JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11 am Wednesday Hate crimes and violent assembly should be punished by the Rule of Law! Remember Oklahoma, remember Charlottesville, These People are waiting for the next violent encounter and our death! 



Dear followers, two statements were made on Periscope on Monday that I’d like to address :

Huey stated that he went to  Charlottesville to protest with a white Jewish guy and an “off the rack white guy”, your average guy, well meaning, who likes and respects people. That’s as it should. be. There is no ” the other”, we are all ” the other”!  Except for the Native Americans, there are no indigenous Americans. We are all foreigners in our Land.


We’ve survived for 200 yrs as a Democracy.  We have fought for our civil liberties ,  though the pace of change has clearly not been fast enough for many and too fast for a few.  As a Democracy,  we live by the Rule of Law and  respect the progress we’ve made in civil rights , marriage equality for the  LGBTQ community, and accessibility for people with disabilities.  We’ve come a long way and have more to do!   We have  been guaranteed our right to protest, to peacefully assemble and to respect each other’s rights to free speech. But we must not take our inalienable rights for granted. Nor can we stand idly by as one group or another is oppressed.


I’ve spent several hours reading about racism in America today and watching the Vice Review of the tragic events in Charlottesville.  Besides the alt right protestors, I watched in amazement as the Charlottesville Police stood back from the crowd.  Like the rest of us, they watched the violence unfold.  More than that, I question why large public gatherings are not free from traffic?  And why were protestors  allowed to carry and/or conceal weapons in the Public Square?   It appears that home grown terrorists are adopting “ISIS-like”  tactics and using cars or trucks as weapons of destruction.


Unfortunately for America,  when white supremacists congregate in a Public Square, there is a potential, in fact a desire, for violence.  All access to “peaceful” assembly should be blocked to vehicles.  This should now be SOP (standard operating procedure).


Second, I think we as a nation must re-examine our First Amendment rights. Some of the neo-nazis present came from as far away as Canada to march with the white supremacists and vent their hatred of  Jews, African Americans, and other minorities. I think it is time to legislate against violent hate speech in this country and outlaw hate speech and death threats,  like they’ve done in Canada and Germany and other countries who have experienced the  violent aftermath of these marches and worse.


For many “loners,  ” White supremacist Marches makes them feel more powerful when they join these groups or act out in their name. I think Charlottesville has shown us that David Duke and his followers came looking for violence and promised the Vice reporter that more blood would be shed as they planned other marches. We have been forewarned, these groups intend to wait and then step up the violence they intend to perpetrate.   Stop David Duke and those like him from plotting larger more potentially violent events. They don’t see the dead and injured as people. They think of them as subhuman vermin.    Their behavior and their threat of more violence makes them undesirable in our Public Square.   Ultimately,  I do believe if you want change in this country,  you remove what is unacceptable through Legislation.


Lincoln delayed the ending of the Civil War, in order to codify the Emancipation Proclamation.  Our Civil Rights Laws were changed only after years of African American protests.  However, the March on Washington led by  Dr. Martin Luther King was different.  It was a meticulously planned event, taking  months to  plan.  It was   coordinated through major Legislators and in one technical  emergency, Bobby Kennedy intervened.   The event culminated with Dr Martin Luther King’s , ” I have a dream speech” !  Strategic, meticulous planning made the difference.  First there were the protests and then the demands for equal rights, codified into Law.   It takes many voices to go from protest to culture change to LAW.  This should be our model for change!



Now is the time to stop these hate groups before they grow strategically and more people are intentionally maimed or injured. I say take action now to change the culture of these United States.  Racism and bigotry may not totally disappear, but it can become punishable under the Law.   What do you think, dear reader?


  • Do you  want the right to assemble peaceably without fear for your lives?  Do you think that any group that violates your basic freedoms , should be legally barred from assembling and carrying weapons of destruction that they hope to use? 


In answer to Huey’s 2nd question,  “Do you think Donald Trump will unite America”?  I do!  I believe Trump’s  Presidency  forces ” We the People”  to  unite across our Country.    Our success will be measured when we make it a crime for any group to speak hatefully or act  as violently as the White supremacists.   Their proactive violent behavior must be stopped.    Nothing less than Legislation is acceptable.


Trump is a symptom of our division not the cause of it. With social media and more investigative reporting , we can see ourselves and reflect upon what “We the People” need to become fair and just Americans?


When our right to that fair and just way of life is threatened, there is only one response.  Craft the legislation that will allow all Americans to be safe in the Public Square!  We can’t afford to counter violence with just words.  Anti-social actions must be stopped by the Rule of Law!

See you Wednesday and let’s chat!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Populism, authoritarian state, Trump, LePen OhNo!

Too many want to keep Trump in power given the Pence alternative. They forget, Pence is running government.
The house GOP establishment is entwined with the Trump Administration, making a separation of Powers and check and balances impossible. Jeff  Sessions, the AG,  lent Trump Steve Miller his senior aide to Trump.   Nunes, head of the defunct Russian Investigation, has been compromised.  They have been  empowered by their acceptance of  Super PAC money and are  voting  for Draconian measures, that hurt “we the People”.  When the  GOP votes pro Trump, it’s all about the MONEY!  Same for the DEMS!

If you believe in conspiracies, Let’s look at 1 example,  the Russians got to North Carolina 2 hours before Trump ‘s rally.   Did they dole out money for crowd attendance prior to Trump speaking?   Trump spoke, would they vote for him out of gratitude?  protect him?  who knows?

In the Senate, Mitch McConnel  with  a net worth of $58 million and his wife, named Sec of Transportation , in the Trump Administration, do you think he’s independent enough to vote against Judge Gorsuch?   Honestly  folks,  Congress is not voting for us or our continued Democracy, they vote to preserve their self interest.  Ours no longer maters.  We’ve voted against our own self interest.  Hopefully, this will be the last time!  The new Agenda, is all about money.    Money  for the wealthy at the expense of we the people.


This is a well oiled machine to destroy our Democracy. Venezuela just brought back their Democracy by separating Judges from the State.   France may lose their Democracy through voter apathy.

The USA is a cautionary tale. Too many want a Trump or a Marie LePen to win.   They’ve drunk the cool aide and misdirected their anger from Big Business and the Collusion between Big Business and Congres/Parliment , toward “outsiders” taking their jobs.  They don’t understand, they will suffer under an Autocratic society.  The people will suffer as the wealth of a few becomes astronomical! That’s the real reason behind “populism “. The destruction of the Democratic State.  The transfer of the State’s remaining wealth to a few!  Don’t be apathethetic, only voting can get rid of these “self proclaimed” populists.  They’re numbers have bee identified in France.  Hold your nose and chosse to retain your Democracy!

See you at 11 am and we’ll chat.
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am The Middle Class has been Trumped! 

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Dear followers:

I’ve prepared a slide show for your education on the Trump Agenda , televised before Congress on 2/28/17. My only concern , is us, the Middle Class. Life hasn’t been good to a lot of us, our children and grandchildren, since the fiscal crisis of 2008.

  • Please review, comment and let’s chat at 11 am.
    Wishing everyone a great day. All the best.
    “The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Corporate Tax Cuts destroy Americans : We are swimming in Money and can’t use it! 



The plot to kill American Democracy and Americans.

Just look at Kansas. Tax cuts for big business equates to minimum revenue for education.  Therefore, in Kansas , the folks lack the basic skill sets to understand what’s best for them.  They have been given a poor education and have limited health care and access to media that speaks truth to power!  When some folks say, the electorate is stupid.   It is by design.

If you increase spending on the military, on security , on law enforcement and for profit prisons you are not only hurting large groups of people , you, meaning the Society, has chosen to decrease expenditure on basic human needs.

  • Education
  • Clean air and water
  • Health care
  • The arts
  • Science
  • Jobs

All items that would make citizens healthier and better educated are denied. Why? To provide funds for corporate welfare. While we the people are starved for knowledge and  food, large corporations are tax free citizens of the State!

Which “Segway’s ” into  my story on immigration, as a  Flooring contractor,  our competition wasn’t individuals.  Our Competition was national labor shops using illegal immigrants at low wages pushing our  labor’s salary down to levels not seen since the 70’s.      This phenomenon is not new.  We encountered “imported labor” on large union projects in the 1980’s  What’s new,  was the crash of 2008, when all jobs dried up for the once working class.  The  competition became fierce when too many of America’s citizens were left stranded by major Corporations.  The corporation seeking no taxation, was exposed to oversees markets and forgot that they left millions without full time employment. Our dilemma, centers on Corporate Greed that systematically hollowed out the Middle Class.  Our legislatures helped , too!  They provided the tax incentives to Corporations to stay in their States,  in return Corporate Management became wealthy while decreasing American salaries.   When they went oversees, the weakened American tax base,   enabled the defunding of education and basic human needs.


What happened to Merit Carpets, Inc.?    Until the crash of 2008, my mechanics earned $300/day. After the crash, my labor was supplanted by National labor shops providing low cost labor on demand. These laborers were most likely illegal immigrants, costing their employer $50-$75 / day. How did we let this happen?  How could American labor compete?

It’s not the fault of the immigrant. The employer should be penalized. 11 million people were brought into this country almost 20 yrs ago. They were denied a path to citizenship and remained part of the shadow Economy on purpose by large scale businesses. Now Immigrants are fearing for their lives. One out of many groups to be targeted by this administration. For profit prison use will continue  under this administration, imprisoning African Americans for low level crimes. Anti Semitism is on the rise as Cemeteries and JCC’s are targeted.  What group is safe?

Policy and rhetoric continues to drive a wedge through our communities. Trump’s basic pledge to return jobs has not materialized yet. We can only hope it will unite us by giving more people good paying jobs. No matter what the outcome, Americans would be wise to unite.  An attack on one group, is an attack on all of us!


“United we stand,   Divided we “hang ” separately! ” Wise words from our founding father’s.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice of Joyce: Highlights of the JERUSALEM Post Conference 6/7/15

Dear followers thank you for joining me at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference 2015.

My thoughts on The Jerusalem Post Conference are summarized after a day of intense discussion of  US and Israeli relations including Israel’s concerns about: “Two States for two people”, anti semitism , the BDS movement and IRAN.
1. As promised, I showed my map of the two states to at least 10 people. There was unanimity. Though most were skeptical, believing there was no willing partner to talk to. They all believed the newly proposed State was doable with land swaps. A Cantor who had been one of the original settlers of Ariel, thought the territory made sense. See my  map ! IMG_3006
2. Yair Lapid , an Israeli member of the Knesset, recommended the involvement of the  Arab Nations in Peace talks including  Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia , the Arab League and the PLO as attendees.  He further advocates that Egypt host the talks and the US sponsor the talks.
3. Every newspaper I read on  6/8/15,  contained the Rand Report on the economic benefits to the Palestinians if they chose a Two State Solution . Their increase in GDP would be dramatic, while the Israeli economy would increase by $120 billion over 10 years. Think long term savings in Security?
4. The new State would be demilitarized . The Israeli’s are concerned about pulling out of territories leaving a power vacuum. They do not want a repeat of Gaza which they consider a failed State.
Next, Jack Lew spoke as an emissary of the US. He tried to explain AMERICA’s position on the Iranian nuclear negotiations. The Israelis and members of the audience were skeptical.  Their concern: with “distrust and verify”  as America’s mantra, would Iran surreptitiously become a member of the nuclear club? Even if that doesn’t happen, Israel prefers that  IRAN’ s behavior changes before lifting sanctions.   Israel  further wishes Iran to prove that they are less  territorial.  They want Iran to  renounce their support of terrorism by proxy, before sanctions are lifted.   Iran plans to spend $500 Billion on infrastructure. I presume that’s a powerful reason to lift the ban on commerce with IRAN. I say, if American companies build infrastructure in Iran, they should commit to build it here first. We need work on infrastructure in our country as well.
Why not a ” Mitzvah Bond” , a performance bond with a bonus? if you create jobs and complete a project in America, the Corporation will reap a higher return on their investment?  Their cost of borrowing could be cheaper?    I don’t know the exact mechanism , but a similar concept is being considered in Israel.  Another topic for debate , when we the people speak  ?
Then, Dr. Yuval Steinitz representing, infrastructure and energy in Israel, voiced his opinion about IRAN’s R&D programs.  He was concerned they would produce faster centrifuges and lessen their break out time to the Bomb when the Sanctions were lifted and their nuclear power plants were no longer under intense observation.
Amid their very real concerns about Israel’s place in the international community, Ron Prosor, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, said the geo political conflicts in the Middle East has led to a new coalition among the Israelis, the Saudi’s, the gulf States and Jordan.  There has been a rapprochement among these Nations as Israel sends their technology and experts to these newly aligned Countries.
In conclusion Israel is very thankful to be a partner with AMERICA on many fronts and praised their continuing good relations with the US. Israel is mainly concerned with their  self preservation in a hostile environment. They take anti semitism very seriously and look upon the BDS movement as anti Semitic. Personally, I think the BDS movement is egregious and does not help the local Muslim population either. My opinion,  it would be better  for the World to stop bashing Israel and the Jewish people and promote fellowship between  Israel and the PLO.  Give them the chance  to work once again on a solution of ” Two States for two people”.
FYI : The conference lasted from 8-5:30 pm, a long interesting , informative and entertaining day. As always, when attending conferences. the attendees are equally interesting! Ronald Lauder , President of the World JEWISH Congress gave the opening statements while the conference closed with a televised message from BIBI, followed by the entertainer, superstar,  DUDU FISHER.  His rendition of “Bring Him Home” from “Les Miz ” was memorable and  deeply moving!
A full day! Thanks for reading dear followers. Please  continue to comment and share  my Posts.  All the best.