , you, meaning the Society, has chosen to decrease expenditure on basic human needs.

  • Education
  • Clean air and water
  • Health care
  • The arts
  • Science
  • Jobs

All items that would make citizens healthier and better educated are denied. Why? To provide funds for corporate welfare. While we the people are starved for knowledge and  food, large corporations are tax free citizens of the State!

Which “Segway’s ” into  my story on immigration, as a  Flooring contractor,  our competition wasn’t individuals.  Our Competition was national labor shops using illegal immigrants at low wages pushing our  labor’s salary down to levels not seen since the 70’s.      This phenomenon is not new.  We encountered “imported labor” on large union projects in the 1980’s  What’s new,  was the crash of 2008, when all jobs dried up for the once working class.  The  competition became fierce when too many of America’s citizens were left stranded by major Corporations.  The corporation seeking no taxation, was exposed to oversees markets and forgot that they left millions without full time employment. Our dilemma, centers on Corporate Greed that systematically hollowed out the Middle Class.  Our legislatures helped , too!  They provided the tax incentives to Corporations to stay in their States,  in return Corporate Management became wealthy while decreasing American salaries.   When they went oversees, the weakened American tax base,   enabled the defunding of education and basic human needs.


What happened to Merit Carpets, Inc.?    Until the crash of 2008, my mechanics earned $300/day. After the crash, my labor was supplanted by National labor shops providing low cost labor on demand. These laborers were most likely illegal immigrants, costing their employer $50-$75 / day. How did we let this happen?  How could American labor compete?

It’s not the fault of the immigrant. The employer should be penalized. 11 million people were brought into this country almost 20 yrs ago. They were denied a path to citizenship and remained part of the shadow Economy on purpose by large scale businesses. Now Immigrants are fearing for their lives. One out of many groups to be targeted by this administration. For profit prison use will continue  under this administration, imprisoning African Americans for low level crimes. Anti Semitism is on the rise as Cemeteries and JCC’s are targeted.  What group is safe?

Policy and rhetoric continues to drive a wedge through our communities. Trump’s basic pledge to return jobs has not materialized yet. We can only hope it will unite us by giving more people good paying jobs. No matter what the outcome, Americans would be wise to unite.  An attack on one group, is an attack on all of us!


“United we stand,   Divided we “hang ” separately! ” Wise words from our founding father’s.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice of Joyce: No Periscope today as I ponder my wish list for the marginalized Middle Class 

January 18, 2017




Dear followers:

No periscope today. As I ponder the “onslaught” of events, my mind wonders to my wish list for “we the People”!

I know our Democracy will stand,  if our Institutions are strong.”  Ensuring their stability, may require ” push back ” from us!

  • That’s why “We the People” must have a seat at the Federal table or we’ll surely continue to be on the menu!  We have choices to make!
  • We the People need an honest dedicated Press to keep us informed.   Only truth is acceptable. We need to know who are the new power brokers?   What’s happening before they vote?
  • We may require a congressional reporter ,  working for Public Radio perhaps?  Someone  present in Congress reporting on upcoming legislation . Developing an intimate relationship with all the players may now  be a necessity, if “we the People” are to be privy to the truth!

Luckily, Congress works slowly, policy is different from deal making, it takes time to craft a bill. Wait and see! Our new by line. “Wait and See!”


  • We the People must also be ready to replace old tired regressive political faces with new folks representing “we the people”,  not Corporate Power.
  • We have one- two years to choose candidates for local, State and Federal government replacement.
  • To shape policy we must be able to make policy.  We should elect ” decent people ” with a passion to serve the needs of “we the People”, dedicated to change we can live with in Healthcare, Education , Infrastructure  and Immigration reform.
  • Activism requires commitment.   I know of no greater cause then the preservation of our Democratic way of life. Remember Kennedy’s words; “Ask not what the Country can do for you? Ask what you can do for your Country!”

Our Country needs us. Preserving our liberty , our freedom of speech and our freedom of the press is a full time job. Many have abdicated their responsibility. “We the People” , the poor and the marginalized Middle Class must ” fight” to resurrect our old way of life.   Our happiness and the prosperity of our children and our children’s children demands that we actively defend our Democratic way of life ! To defend our Democracy, to insure that we really get those well paying promised jobs ,  cost effective quality Healthcare, the best education, we must support each other to become part of the power structure running our Country. We can not rely of the kindness of strangers alone.

We the People must commit to helping each other by sharing knowledge and actively pursuing Power for ourselves. Knowledge is power and United we stand!  Pithy statements to be sure and powerful concepts to believe in!

The inauguration  of our 45th President, Donald Trump takes place on  Friday.   If you think you’re still in a dream state, I urge you to “Wake up and participate in our future”

Wishing everyone a great day.
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice of Joyce : who’s UnAmerican? 

January 16, 2017




America has  many voices  ,  many groups and no central voice. Too many capable men and women walk alone, without political support and  without a strong central message. There should be one. The opposite to the “alt right” and  an “authoritarian” government should be a strong right of center voice with 3 important issues and concerns.

  • Valuing loyalty, family, decency , respect for people who make it the hard way through their skills.   We should protect every group:  an attack on one group should be viewed as an attack on all!  “United we Stand!”
  • Espouse good education
  • Healthcare
  • Work at fair wages for everyone.
    What else is there?

We care about life and living. We care about quality of life.
The simple things. “Life,  liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
We will work hard to achieve that! That’s the American reality.
Anyone who takes it away from us is unAmerican.


Politics effects US!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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