Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am I understand myself and I see you. It isn’t either or , it’s US.  We have a choice! 




We have choices. We may be too scared to choose them! I understand. We , everyone of us , chooses our own path to follow!

I’m 74 yrs old. If someone had said to me 10 yrs ago, that I’d be planning to run for the Presidency of the United States and enroll in Silver Sneakers, I’d have thought they were dreaming . Those two plans are ” in the works”, as “we” say. If you know me, you’ll understand my fear, my self doubts and my tenacity to persevere and make my plans reality.

For one choice , I’ve made a passionate commitment on my own , realizing that the actualization of my dream requires you,  my dear followers and a SuperPAC dedicated to supporting me , my passion for understanding our World  and my desire  to visit our planet and our Country , America, all 50 States.

My second choice is easier, I merely have to walk a few blocks, pay $18/a month for a supplement to my United Health Care plan , choose a few exercise programs tailored to my physical requirements and start exercising.

One goal I control 100%. The 2 nd one depends upon you, my dear followers and those who have yet to join our Revolution.   We don’t destroy systems, we fix them, one “tweak” at a time. We’re human, we don’t do perfection, we do fixing , trail and error and move forward. Some times it’s a giant step for man and a small step for mankind. It’s what we do, moving forward, slowly perhaps and deliberately,   to get to that giant step  forward for mankind too!

Since I’ve had time to think, I’ve used my time trying to understand myself and as an added bonus, I see you too! I have empathy for you, my followers, the advantaged and the disadvantaged.

Those with funds need to understand the many who are struggling to survive.   “We the People” were  stronger and more fearless before the Recession wiped out most of our more aggressive and confident traits. Sad, very sad. I understand the less fortunate because I have seen their decent into worthlessness first hand. I know their struggle to survive and feel compelled to give a helping hand and the encouragement to assure the successful return of dignity to someone in need.

With compassion, the less fortunate can find a way forward, too. If not entirely out of poverty,  with self confidence and a return of dignity anyone can take responsibility for themselves and make a choice to move forward or stay in place.   Either is a choice.  Both require the inner knowledge that the choice is available to be made.  Then,   It’s up to “the State” to provide the Social Safety Net and job growth “we the People” require to survive well!


The very wealthy have similar choices to make. They can remain wrapped in the comfort of their wealth, devoid of all empathy for others, or they can exercise their choice to be their brother’s keeper and move forward in our World, trying something new. Not perfect.


New ideas, in fields to numerous to detail once again,  to be improved upon and with out destroying what was. The recognition that we have the power to move forward taking baby steps, is enough to begin our conscious effort into creating the next phase of our Technological advance into the 22 nd Century.

We have a choice. We can sit back and acknowledge our misery or we can take small steps toward creating a better America and a better global community.

It takes one person to see themselves and those we love first. Then we can scale up our new found empathy to help each other, one person at a time.
See you at 11 am when we’ll continue our chat.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “. All inclusive, no one left out! See yourself and dream big!

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Homage to our kids in service to their Country and the kindness of others! Thank you. 

Our Country may have many diverse populations and attitudes ! We know they exist and follow Fox News and MSNBC or they are the odd person in a group. Mostly, I meet folks like me.

I was in Savannah last week and met many folks. The young and the more adventurous food wise are in Savannah’s downtown restaurants. They’re walking the streets and plazas at night, out and about going to a great ice cream parlor, founded in 1919, by Greek brothers, called Leopold’s or they’re watching an art film. There’s a renown College of Art and Design in Savannah attracting talented young people from all over our Country.

No one was pro Trump, they appeared informed and dismayed by the State of our Inequality. No matter , as we all walked and gathered in diverse groups , we were happy to be alive and sharing a good time. A ” first” happened to me and my Grandson.

My grandson was approached by a complete stranger at our hotel. He was a retired Vet and stated he was proud of our soldiers and voluntarily paid for Grandson’s stay in Savannah. I remember O’Neil’s snide comment on relying on the kind nd Ed’s of strangers. It seems that here in Americans we the people are disgusted by recent policy and have concentrated on reviving our old fashioned American values: caring about each other. This was the first of many kindnesses I received in Savannah. I was given free samples of South African food and Tea. Our Doubletree Hilton was more then accommodating when they supplied cream cheese and butter for 20 soldiers and their families in my Grandson’s unit.

We were privileged to participate in many honest discussions about our Country and questioned our values. It was a joy to be with so many friendly Americans. The camaraderie extended to my flight home. As the single Brit noted , those of us ( 10 individuals) who decided to wait out Delta’s decision to fly back to JFK 5 hours later then scheduled, had a Blitz mentality. We agreed to hang together and flew into JFK at midnight Saturday night. It was almost like having a private jet at our disposal. What a trip. We shared stories about good food and talked and laughed for 5 hours about our Country and policies that effect us . It seems that unlike previous times everyone had a real concern and appreciation for the young men and women in our Military.


These kids are indeed keeping us safe and they are dedicated to the protection of our Country. They question Federal policy as well though they are committed to their job and protection of our Country. Let’s never forget the young people serving our Nation. Our soldiers are decent clean cut single kids or someone’s mother or father. Responsible policy demands that those in government remember we are sending family to foreign lands and we want them back .

My 2 Cents, Our mission should be strength thru building better societies. Never forgetting our own! Americans, when cared for, give you the shirt off their backs. So many of us yearn for those days when we valued life. We can’t forget that we did come from a kinder gentler ” place”. Fixing our economy is our #1 priority. Tax cuts for the wealthy will not help the working poor or the overburdened Middle Class. Judicious taxation and a massive infrastructure project creating jobs and revenue will go a long way toward making America and Americans feel safe and capable and happy to “pay it forward”. There has never been a period in our lives when Americans were not compelled to do the next right thing.
God Bless our people and give us the wisdom to move forward together.
See you at 11 am. This was an homage to US.

We will discuss issues confronting us during the Periscope Broadcast.

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Trump rewards cronies not Middle Class. Promises Broken! 



Blind faith in a Political Party is destroying America. It was disappointing to hear John Kasich , a former moderate, support Trump. Why would anyone think Trump’s first 100 days was a victory for the People?

The first 100 days have been a nightmare for many who depended upon Trump for jobs. All of his schemes are a massive giveaway to himself and his 300 business advisors. They stand to make Billions, if not Trillions , as the State’s and the Federal government encounter cash shortfalls.

If Corporate taxes plus loopholes , reduce taxation to 15%, this becomes a windfall for the already wealthy. Sure , as the system is gamed, some individuals will save money in the short run. However, in actuality , with no new revenue and reduced revenue, SS, MEDICARE and Medicaid will be defunded along with every other program that benefits the poor, the working poor and the vanishing Middle Class . Healthcare will be defunded as well, as States grapple with a revenue shortfall.
Our Country will no longer be #1 , if Trumpians get their way.


A few individuals will prosper as the rest of us slip into poverty. Some of the suggestions I’ve read have made me terminate The New York Times in print. How dare anyone suggest in the business section on 4/20/17, that student debt should be converted to home mortgages for cheaper rates. The entire student loan program has become a fraudulent enterprise benefiting the Federal Government. Under this latest scheme, Fannie and Freddie are ready to convert your debt to a home equity line or a mortgage at more favorable rates for now! The operative word is for now! If Trump’s 15% Corporate Tax plan is approved, Fannie and Freddie will be forced to go bankrupt. Guess who’s waiting in the wings to take it Public, none other then another Trump advisor, John Paulson, who made a killing in the Mortgage foreclosure business along with Steve Minuchin, our Treasury Secretary, formerly with IndyMac. They’ll celebrate all the way to the Bank, once again. LOL.

Say no to every scheme put forth by the Trump administration, unless and until we know all the ramifications of their passage into Legislation. Talk and write to your Congressman and woman, today and every day. “We the People” must know how every law effects us and the US Deficit. It appears that the GOP has just suspended their aversion to more debt.


Pity us! Individual Tax evasion in this Country is equivalent to our National Debt. Now Trump and his cronies want to add to our National Debt with Corporate Tax evasion, too! Just say NO!

Trump has no intention of helping the Middle Class. Nothing has changed, we are being conned by masters of the art of Persuasion. Say no and maintain the pressure on Congress. Resist and advocate or we will have a rebellion, like so many other nations battling corruption, joblessness and lack of services for basic needs!

See you at 11am !

” the heart and soul of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am #Resist, March & Disrupt. Congress has to work more and pass “our Legislation “!

We don’t want a government run Amok! I’m old school. We speak up for what we know is right.

I love my Country. I love people. I don’t like to be angry or carry vengeance in my heart.  I’m not prepared to dig two graves, one for me or the other  for the one  I hate , so , after soul searching,  I propose the following action plan for the resurrection of  a Bipartisan Congress and ultimately for the American People , especially our dwindling  “MiddleClass” .

We hate Congress working 1/2 a yr. or less ,  “we the people ” could change this dynamic by urging our Congressional representatives to return to work early to perform the people’s work. We want Quality Affordable Healthcare, education for all and a $Trillion Infrastructure program that brings us into the 22 nd Century. Plus clean air and water and a fiscally sound Monetary Policy. How do we ensure their codification into Law? Congress would need to work more hours on the People’s behalf.

if Congress worked more hours on passing good legislation to improve the lives of ” we the People”, they’d be productive on our behalf and earn our respect , especially, if they worked together as a non partisan body.  



  • I suggest that several Congressmen & women and Senators go back to work and request that others join them. The Separate houses require a majority to work and Publish Legislation for we the people. See the Constitution Section #5. 

Most importantly they should show a willingness to work on behalf of we the people to create an infrastructure program. Not necessarily shovel ready. Solid programs that would unite our country through transportation and IT communication.

Too many rural areas have no means of transportation to their jobs. We need light rail. We need internet connections. Make life easier not harder for our citizens.
Our Country is not founded on cronyism and money for the few. We thrive when our economy resembles a bell curve. There is no trickle down wealth.

Personally I’d rather rely less on the largesse of the wealthy self interested philanthropists and more on the people’s sweat equity to make America greater. We have been bent but we are not beaten. We merely have to act in consort for the Common Good.

Why is the Military successful? Because everyone has everyone else’s back. We the People are successful when we are united. It’s not about Party or political and intellectual silos,  we work best when we work together. We don’t have to play a confrontational game. We need solutions to our state of inequality and many in Congress have written those solutions. Let’s hear them. Let’s vote with our powers at the ballot box and with our phones and computers. This is the first day we work together to take back our Country from special interest groups. It won’t be our last.
A new adventure awaits us! Together!!!!


See you at 11am and let’s talk!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks: Periscope @11am Do we want a Government run amok?



Why has our life become confrontational?  Conflict can lead to Solutions, so do “good” policy decisions.    A thoughtful way, that requires no conflict,  merely a clearly stated set of goals.

Do we want war or Peace? If we want Peace , why not acknowledge our adversaries and determine where we can achieve Common Ground. War should be a last resort. Targeted missions make the most sense along with Nation Building.

Same for Affordable Healthcare Care. We want affordable healthcare. Ideally National Healthcare, if not,  we have to work with Insurance Companies , drug companies, the physicians and hospitals to achieve the best quality of care at the lowest cost. That doesn’t mean the least care at the lowest cost any Moron can achieve that!  “We the people” require a large marketplace , to pay costs forward and more competitive choices to lower costs. The most cost effective healthcare would be expanded Medicare to those 55 yrs and up with phase ins of the rest of the population within 10 yrs.

Why have conflicts over deficit reduction?  An artificial cap serves no purpose. Instead we should be generating revenue and thinking about debt reduction policy.   Debt is a function of revenue. Create revenue and reduce deficits by a finite amount every 2 yrs. to an agreed upon minimum. In times of crisis,  expect deficits to increase temporarily.

I too have fallen into the conflict trap. I’m mad as hell that Obama was denied his Supreme Court choice. Yet, he didn’t act by whim, he waited for Congress. The same should be true for Trump. The ethics office should know about his Conflicts of interest and his waivers. Visitor logs should be transparent. No Lobbyists should be in government period. We are a Nation of laws. Let’s remember to exercise our rights.

Enough is enough. This is a government run amok. Let’s you and me be disruptive in a good way.  See you at 11am and we’ll discus.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am moral compass v Harvard Business School MBA’s

David Brooks, the NY Times columnist,  is partly right,  we have lost our moral compass and the Harvard Business School is responsible.  Let me explain.

Years ago when you decided to become a  business  person, your motives were different.   You wanted to make a living, pursue the “art of the deal”, and make profits – decently.  Being a business person was not just about making money.  Though you can’t stay in business without making a profit, business became an extension of your life.   Your ethics, leadership qualities, negotiating skills , compassion and the understanding of your customers combined to make the right formula for success.  No more ! Today’s crop of CEO’s , running Big Business,  only care about their investors and  their own  personal bottom line.

What happened ? The professors of the Harvard Business School consult to the CEO’s they have created, reinforcing each other’s belief in the worship of money above all else.  They have worshipped  this ” false idol ” at the expense of Americans and the rest of humanity.

Gone is the original Harvard premise,   pursue business to sell a product and make a profit , “decently”! 

A new day starts now. We the people were angered by United’s callous disregard of a person’s rights and his dignity.  The Public fought back by divesting of United’s stock that caught management’s attention.  Perhaps now they’ll consider the needs of the flying public, too!  People Power works.  Use the power of the purse to get Management’s attention.


See you at 11am and let’s chat.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am. America 1st ? 

The day after the Syrian strike the  analysis is in. The Trump strike on a Syrian airfield accomplished very little. All show and no substance. The airstrip was serviceable and used this morning. Saturday 4/8/17.

More importantly, our Country is now dealing with the aftermath of GOP politicians defunding of National Infrastructure projects and science based research and analysis across our Nation. They have defended NIH, FDA, INFRASTRUCTURE, EDUCATION , alternative energy, ……the list continues.

When asked why it has taken over a week to resolve Penn Stations problems, New Yorker’s are told that most infrastructure projects in NY have been severely cut. The States do not have the revenue for a massive infrastructure program. California is in the same state of deprivation.  Sad that ideological politics controls the American economy. This form of mean spirited governing is destroying America’s recovery and destroying the lives of ” we the People”.

Our state of inequality is by design. Now it’s time to take back our Nation. Resist voting against your best interests. Vote out the ” elder entrenched” regressive Congressmen and women and let’s move our Country forward into the 22 nd Century. If we don’t start now, we’ll never get through the 21 st Century.

See you at 11am and we’ll chat.

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“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”