The Voice of Joyce: “Pay to Play ” White House

November 30, 2016

Literally Corporate America is taking over The White House.
Every appointee proves the dependence of the group on one another. All linked through Congress like a spiders web.   The proposed net worth of the cabinet may exceed $35 Billion.


The “in” crowd the rewards are great. Elaine Chao is married to Mitch McConnell , Senator from Kentucky. She was Secretary of Labor under Bush and sat on various prestigious Boards, including Wells Fargo. Rubber stamping or denying fraud.    This is the American Way.   She even sat on Bloomberg’s Board ! The perks for the Uber wealthy are numerous board positions and the ability to network effectively to increase their net worth.  Too bad ” we the people” don’t have equal access to jobs, boards or money.

Now Ms Chao is offered the coveted Transportation Secretary appointment. A plum job for cronies rebuilding America.  Beware, there may be more toll roads ahead in our future.

The Gap will widen between rich and poor as ” we the people”  get the scraps.  Oh yes, some jobs may be saved at Carrier, we’ll await the details, which I hope will be televised at the plant with the same 1400 originally told about their loss of jobs.

As another Banker takes the helm of Treasury,   keep partying before 1929, redux!!!


Let’s chat at 11 am.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Stimulus/Civil Discourse

August 23, 2016

Dear followers:

Tune in at 1am and let’s continue talking politics & Solutions to our demise!

Campaigns, supporters, stimulus, taxes?

With so much at stake, should any candidate expect 2 terms?

See you at 11am.

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks: Periscope@11am The Revolution Continues

August 19, 2016

Dear followers:

Tune in at 11am  Let’s talk about ” conquering” our fears first and  then let’s look at each of our problems, one item at a time.


This morning I read the NY Times headline” To Seattle Millennials, the Future looks Scary”!

If we break down our concerns and worries, to small bits, we’ll arrive at revolution without bloodshed .  Let’s talk at 11am.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

#TheVoiceofJoyce: Why I’ve been Silent! 

July 20, 2016

#TheVoiceofJoyce: Why I’ve been Silent! 


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Dear followers
Some of you may be wondering why I’ve been silent lately. Some of my reasons are personal , as I sort out how to be an effective change agent.   One way I’ve decided, my dear followers, is to continue educating you by discussing the issues that confront us.  This is a first for me,  I’ve never been an educator,  I am a problem solver!  A scientist, A businesswoman!    In that capacity, I have seen and lived through many generations and have, unlike many of you,  stopped running from myself and reality.
By following my passion to be an agent for change in America,  I’m constantly striving to do the next right thing.  I don’t always succeed, I admit.  I make mistakes and I’m sorry when I hurt others.


I’ve never been a ” yes man”, euphemistically speaking. I’ve done my job and have gotten my comeuppance when I took my job seriously, especially at Bankers Trust.   I was hired to find a $250,000 loss on their books.  With the help of 8 assistants, we found their losses and in the process found 5 separate instances of fraud.   One “problem” ,  the movement of $20 Million in “dead accounts”, was also found by Mary Jo White 15 yrs later. My reward for “cleaning up Banker’s system, after receiving bonuses, a mention in  Who’s Who of American Bankers and the Marquise publication of  Who’s Who of American Women, 1983-84, I was fired!
Therefore, when the  Recession started, I was “mad as hell”.  I knew about Bank Malfeasance!   I decided I must bear witness and speak out when I know that corruption has corroded our institutions.  The Banks , Bankers and Corporations have influenced our Politicians with huge sums of money, creating Custom Laws  that siphon money away from the Middle Class and job availability.


I understand why 26% of Hispanics do not like Mexicans , my friends have said it best, “illegal aliens are taking away their jobs”.   American labor is forced out of the job market, not by the illegal aliens, but by the Corporations who hire them.  If the government can crack down on the Food Industry, why can’t they levy fines on Corporations who hire illegal aliens?  Surely anyone doing business with  Government can be fined for granting jobs to them?  Effective policy can be enforced.


Coming from the contracting industry, I know my former mechanics are desperate for work.   We should not be blaming the immigrants for stealing American jobs, we should be blaming and fining employers who hire illegal aliens. 
We don’t need to build a wall, rather we need immigration policy that makes it an offense to hire illegal aliens.     Instead, we have purposely created   laws  that aid Big Business , rather then support the dwindling debt burdened Middle Class.


  • First Society  took away our homes
  • Then Society took away our jobs
  • Next Society made higher education too expensive for Middle Class families to afford
  • Society saddled the Middle Class with unconscionable debt by creating usurious credit card fees and student loans. 

American Corporations and their enablers; Government , Lobbyists and the Banks have crippled  the Middle Class  by ” creating custom laws and policy“.    The Middle Class cannot compete .


Though the Middle Class  has diminished  voting power,  I  believe the system can be changed,  if we want to re establish our Democracy. We can continue to deny 360 Million their fair share and equal opportunity to compete.  However, when we do so, we have created a failed state.  We can no longer call ourselves a Democracy!
That’s why  Donald Trump resonates with some people.   Many Republicans and Independents  feel disenfranchised, too.  The GOP convention left no room for dissenters who refused to nominate Donald Trump..  However, the Democratic Convention meets next week, my friends, some of them Independents and some of them Republicans, support anyone but Hilary.  Why not counter her nomination with an unknown or a centrist like Joe Biden?

  • As Americans , aren’t we entitled to question our policies , our Election policies, too, without fear of punishment?
  • It  is our responsibility to be informed and understand the Laws of our land.
  •   An educated populace is able to choose and select better candidates for Political office, even if it means writing in officials you support at all levels of Government.
  •   Politics effects us all!

I have remained silent on occasion, because I am one person.    I cannot stand on street corners and offer advice. I can’t even tell you what to do or who to vote for. If you are interested in understanding our Society, then  join me and together we can define what’s causing our pain and together we can state which solutions to our problems we would implement first.
Our first rule should be to remember , ” that people are policy and policy is made by people”. We  the people are hurt, we are not an Island , we are connected to people all over the Globe who are also suffering because of their Country’s policies.  Let’s share our pain and arrive at Common solutions that save all Americans and lead the rest of our small world out of inequality as well!
I’ll write and speak again soon. I welcome your comments and shall start answering them this weekend. All the best!
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:America Speaks Periscope@11am Terrorism, Trump, Hiliary

June 14, 2016

IMG_5737Dear followers:

I apologize for not getting back to you yesterday.  I spent the day reflecting on our campaigns and the latest tragedy in Orlando, Florida.


Join me at 11am and let’s talk Politics and policy.

How can you be involved in Government?


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce: AmericaSpeaks.US we’re repeating TR’s Progressive Presidential platform of 1912!!!

April 28, 2016

There are no new paradigms, history repeats. We are now duplicating the Presidential election of 1912 , when TR represented the Progressive wing of the Republican Party and his adversaries were a Socialist and Woodrow Wilson , a Democrat. TR laid out the Progressive Platform,  supported by Brandeis, but lost the election to Wilson.    Wilson rode the Progressive Wave and  implemented the Progressive Party’s platform with the help and support of the American People and progressive Plutocrats.


  • By 1916 , Wilson was reelected  based upon his accomplishments, and the rest is history.

Paraphrasing directly from the book, ” The Rich Don’t Always Win”, you’ll understand why TR adopted “the Progressive Platform”, my dear followers, and perhaps, you will carry the messages of 1912, to every one you meet, so that we all become students of history and decide to reintroduce the Laws of the land that freed “we the people” from an ever expanding Plutocracy?


There is one cautionary tale: be prepared always for the push back of the wealthy minority that has no social conscience and has no limits on the wealth they must accumulate .  For our Republic to survive as a Democracy we must be vigilant and enforce regulations that curtail the wealth of others who profit through speculation and the labor of others. I and they did not denigrate capitalists, rather we propose through a progressive program, including progressive taxation,  to regulate and restrain greed.


We , all of us, should  always strive to reward the entrepreneur who produces revenue through his own sweat and the sweat and hard work of his or her employees, that is the essence of Capitalism in a Democracy!

Let me now paraphrase TR’s platform, as written by Sam Pizzigati, in his 2012, book entitled” The Rich Don’t Always Win”.  I quote, ” TR covered all the progressive basis:  Our natural resources, must not be monopolized for the benefit of the few.  We must prohibit the use of Corporate funds directly or indirectly for political purposes and hold corporate officials “personally” responsible when any corporation breaks the law.   Again and again, Roosevelt urged his followers to demand state and national restraint upon unfair money getting.  The absence of restraint, he noted, has tended to create a small class of economically powerful men, whose chief object is to hold and increase their power.

”  To check the growth and limit the power of these fortunes, TR called for a progressive income tax and an inheritance tax on BIG fortunes, properly safeguarding against tax evasion and increasing rapidly with the size of the estate.  We need to destroy privilege for the few, TR roared, to preserve our Democracy for the many”.  He called his program the New Nationalism, I call it the New New Deal! ”


Just like today, The Progressive Movement was radical because it had real problems to solve.  It was practical because it dealt chiefly with the more just distribution of wealth, which is at the very bottom of the bread question in every land and age”


“Woodrow Wilson had not created the Progressive wave, but he rode that wave into office passing the following tax  and reform legislation.

  1. The Constitution was amended to tax the incomes of the most wealthy progressively.
  2. The Federal Reserve Bank was created to regulate the Banks
  3. The FTC was created with intention to enforce , cease and desist orders, against the formation of monopolies.
  4. The Clayton Anti Trust Act was implemented giving the Federal Government the capacity to block corporate mergers and predatory pricing schemes.


Like today, Wall Street was free to speculate, free to create “phony” financial instruments of mass destruction,  and free to make enormous amounts of money at Society’s expense.  Wall Street speculation eventually  led to the crash of 1929 and our own Fiscal Crisis of 2008.


How the Populists pushed back and the rise of the Middle Class Golden Age will be detailed in subsequent Posts.  Stay tuned, for further updates my dear followers, as I continue to learn, it is my pleasure to share my insights with you.  Together, we can change our World!


I can’t resist this last note;   one of the first promoters of Wilson’s second term in office, besides Brandeis and Amos Pinchot, TR’s speech writer, was a line up of progressive celebrities, the philosopher John Dewey and America’s most eminent Rabbi Stephan Wise!!!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”





Joyce “America Speaks” Periscope @11am: Where’s the Plan?

January 18, 2016

Dear Followers:

Tune in at 11am.

It’s a shame!  I’ve listened to Candidates rhetoric for Party Primaries and less then a year out from the election, none of them has a plan to work with each other and benefit the American people.


Moderates are leaving government and “we the people” need a voice for activism on our behalf.  Unless, you are willing to wait another 4 more years?


Your choice.  Politics effects us!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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