Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am. Late Stage Capitalism! Time to strike! Or allow the Market Society to persist at your peril! 

June 21, 2017



Late Stage Capitalism is producing inferior products and despairing low productivity employees. The consequences: “we the People ” are paying for the despair of others and their poor workmanship with our lives.

In war we don’t appear to be excelling. We used to, not now. We can’t protect our selves from the enemy. I can’t imagine what happened to our ship off the coast of Japan? Why did it suffer severe damages and loss of life?

IN NYC subway systems, the “old” cars lasted generations. The new ones  have massive electrical failures. Not even the conductors can control the path and speed of the trains. Being stranded with no power has  become a routine occurrence. Why? Where are the folks, the computers and the signaling devices tracking the subway system? What happened to preventive maintenance? Accountability? Short term thinking , using budgeted funds irresponsibly , is costing people their jobs and shortening their life as they breathe stale air underground.

Our Healthcare dilemma has taken many forms. It’s failing ordinary Americans because those in power are literally against any healthcare coverage , period. They don’t see the necessity to maintain a healthy populace and only believe you should have catastrophic care. They’re out of touch with reality. They don’t know the facts. In South Korea the average life span is 105 yrs because they have a National Healthcare system that caters to ” hypochondriacs”. Some things can not be privatized. Healthcare deserves to be a single payer system where everyone benefits and the Uber wealthy can buy into “boutique ” practices as a choice.  Until then, guarantee subsidies to the Insurance Companies allowing them  to maintain a competitive edge .  Re write the Law for Big Pharma price negotiations.  Stabilize our existing ACA then move forward in a Bipartisan way in 2 years.


Meanwhile, too many of us , part of the once comfortable lower upper Class, are supporting family members who are part of the long term unemployed. This should be the job of Government. Congress and previous generations of legislators who knew we would have an employment crisis and did nothing for 30 yrs. “We the People ” do not have enough resources to support our children and grandchildren. Our State of Inequality must be reversed. Or most of us will have a Sophie’s choice of putting food on the table for our selves or the rest of the family.


 Let’s take back our Country sooner rather then later. A National strike beginning July 4 th is sounding more appealing every day!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks! why I made my Peace with Donald Trump ! 

January 19, 2017

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Dear Followers:

I can no longer think of the what if’s. Either Trump will conform to the laws of our land or he’ll be impeached. The decision is his.
Either he will want to help 360 million folks , quell the hatred and provide jobs as promised , or he’ll suffer the consequences of civil unrest. The choice is his.

His cabinet appointees are interesting : As CEO’s they have actively fought the organization they are now supposed to head. What will be the outcome? If they are flexible, they can make sensible regulation and move forward. The choice is theirs. Dismantling our institutions isn’t happening.

What’s next? Wait & See!

Together we can forge a better Union. Calm down and let the process work! That’s my advice.

For 30 yrs we’ve dismantled the American Middle Class. Trump ran on a platform to resurrect jobs. Let’s hope that  happens as soon as possible. It’s what everyone wants . Good jobs at a fair wage, respect and dignity.

As we inaugurate Donald Trump let’s not forget to cry out with a full throttled voice that we want Peace and jobs, Affordable Quality Healthcare for all and a better public school education . We want to produce the next Einsteins, Colson Whitehead’s and Picasso’s. .

America is #1. We can always do better.
Onward Together !


” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class” 

Joyce:AmericaSpeaksPeriscope@11am Why not Magical thinking ? “A chicken in every pot.”

November 7, 2016





It’s all entertainment till the next President takes office. Then our era of magical thinking ends.


  • What could be if we had candidates who supported us v them?
  • A liaison with the press encouraging investigative reporting over entertainment.
  • Weekly chats with the Nation stating the major events confronting us.
  • Open channels of Communication. Dare I state, a look at government in the making. Shining a spotlight on the players makes better players.
  •  I wouldn’t be silent on who played and who abstained. The American people are entitled to know the truth.
  • QE to save the Middle Class,  a good idea and still is.
  • It could stimulate the Economy while helping 100’s of millions. Why use payday loans when you have your own cash?   It would also lesson the need to incarcerate poor folks,  if they’re picked up erroneously and can’t make bail.
  • In one magnanimous gesture the Social fabric of our Society would be strengthened.
  • I don’t have faith that either candidate would pick up this idea. Helping the many over the needs of the few. Magical thinking?!
  • Lower taxation of big business 15% here and 15% on foreign subsidiaries no loopholes would bring revenues in the $100billions to trillions into the economy, then we could build our Nation for the 22 nd Century.
  • Legislation to break up Monopolies. Rewarding competition and innovation. Stopping the cash hoarding and training managers as baby boomers leave the job market.

If those two get in, recession that is lurking for the EU, Russia and China may be around a corner for us as well , certainly , if we embark on austerity instead of stimulus. What a pity. Life really could be beautiful with a grand vision.


See you at 11am.  Let’s chat about what can be.  Never lose hope!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks:Periscope 11am Get out the vote for Joyce! Our voice counts!

November 4, 2016

Are we blaming everyone but ourselves for what’s happened in America. ? Are we too silent?

Many knew ” the news ” was entertainment, but I tuned out rather then confronting it. Now I’m skeptical of all news given to us. I’m skeptical about once cherished papers, knowing they slant the news by what’s not said.

The same for government agencies. Jobs? Everyone is miserable but appears hopeless. How do  we harness that energy for change?

If you’re so dissatisfied with Trump or Hilary why vote for them. Go for a write in Campaigner like me ?  Why wait 4 more years?  Vote in  large enough numbers to make a difference.   I want change, don’t you?   How many yrs can you take of low stagnant growth? How much food can you seen thrown out and not distributed to the needy?   How many shifts can you work short handed?

Only an  informed demanding electorate can achieve change. Are you ready to stand up for me and convince more to do the same ?  Why wait a generation?


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:America Speaks. Periscope @11am  ” Leaders aren’t Takers!?

November 3, 2016




Leaders aren’t takers. That’s what’s wrong with our political landscape. We have folks who want the job but don’t want to “acknowledge We the People” and our needs  We don’t even know if they like all of us?

It was said that George W. Bush and Obama were likable. You might not have agreed with them but you didn’t think they were insincere. That’s what’s wrong with Trump and Hilary. They’re not likable and their followers will go to any extreme to defend them.
Who were your favorite President’s?   What would you want accomplished in the first 100 days?  A first term?


Can we assume statesmen and women will emerge or do you predict Gridlock once again?  Can President’s make a difference?

What makes you follow someone? Be loyal and carry out their vision?

See you  at 11 am.

Let’s chat.
All the best

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:America Speaks Periscope @11am Theresa May’s Conservatism embraces SOCIETY! 

October 14, 2016




Theresa May’s brand of Conservatism moves beyond Thatcher and embraces the needs of Society over the celebration of the individual. What does this mean for Brits?   May vows to invest in a  government that understands their misery and plight by  investing  in infrastructure, education, science and technology  bringing the populace into the 21 st Century.

When she speaks about immigration, it’s limited to those who are capable of funding themselves and adding to the ” quality”  British Society.


  • What do you think about May’s vision for Great Britain?  Would we want the same vision for America?
  • Looking forward to seeing you at 11am and discussing our visions for America!

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks:Periscope@11am War, Peace, Your credit

September 7, 2016

Dear followers:

We have much to discuss!  The candidates are discussing their Foreign Policy creds, while ignoring our current States of Inequality!  According to Keynes, in his last years, after the Wars and Depression, he shifted his policies on Globalization and looked upon Nation States as separate and distinct Nations, that chose to help themselves as they chose to cooperate with each other to resolve Global issues.  That seems reasonable to me.  Let’s discuss at 11am.


Additionally, since I’m still pursuing inaccuracies on my credit report and applying to consolidate my Home Equity Loan and 1st Mortgage, Morgan Stanley has passed valuable information to me, which I’m including here for your use.  Though many of the Housing Counseling Agencies are based in NYC and NJ,  they  service the entire National population,  offering help on Consumer protection rights when considering;  renting, mortgage purchases,  predatory lending, educational programs  and more.  If someone you know uses these resources,  their feedback would benefit our group!  All the best!


See you at 11am.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”


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