Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Deficits don’t work. Revenue & innovation powers our World! 

March 8, 2017




Deficits don’t work.
Just as we’re not getting younger , trade deficits, economic deficits are a drag on a potentially more robust Economy.
1. The manufacturers have left America and now we buy cheap goods globally. This will not change dramatically. Accept this fact. Avoid trade wars. Avoid the 1920’s economic scenario , greed unleashed and the crash that was precipitated.

2.We’ve seen this story before: Give big business , that includes Insurance Companies,  and Banks all that they ask for and they will create jobs. That’s a big lie, we know it, we’ve seen this policy in action, it means more money to CEO’s and not even the scraps to “we the people”.

3.The Repeal & Replace of  ACA adds to our deficit and continues to create financial burdens to the poor and Middle Class , do not approve it!   Since it reduces Medicaid expansion in 2020 , that’s another reason to reject it. Tax credits will add to the deficit and the costs to the most vulnerable, that’s  another reason for rejection. Lastly, Health Savings Plans only help the rich. So what’s to like about the revised ACA? Nothing. Reject it and rework it.

If we’re really interested in universal health care , we shouldn’t be going back to pre ACA days. If the States want more insured and more insurance choices, there should be a way to negotiate with Insurance Company’s and limit their unrestrained pricing power. That’s our problem. Healthcare is not affordable because too many States have one insurer and those with competition require high deductibles.

All States are not created equally. Look at the map provided by the Kaiser Family Foundation. See how your State compares to others and then advocate for low insurance and low drug costs. Keep Obamacare/ACA till we have a better plan. Do no harm, repeal and replace does harm us! 

Don’t let government impose poorly crafted deficit raising programs on US. We know, because I’ve done the math, America is a wash in cash. It’s not available to “we the people”.

Think $5-6Trillion available. Think $1 Billion equals 22,000 jobs @$50,000 each. Then advocate for revenue not deficits. We can win against Trump’s Agenda by advocating for growth , not continued stagnation and deficits.

I’d like to amend my comment on winning against Trump’s agenda, we won’t , if we continue chasing our tails! He’ll put up obstacles to change that matters to the Middle Class faster then we can counteract them. In the process , where are the jobs and infrastructure programs we were promised?  United we stand!


See you at 11am.  Let’s chat!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice of Joyce: No Periscope today as I ponder my wish list for the marginalized Middle Class 

January 18, 2017




Dear followers:

No periscope today. As I ponder the “onslaught” of events, my mind wonders to my wish list for “we the People”!

I know our Democracy will stand,  if our Institutions are strong.”  Ensuring their stability, may require ” push back ” from us!

  • That’s why “We the People” must have a seat at the Federal table or we’ll surely continue to be on the menu!  We have choices to make!
  • We the People need an honest dedicated Press to keep us informed.   Only truth is acceptable. We need to know who are the new power brokers?   What’s happening before they vote?
  • We may require a congressional reporter ,  working for Public Radio perhaps?  Someone  present in Congress reporting on upcoming legislation . Developing an intimate relationship with all the players may now  be a necessity, if “we the People” are to be privy to the truth!

Luckily, Congress works slowly, policy is different from deal making, it takes time to craft a bill. Wait and see! Our new by line. “Wait and See!”


  • We the People must also be ready to replace old tired regressive political faces with new folks representing “we the people”,  not Corporate Power.
  • We have one- two years to choose candidates for local, State and Federal government replacement.
  • To shape policy we must be able to make policy.  We should elect ” decent people ” with a passion to serve the needs of “we the People”, dedicated to change we can live with in Healthcare, Education , Infrastructure  and Immigration reform.
  • Activism requires commitment.   I know of no greater cause then the preservation of our Democratic way of life. Remember Kennedy’s words; “Ask not what the Country can do for you? Ask what you can do for your Country!”

Our Country needs us. Preserving our liberty , our freedom of speech and our freedom of the press is a full time job. Many have abdicated their responsibility. “We the People” , the poor and the marginalized Middle Class must ” fight” to resurrect our old way of life.   Our happiness and the prosperity of our children and our children’s children demands that we actively defend our Democratic way of life ! To defend our Democracy, to insure that we really get those well paying promised jobs ,  cost effective quality Healthcare, the best education, we must support each other to become part of the power structure running our Country. We can not rely of the kindness of strangers alone.

We the People must commit to helping each other by sharing knowledge and actively pursuing Power for ourselves. Knowledge is power and United we stand!  Pithy statements to be sure and powerful concepts to believe in!

The inauguration  of our 45th President, Donald Trump takes place on  Friday.   If you think you’re still in a dream state, I urge you to “Wake up and participate in our future”

Wishing everyone a great day.
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11amPresident Trump:Nationalist or Globalist? 

November 15, 2016

He says he’s a Nationalist and anti trade but he made money on his Global Brand. His business empire is scattered all over the World. Will he really be an isolationist?

There are many sides to Donald Trump. The aggressive bombast who will say anything to get elected, the businessman and the side that may be humbled by the office of the Presidency. He now speaks for 360 million and we should not let him forget that “we the people ” elected him on his promise of good paying jobs for Americans.

What has he said? a ban on lobbyists for 5 yrs and lobbyists permanently barred from any dealings with the White House.
He’s broken one promise. Lobbyists and equity folks who supported him are on his team .

What can we the people expect from a Trump Presidency? How do we get his attention?

News Flash: Groups on the left and right oppose Bannon’s selection on Trump’s team. His Ivy League  Credentials don’t matter  , if  he’s a racist and antisemitic. His sensationalist skewed reporting is a hindrance to the White House.   One pleased supporter: David Duke !?

See you at 11 am. Let’s talk !

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am Hate Crimes, the Press,the Electorate

November 14, 2016

Dear followers:

See you at 11am.  Let’s talk about what’s happening in America?  More hate crimes, the power of the Press, the Trump constituency.


A thought about a future Trump cabinet and the first 100 days.

How can we be good advocates for programs to “help the Middle Class”?, “the poor”?

See you later.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce: ” America Speaks”Periscope @11am Reclaiming Democracy 

January 11, 2016

Photo on 9-14-15 at 9.56 AM

Dear followers:

Many feel saddened , questioning, ” why didn’t I know what was happening”? Fret not. The brightest people I know sounded the alarm 7 yrs earlier  then I did, around Y2K. Others , like me, felt betrayed by those I trusted , when the Fiscal Crisis occurred in 2008. My own company experienced the Recession in the Summer of 2007. Though we the people share some of the blame, rest assured that you were duped , conned , and skillfully manipulated by experts to prevent us from questioning those in power who had gained our trust.
Our basic beliefs were used against us to benefit a few.


Look at some of the recent studies on smoking. The tobacco industry knew for 40 yrs it was addictive and caused cancer , yet they suppressed the information for generations to create profits for their companies. When a Billion Dollars is at stake, not even your own kids matter,  as executives made cigarette smoking sexy and desirable.

Don’t fret. What happened is past, before us is understanding and Activism. It is our time to act, it’s not as difficult as you may imagine. The prize, our democracy! Our reason, High Crimes and misdemeanors have been legalized. Bribery is legal. The system is rotten and has ceased to help ” we the people”.

We can change our World. Politics effects Us!

Tune in @ 11am and let’s chat.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce”America Speaks”Periscope @11am Millennials & Politics

January 8, 2016

Dear followers:

Tune in at 11am for a discussion on Politics, Party and the Millennial Effect!

Prudent Hedge Funds exiting the Market in GB.

It’s easier then you think to do write in Campaigns.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce: AMERICA Speaks Periscope @11am Debt, Munis and Risk! 

January 5, 2016

Photo on 9-14-15 at 9.56 AMDear followers :

Tune in at 11 am

What does Peurto Rican debt have in common with 5 States and Greece.?

Will the G20 rules save taxpayers?

It’s all about holding muni bonds, bank bonds, are they like the CDO’s of 2008?    Mis priced, mis rated and capable of destroying our Economy a second  time?   Buyer beware.
See you at 11 am
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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