Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@ 11 am. We’ve been Trumped? A Russian in the WhiteHouse?

November 28, 2016





We the people are the greater fools.

Trump lied about being self funded. Neo Conservative Billionaires like Wilbur Ross held fund raisers for him. Wilbur Ross has made money off the backs of his workers. He’s now slated to become Secretary of Commerce? Fact if you are loyal to Trump you get to be a member of his cabinet qualified or not, dedicated to “we the people” or not.

Fact: The Trump Cabinet members have a combined net worth of $35 Billion!  Will have they conflict of interests, too?  Will the will of “we the people”, come first?
We’ve been Trumped!   The White House now belongs to the Trump’s Business interests and Russia!
Fact :  Trump has a 30 yr history with the Russians. This has been solidified by his choices of Mike Flynn, who has been feted by Moscow 24, Putin controlled TV, Eric Trump who boasts that Russians make up a vast proportion of their building population while another brother , Donald Trump Jr recently met with Russians to discuss real estate and Syria.
Fact Bombing took place in Syria after Trump Jr and Sr spoke to Putin .


Fact: The  Assad regime  has been reassured on continuing power, I always thought he’d be there in transition , if the Country was to survive. However, he’s proved he does not care if his people survive. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have turned down UN’s peace  proposal on Aleppo.



  • Fact! Russian sites spread fake news to benefit Trump
  • Fact!  Russia  supported Wikileaks allowing hacking of the  DNC and Hilary Clinton’s emails before the election

Fact!  Trump said,  he would say or do anything to have won the Presidency? Now we have a conflict of interest between his business interests and American Policy ! Where is Congress on enforcing a blind trust as suggested by the Economist?  Will a “friendly” Congress, allow this Administration to “break Constitutional Laws”?, to increase “pay for play”?  Cronyism on steroids?

Fact!    Jill Stein had the integrity to challenge the States voting for Trump and ultimately demand a reevaluation of the Electoral College Votes. With Hilary over 2 million ahead in the popular vote, the Electoral College must have many ” faithless” voters. Why? Why are they subverting the will of the People, this race is not too close to call?

The recounts and a electoral College do overs should proceed. A president should not be inaugurated when he or she does not represent the will of the people. This is indeed a rigged election. Won by lies, deceit and the help of a foreign power, Russia.

Where is Congressional oversight demanding Trump’s tax returns, compliance with ethics rules and the Constitution?  This is my problem with Trump ;   his lack of fiscal responsibility ,  separation of his global corporate interests vs the interests of the people who voted for him.


The voice of Joyce: Love the Fed!

October 23, 2016



Love  the Fed, urge them to print Helicopter Money for the Middle Class $25,000 each!
Why Helicopter Money for the Middle Class. ?

It makes sense. 

  1. The Middle Class was most effected by the Fiscal Crisis of 2008
  2. Through our taxes we are funding government , which has benefited  the upper classes and some of the poor since the 70’s.  The pinnacle of Greed was reached this year when the Middle Class slipped below 50%  .
  3. It is the concern of many philanthropists and economists,  that cash helps people more then large projects or non profits.
  4. The Middle Class and the Federal Reserve have been “stabilizing “America ‘s monetary system for 8 yrs.
  5. Has the Middle Class benefited? No! Corporations haven’t invested in our society or us. Nor have the wealthy! They make grand purchases but don’t support the Middle Class , we have no Safety Net.

The Middle Class has been left to starve and fend for themselves.

Now, it’s time to take care of ourselves.
When the Helicopter money goes to us we spend !

We make purchases.

We pay down debt.

Take a vacation.

Fund a better education.

Plus we get time to breathe a sigh of relief. We’ve been acknowledged.  We have HOPE!

Also, a  new Congress and President can have 100 days to plan our transition into the workforce of the 21 st Century. 

One consequence of Helicopter Money:

There is no more safety net for the market. It will have to adjust to their asset reality on their own:   over leveraged and bereft of ideas and productivity until they invest in people , employees,  customer service, and their Corporation!

When the Middle Class gets their share of Helicopter Money, the Pendulum will start to swing back toward the Center once again. The Middle Class will not be an anomaly , we’ll be the power house of change and take our place in society on a global scene. 
My proposal works for America and it works for the UK, EU , Japan and any country or region holding onto bonds and participating in Quantitative Easing (QE) !  Instead of propping up Wall Street,  we give a Safety Net to the Middle Class.  It can and should be done!


Rejoice that we have a FED. and Central Bank!  They can print money and wipe out the $1.7 Trillion debt in their possession. This time it’s not quantitative easing it’s Helicopter Money for the Middle Class. Thank you Federal Reserve ! 


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Trump?Hilary? Wish list 1st 100 days!!!

October 20, 2016




Dear followers:

See you at 11am.  Let’s talk about the debate one last time.  Then let’s talk about what America means to us.  Our issues for the first 100 days.

See you at 11am.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”


Onward together

Joyce:AmericaSpeaksPeriscope@11am Who’s calling for a Growth Economy? 

October 19, 2016




Dear followers:

It’s a fact, Banks and Corporations are more profitable then ever before. Since they have a cushion it’s time for Banks to lend and Corporations to invest in their businesses at home.  Ford is doing just that!  Maintaining their 3700 employees in the Wayne Plant while changing their product “mix”.

We the people, composed of mostly independents, need growth programs to lift us out of malaise and poverty.   It can happen now. No need to wait four more years. This election cycle is the best time to start.

On the status of term limits. They’re detailed in our Constitution. We have the power to vote one third of Congress out of office every election cycle. Vote with your feet. Get to the voting booth and vote for change.

7% of our populace  are committed Party followers. The rest of us are Independents. Vote your conscience , but vote for change. This November we the people can make a difference.

See you at 11 am.

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”
Onward together!

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Why Hilary? Look at the data? What will change? 

October 18, 2016




I’m clueless. Folks in NYC want Hilary, though they know nothing will change. Since many don’t feel recession’s effects , they simply don’t care about the Recession’s  effects on others.

Remember, the old adage?  ” when they came for my neighbors I didn’t care. When they came for me, there was no one left to care.”

I care. My children and grandchildren are effected. I was effected. My business lost money and I had to close my doors. It’s been 8 yrs since the Recession started, now folks want to wait another 4.  Why?   If you never take the first step toward change , how do you change our Society?  Why must the cycle of poverty and middle class malaise be exacerbated?  Why should more people become unemployed or underemployed?


What happened to our Nation called Hope, or as I like to say, Onward Together?   


See you at 11 am Let’s talk about America. New Inventions. #BringBackOurMen!
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Onward together!

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks: Periscope@11am Let’s start the Revolution!

August 22, 2016

Dear followers:


Tune in to Periscope at 11am.  We’ll discuss the 2 latest exposes on Trump v Hillary!!!!

You’ll be revolted, enough to revolt!

Read my published Blog Post this morning, citing The New York Times investigative reporting on Trump and Hillary .

I’m running for President, seriously, under our Party: AmericaSpeaks.US

Join me and you choose our Vice President.

Look for my replies to your comments @AmericaSpeaks.US.

See you at 11am this morning.  Our count down has begun.  To be on every Ballot we have until 10/7/16 in every State, this applies to Petitions posted, as well.

All the best.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”



Joyce:America Speaks: I’m ready to start the Revolution! Are you?

August 22, 2016



Dear followers
I’m Ready to lead the intellectual Revolution!

6 weeks left to vote for the worst  Presidential choices.  It’s a fact!  Read the “Times” belated investigative reporting on both candidates.


We have a choice:  We can start voting independently.  Add new names to the ballot and petitions to help your Communities survive.


  • How many will put my Party : AMERICA SPEAKS.US on the ballot with my name Joyce Silver for President. I represent all undecided , the young Millennials, anyone who wants a voice  and an insight into  Government!   Who do you wish for Vice President? Add that name too!  your choice?  A republican?  An independent? A democrat?
  • Who will join me?
  • ” Come on a long”!!!!    We need help, unity, creativity.and hard work!
  • See  you today,  Monday, 8/22/16 on Periscope  and let’s chat!


Work together to change the dynamics of our World. We know what’s brought us to our State of Inequality. My Blog Posts have defined our problems and provided solutions. Please do revisit my site and together let’s insist that our lawmakers, our representatives, create the laws that will reinstate upward mobility and our State of Equality. If Congresspeople won’t  pass our taxes, please don’t vote them into Congress for another term.

  1. We want jobs now.
  2. We  want accountable revenue  now!  To be used for  infrastructure, education, IT, the list is numerous!
  3. Let’s work on making our Politicians pass our laws now or vote them out of office and new faces in!!!


      Pass a 6 basis point tax on Derivatives and high speed millisecond trades . There were a quadrillion dollars in trades outstanding, if they were taxed 6 basis points, country would accrue $660 Billion.
  •  Lower the corporate tax rate to 14 or 15% for all American Corporations doing business in America. Eliminate all loop holes in the code. Add a 15% tax on all revenue accrued by foreign subsidiaries of these corporations. The Country could gain $2 Trillion more in revenue. Enough to start lowering our outstanding debt.
  •  Increase the income ceiling of the payroll tax deduction. Make all income earned as fees, straight taxable payroll income. All income becomes taxable assuring that the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are solvent forever. No Corporate tax exemptions for matching funds. To counter the argument , the wealthy don’t participate in Medicare, the poor and Middle Class don’t benefit from their asset accumulation either.

I believe our prosperity lies around the corner, if only we could agree with a full throttled voice to join together and demand change that improves our lives now, not in another 4 yrs.
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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