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The day after the Syrian strike the  analysis is in. The Trump strike on a Syrian airfield accomplished very little. All show and no substance. The airstrip was serviceable and used this morning. Saturday 4/8/17.

More importantly, our Country is now dealing with the aftermath of GOP politicians defunding of National Infrastructure projects and science based research and analysis across our Nation. They have defended NIH, FDA, INFRASTRUCTURE, EDUCATION , alternative energy, ……the list continues.

When asked why it has taken over a week to resolve Penn Stations problems, New Yorker’s are told that most infrastructure projects in NY have been severely cut. The States do not have the revenue for a massive infrastructure program. California is in the same state of deprivation.  Sad that ideological politics controls the American economy. This form of mean spirited governing is destroying America’s recovery and destroying the lives of ” we the People”.

Our state of inequality is by design. Now it’s time to take back our Nation. Resist voting against your best interests. Vote out the ” elder entrenched” regressive Congressmen and women and let’s move our Country forward into the 22 nd Century. If we don’t start now, we’ll never get through the 21 st Century.

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I’ve enclosed 2 articles for your review and comment:

  1. Fake News
  2.  Draconian means testing for Federal Support leads to equal justice for elites.  LOL  Enjoy!

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Learn to live with ” Trumpettes” ( constant barrage of Tweets) and stick to the facts that are important to moving our Country forward.
Focus!!! Concentrate and know what’s important to you!
We the people, require that Trump and his nominees comply with our ethics committee requirements by providing their tax returns. They work for us. We the people want to know all about Trump and his appointees. They all must comply with precedent and the Constitution or prepare to be “fired” (impeached) or deemed unsuitable for office!

I’ve provided my focus list:

  • Will they protect us from dirty air and water?
  • Will they protect our economy from the monetary (Banking) frauds of 2008?
  • Will they protect the rights of all the people residing and working in America?
  • Will they structure a education system better and more accessible to all of us? We the people need public education, community centers , libraries and meal plans for poor and homeless kids.
  • Will we have a healthcare system that continues to address the needs of 20-30 million at low cost? Howard Dean’s vision of a single payer system remains, in my mind, as the best and easiest to implement. We the people can’t afford medical savings accounts or tax credits. Most folks receiving Affordable Healthcare are on Medicaid!
  • Finally, will we see the beginnings of a grand vision for American infrastructure that employs all people at all levels of income that lifts us out of poverty and despair?
    Not too much to focus on.
  • Remember , if Trump can’t provide these simple goals. Fire him and those in Congress who supported him.
    People Power is real power.  

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Joyce” AmericaSpeaks “What’s really news? New Year’s Resolution 2017. Health Care, etc
Today I tried to Tweet a story on Republicans in Congress gutting the Ethics Laws. I thought it was coming to a vote today. I applauded Trump for saying, hey guys we have bigger fish to fry, then gutting the ethics laws. Then I read The Guardian’s article, stating the Laws had secretly been gutted over the weekend by the Republican majority. My question, what’s true? How can I or anyone report the news without verifying the information?   How long does it take to vet information!  We need reporters stationed in Congress giving us verifiable real time.  We now know the Ethics Law review has been , not tabled, but set aside for August!

Secret lawmaking is definitely not Democratic. Hacking our election is not Democratic. Disenfranchising voters is not Democratic. America I barely know you!?
What’s our next steps?

  • Form our own Moderate political party. On a friend’s advise I’m renting Borgen from Netflix. A Danish Community decides to create an Independent Party Called the Moderatos? Sound familiar.
  • We do need a newspaper , donors, media crew, etc.
  • We also need to make and track healthcare policy.

My to do list. As I sit at Apple helping my Grandson get an iPad replacement. It’s the least I can do , since he’s in the Army, serving our Nation.  What’s on your list?
See you tomorrow at 11 am.

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Joyce AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11amYou asked I’m doing it ! Syria Today!!!


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Larry Brinks requested that we discuss “the Syrian Crisis”.  I’ve enclosed this paragraph from the NEW YORK Times and direct you to an email link, directly from Syria, “Syria Deeply” for further reading.

  • “And Aleppo continues to burn.
    “When a free-trade agreement with the U.S.A. drives hundreds of thousands of people to the streets, but such horrible bombings as in Aleppo do not trigger any protest, then something is not right,” said Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel.
    No, not right. Pictures of war and suffering have pricked the public conscience and provoked action before. There was Kevin Carter’s photograph from 1993 of a starving toddler and a vulture in Sudan. There was the photograph of the dead American soldier dragged through Mogadishu, which hastened the United States’ retreat from Somalia. There was Nick Ut’s 1972 photograph from South Vietnam of the naked 9-year-old Phan Thi Kim Phuc, screaming, burned by napalm. These pictures drove news cycles for weeks, months, years, helping tip the scales of policy.”

We see the images of carnage and we’re numb to hostile?  Why?  What has changed our culture from care and compassion for others, to a passive curiosity about what happens on our “Planet”

Hundreds of families gathered in the rebel enclave of the Syrian city
 to be picked up. Later Thursday, the first wave had reached the
 government-held side.


At this moment, 8000 men, women and children have been evacuated as the fighting continues.  Gun shots heard outside the City has stopped the further evacuation of civilians.  After 6 years of war, when does it end?


See you at 11am.  Your thoughts count and I look forward to our discussion!


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I listened to both candidates on the Commander in Chief forum. Trump did what he always does evaded questions and went on the attack.  He’s not going to single handedly wipe out ISIS. Neither is Clinton.   It will take a dedicated coalition to wipe out ISIS and bring peace to the Middle East.  Strangely, according to The Financial Times, Putin is working on it!

Equally important is the acknowledgement that our health systems are failing our Vets and so many have PTSD.   It’s difficult to  overcome.  Regular counseling and support is needed to prevent activation of the person , depression or thoughts of suicide.
Do you think there is a link between coming home , feeling adrift , no jobs , no gainful employment and then no way out?

How can we impress upon Congress that they are behaving as if they are part of a failed State. If you continue to focus on your own private agendas instead of focusing on common goals and issues effecting  US,     “We the people” of the Middle Class,  can’t break through  your private silos.   What can we do,  as Americans,  to show  Congress that saving us, our Country , has importance , and  deserves Congressional attention though it may be contradictory to  self interest? Does any one in Congress care enough to work together to maintain the common good at their own expense?

Our people need many services to restore a balanced life, who is ready to say ” every life matters”? That is the leadership we need.

See you at 11am.  So much to talk about: ISIS, PTSD, Congress, Jobs, Putin….


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The Voice of Joyce: Foreign Policy and the Middle East 


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As an American, I am concerned about Terrorism coming to our shores. As a realist, I believe there is one way to keep terrorism at bay, that’s with muscular diplomacy. If we care about the Middle East or Africa, we should support governments that provide human rights to their people and wish to establish working institutions based on the Rule of Law.


  • If we continue to support despots, the people get none of the aid designated for them and   all the money goes to the  corrupt officials in charge.
  • If we remove despots without putting a provisional government in place , that everyone trusts, we have a failed state and the people are brutalized , once again.
  • If you reward good behavior and compassionate leaders, people do not revolt.
  • If we promote human rights before getting to a failed state, terrorism will not have a foothold in that country or in a failed province.

To decrease terrorism we should support” good regimes” with working institutions and the rule of law.

If we continue to support despots who ignore the needs of their people we are certain to have a failed state that is a breeding ground for ISIS or their affiliates. Worse, failed states supporting terrorism, destabilize other states in the region as their propaganda recruits more soldiers for the terrorist cause. Then, Like a giant squid ISIS, AND/ or AlQaeda , et al send their lieutenants to provinces within neighboring Nation States to set up shop. Once people are vulnerable and unprotected, the ” neglected” province is over run by terrorists too! If we can’t reclaim the people peacefully, Coalition forces may be required  .


In Iraq “we” allowed the Islamic State to get a foothold in the provinces where the population was already brutalized by the Shiite government in place.  A committed group of diplomats and military advisors can support and reinstate institutions , creating  a fair and balanced military composed of Shiite and Sunni factions.  The solution seems so easy,
funding the old order has led to chaos and oppression. Train an army of the people for the protection of the people, insure stability, be committed to training the next generation of compassionate leaders without the influence of malevolent foreign powers and their proxies.


In Syria, now that ISIS is feeling the strength of coalition bombing and being cut off in the Syrian provinces, it is time to bring the warring factions back to the peace table. ( article in the financial Times 2/29/16 ” Syria Enjoys relative peace of ceasefire”)  I’ve counted 14 separate groups with a stake in Syrian Peace. All factions need to feel that we are,  in fact,  honest brokers and will maintain the peace.  AlQueda and the Islamic State, don’t thrive in States that treat their people humanely and with compassion.  A true peace is not viable, unless and until, all foreign governments and their proxies exit this state.  The long term objective is a self governing independent Syria.

Terrorists won’t thrive if we change our foreign policy.  ( This is a long term goal.)  If we reward regimes that institute reforms for the benefit of their people, we would decrease graft, military supplies and decrease our foreign aid budget. America would have a method and a policy of giving , that is judicious , cheaper and more effective,  benefiting our fellow man while creating a state that supports it’s people, rather then another despot on the verge of civil war.

Civil war is contagious. When People in one country are oppressed ISIS enters and then finds a niche and oil revenue  to maintain itself. Though their tactics are  purposefully  horrific, they do set up a functional system of government. It looks tantalizing and exciting to young people and they join their revolutionary brothers setting up ” shop ” in the  vulnerable provinces. Our lesson should be, never give Terrorists a reason to enter a country. Once there is a failed state, a government without a leader, it is difficult to rout the Terrorists. That’s reason enough to change our Foreign Policy going forward.


  • Change  foreign Policy to prevent destabilization of a society, whether it’s in the Middle East or Africa.
  • Stop the spread of terror by advocating good humanitarian Policy and supporting the people of a nation not the despot.
  • Win the hearts and minds of the people , care about their plight, intervene in a humane manner before there is strife, then we can save ourselves from international terrorism.

We can continue to be the World’s policeman, with a coalition of Nations, dedicated to diplomacy rather then civil war, dedicated to humanity, rather then despotic leaders.


If you’re interested in our security, dear followers, please read Angus Deaton’s book, “the Great Escape”. I became a believer. Bill Gates is a believer in measurable positive outcomes, too!  Additionally, I recommend, this month’s issue of Foreign Affairs Magazine, though I’ve given you a summary of their topic “GeoEconomics”, before I knew , what I’m advocating, had a name!  LOL.


If we value life, why not value this type of Foreign policy and aid. “GeoEconomics”

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  • Let’s talk about Terror, Student Loans, Lobbyists….
  • Our Country may appear besieged, better to think Solutions.  Less hate.
  • More involvement in writing our stories!


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