TheVoiceOfJoyce Pipeline attack shows energy transportation vulnerability. Critical infrastructure requires IT upgrades and security, plus Flexible delivery systems & alternatives. The faster Congress passes the next two bills, the faster people can return to the workforce. The Relief Bill didn’t change our need for childcare, preK education, Community College, transportation.

TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube #79 “The Imperial Presidency

We the People need Fundamental Change to preserve our Democracy. It’s ok to Tax Corporations and those making $1 Million a year. It’s Ok to tax Hedge Funds ans convert their carried interest to income. It’s OK to close Corporate Loopholes and encourage new jobs and new businesses in America. 15% of those who were … More TheVoiceOfJoyce YouTube #79 “The Imperial Presidency

TheVoiceOfJoyce: The Imperial Presidency.

Biden’s first 100 days. 1. Vaccinated 30% of Americans, increased RapidTests to stop outbreaks! 2. Passed The Relief Packages to help Americans , by preventing eviction, aid to the Long Term Unemployed & unemployed “gig” workers. ◦ The next 100 days will determine the real success of the Biden Presidency. TrumpsGOP have abandoned their ability … More TheVoiceOfJoyce: The Imperial Presidency.

TheVoiceOfJoyce With over 750,000 people, DC is larger than many States. It deserves its own accountable police force and modern reforms for its citizens. DC should no longer be a Political pawn. The citizens deserve State hood. Puerto Rico should be next. Then unscrupulous investors can no longer overwhelm them with debt. 3 million can be fiscally governed and their infrastructure brought up to date , making a living wage for Everyone. Jobs & tourism is a good combination.

TheVoiceOfJoyce Starting new programs are difficult. When the Federal Government set up the rental income system for tenants & Landlords, why not send guidelines along with the Program. Obviously, the States are ill equipped to handle disbursement of these funds and need procedures & IT help to fairly distribute their funds to those in need. Yes, a Federal program exists, the money is sufficient to fund approximately 10 million @$10,000 each!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Don’t listen to the Polls, do what’s right for the American people & you’ll be rewarded. The People want fundamental change: Stimulus checks, child care, unemployment insurance benefits fir the long term unemployed, new job creation with Infrastructure. Go it alone , if necessary, and go big. We need millions employed. We need the entire population vaccinated. Access to retraining. We’re losing Healthcare physicians & front line workers to Covid burnout, while many refuse Vaccination. Corporations can insist on Vaccinations for a return to work. RapidTests are a start. If Biden wastes time on an uncooperative GOP, Americans will suffer!

TheVoiceOfJoyce So you’re against increasing taxes on the ultra wealthy. Why? You think they’re entitled to over 1000 x’s more income than you? Really, think again. I ran a small business, I earned a good living @2-3 x’s my employees. I wasn’t wealthy, I gave sick leave, paid vacation & decent wages to everyone, plus healthcare. I kept my business running with mechanics on payroll, good years or bad. What gas Corporate America done? They furloughed their workers and collected huge salaries for themselves. For them it’s a beautiful life, for everyone else, we have no income and we paid taxes to support our society & theirs. Do you want decent wages, benefits, healthcare, education for yourself & families, than support taxing the wealthy & we the People won’t need unemployment. We’ll have new jobs in new industries, guaranteed. Think big and demand change with opportunity for all.

TheVoiceOfJoyce When remembering FDR, remember he ask to include all people in the New Deal. He wanted to help the majority and he wouldn’t stop till they got what they needed. The WPA provided jobs for 15% of the population. He upheld Democracy, flawed as it was , as the best system of government. He developed the NLRB to to create Labor Laws that gave labor higher wages & bargaining power till they were progressively weakened under Reagan & Bush. We need those Laws today. Fundamental change!

TheVoiceOfJoyce We are already affected by Republican Gerrymandering. The Democratic Party represents 41.5 million people more than TRUMPSGOP and have less seats in government. If these voting laws pass , the American Majority will be permanently underrepresented and Laws will continue to favor Income Inequality, unequal justice and limited opportunity. They have no plans for Infrastructure. Broadband. Trumps GOP is concerned with profit for the few, while the rest of contend with educational, healthcare & connectivity issues. Minorities in GOP states are not getting the vaccine, because access has been denied. We the People want change now! Jobs now! Justice now!

TheVoiceOfJoyce Now that many Billionaires want to give back to society, Governments should encourage a progressive wealth tax on estates of $50 million and up. Starting at 2%at $50 million. Total assets taxed according to Piketty, the French Evonomist ( he’d tax 5-7% of total assets) Warren would start at 2%, the IMF concurs !