JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11 am This week in Washington: ACA, Russian Involvement, The Supreme Court? My takeaway? 

March 20, 2017

Dear followers:

This Post was sent to me by my friend, Cathy Albisa at NESRI, detailing 5 reasons to vote against the proposed healthcare bill.  For more analysis  of the AHCA , please review my  previous Posts  and subscribe to the  Kaiser Family Foundation newsletter for additional comprehensive analysis of the proposal’s shortfalls.

Dear Joyce:

House Republicans have introduced their health care plan, a plan that would cause incredible harm in people’s lives. Their bill, the American Health Care Act (AHCA), would lead 24 million people to lose health care coverage, including 14 million next year.

Here are five key takeaways about the AHCA:
1. The AHCA takes away people’s access to health care in order to give $464 billion in tax cuts to the wealthy and to corporations. It is an enormous transfer of wealth and well-being from poor, working class and middle class people to the wealthy and to corporations.

2. The AHCA slashes Medicaid by $880 billion over the next decade — a 25% cut that pushes 14 million people out of the program. The cut comes in two forms: ending and slowly choking off Medicaid expansion and cutting federal Medicaid payments to states.

3. The AHCA cuts ACA subsidies and allows insurance plans to provide less coverage and raise out-of-pocket expenses, which hurts people who are poorer, sicker, and older the most. A 64-year-old with an annual income of $26,500 would see her subsidized premiums rise from $1,700 to $14,600 under the AHCA.

4. The AHCA guts reproductive health care and public health funding. The AHCA would cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood, and prevent insurance plans that receive tax credits from covering abortion.  It also cuts programs that counsel 1.3 million folks with drug addiction problems.

5. The AHCA leaves the basic structure of the health care system in place, but deepens existing inequities and privatization. If implemented, the AHCA will force people to spend more than they can afford on coverage, obtain a cheaper and skimpier insurance option, or become uninsured.

Read more about how the AHCA will deepen the health care crisis and our piece covering the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the bill.
In solidarity,
The NESRI Team

See you at 11am and let’s chat.  Any group requesting linkage to this site is welcome.  We serve the Middle Class Community , we are inclusive!

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Joyce:AmericaSpeaks Periscope@11am Conflicts remain ! Positives & Negatives

January 17, 2017

Dear Followers:

After reading the morning papers and listening to the news, there’s much to be concerned about and there’s lot’s to keep us informed and able to track progress within the next 100 days.


WNYC will schedule a news program tracking the first 100 days called Indivisible @8PM daily.


On the home front, 10 GOP members of the  House of Representatives did not vote to Repeal the Affordable Care Act.


  • NSA has not approved one of Trump’s Appointees, she admitted to Plagiarism.
  • Price slated to head HHS, may be disqualified for insider trading in Big Pharma.
  • Trump still has multiple Conflicts of Interest.  If the OGE  is free of reprisals and can act independently  of House pressure,  Shaub,  a well respected ethicist, will find Trump  in violation of the Constitution on his first day in office . Then, appropriate action on behalf of “we the People” will be served.
  • 59% of his appointees have passed the ethics committee.
  • 40% of “we the People” approve of Donald Trump
  • More wish to see his tax returns and the tax returns of his appointees!
  • Trump is already working for Russia as he calls out Angela Merkel on her immigration policy!
  • Wait & See

We have much to discuss at 11am.  Let’s be candid, we need the relief!

See you later.

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Joyce:America Speaks:Periscope@11am Revolution! Now!

July 29, 2016

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Dear followers:


See you at 11 am and let’s change our conversation.

There’s 3 months to the election, talk is cheap!  Both Candidates have provided a hook to grab us in!  I say it’s not enough!  Their “First 100 days should start now”!!!


The clock is ticking!


Their records, speak for them.  However, let’s use their words to demand the reforms we need now?

Hillary says she has Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, John McCain, Al Franken, Tim Kaine and so many more republicans and democrats lining up in Congress to change Law to benefit the Middle Class.  Show us!  Change the laws now to increase Income Equality!  Concentrate on one or two Laws and Resurrect the Middle Class now.  That’s all we ask!


Ditto for Donald Trump.  Use your clout now!  Don’t influence Foreign Powers unless you’re bring Peace to the Middle East.    Use Congress to enact Laws that benefit your supporters who are crying out for jobs!  You can do it, you said,  “I alone can bring change to America”!  Do it now.  Your FIRST 100 Days are starting now! 


Show us your leadership quality!

I look forward to seeing everyone at 11am.


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#Joyce AmericaSpeaks: Periscope @11am Battle of Titans

July 25, 2016

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Dear Followers:


Join me at 11 am and let’s discuss our Candidates and decide:

Can we influence this election?


Let’s talk?  See you at 11am


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#The Voice of Joyce : Truth not truthiness

July 22, 2016

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Dear followers:

I present the facts.  In trying to be fair and balanced please read my last Post on Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence.  Then , I’ll release a technical article on the Hilary emails!


You want the news!  I’ve got it.

Thanks for reading.


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The Voice of Joyce: Foreign Policy and the Middle East 

March 4, 2016


Dear followers:


As an American, I am concerned about Terrorism coming to our shores. As a realist, I believe there is one way to keep terrorism at bay, that’s with muscular diplomacy. If we care about the Middle East or Africa, we should support governments that provide human rights to their people and wish to establish working institutions based on the Rule of Law.


  • If we continue to support despots, the people get none of the aid designated for them and   all the money goes to the  corrupt officials in charge.
  • If we remove despots without putting a provisional government in place , that everyone trusts, we have a failed state and the people are brutalized , once again.
  • If you reward good behavior and compassionate leaders, people do not revolt.
  • If we promote human rights before getting to a failed state, terrorism will not have a foothold in that country or in a failed province.

To decrease terrorism we should support” good regimes” with working institutions and the rule of law.

If we continue to support despots who ignore the needs of their people we are certain to have a failed state that is a breeding ground for ISIS or their affiliates. Worse, failed states supporting terrorism, destabilize other states in the region as their propaganda recruits more soldiers for the terrorist cause. Then, Like a giant squid ISIS, AND/ or AlQaeda , et al send their lieutenants to provinces within neighboring Nation States to set up shop. Once people are vulnerable and unprotected, the ” neglected” province is over run by terrorists too! If we can’t reclaim the people peacefully, Coalition forces may be required  .


In Iraq “we” allowed the Islamic State to get a foothold in the provinces where the population was already brutalized by the Shiite government in place.  A committed group of diplomats and military advisors can support and reinstate institutions , creating  a fair and balanced military composed of Shiite and Sunni factions.  The solution seems so easy,
funding the old order has led to chaos and oppression. Train an army of the people for the protection of the people, insure stability, be committed to training the next generation of compassionate leaders without the influence of malevolent foreign powers and their proxies.


In Syria, now that ISIS is feeling the strength of coalition bombing and being cut off in the Syrian provinces, it is time to bring the warring factions back to the peace table. ( article in the financial Times 2/29/16 ” Syria Enjoys relative peace of ceasefire”)  I’ve counted 14 separate groups with a stake in Syrian Peace. All factions need to feel that we are,  in fact,  honest brokers and will maintain the peace.  AlQueda and the Islamic State, don’t thrive in States that treat their people humanely and with compassion.  A true peace is not viable, unless and until, all foreign governments and their proxies exit this state.  The long term objective is a self governing independent Syria.

Terrorists won’t thrive if we change our foreign policy.  ( This is a long term goal.)  If we reward regimes that institute reforms for the benefit of their people, we would decrease graft, military supplies and decrease our foreign aid budget. America would have a method and a policy of giving , that is judicious , cheaper and more effective,  benefiting our fellow man while creating a state that supports it’s people, rather then another despot on the verge of civil war.

Civil war is contagious. When People in one country are oppressed ISIS enters and then finds a niche and oil revenue  to maintain itself. Though their tactics are  purposefully  horrific, they do set up a functional system of government. It looks tantalizing and exciting to young people and they join their revolutionary brothers setting up ” shop ” in the  vulnerable provinces. Our lesson should be, never give Terrorists a reason to enter a country. Once there is a failed state, a government without a leader, it is difficult to rout the Terrorists. That’s reason enough to change our Foreign Policy going forward.


  • Change  foreign Policy to prevent destabilization of a society, whether it’s in the Middle East or Africa.
  • Stop the spread of terror by advocating good humanitarian Policy and supporting the people of a nation not the despot.
  • Win the hearts and minds of the people , care about their plight, intervene in a humane manner before there is strife, then we can save ourselves from international terrorism.

We can continue to be the World’s policeman, with a coalition of Nations, dedicated to diplomacy rather then civil war, dedicated to humanity, rather then despotic leaders.


If you’re interested in our security, dear followers, please read Angus Deaton’s book, “the Great Escape”. I became a believer. Bill Gates is a believer in measurable positive outcomes, too!  Additionally, I recommend, this month’s issue of Foreign Affairs Magazine, though I’ve given you a summary of their topic “GeoEconomics”, before I knew , what I’m advocating, had a name!  LOL.


If we value life, why not value this type of Foreign policy and aid. “GeoEconomics”

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice of Joyce: excerpts : ” The Great Escape”

February 28, 2016

Facts about inequality:  paraphrased from Angus Deaton’s book,” The Great Escape”

The Facts about inequality:

  •  Poor people do not choose to be poor
  • The unemployed are miserable and demoralized without work
  • The GDP is a well meaning statistic that doesn’t measure the 99% struggling at the bottom of  income distribution
  • Labor unions have declined in membership
  • Legal immigrants have gone from a well off group to being relatively poor
  • The African American male population, may not vote, because of incarceration and remain, disenfranchised


The Consequences of Inequality

  • Only the top 20% is left to vote.
  • The top 10% , those making $255,000 and up commanded 47% of all income.
  • The CEO’s of large firms, Wall Street Bankers and hedge fund managers, the working rich, have acquired more wealth with a reduction of taxes on their incomes.  They have prospered much more then the middle class after taxes.
  • We no longer have equal opportunity for upward mobility. Mobility is restricted to networking among an elite class. Middle Class kids are priced out of the job market.
  • The encouragement  of the best minds into financial engineering, “weapons of mass destruction”, is a loss to the rest of the economy reducing growth and innovation elsewhere.
  • The people playing with their own money or their clients money should get rich,   to use the “people’s” money is inexcusable. If these activities cause widespread social harm, that is intolerable.
  • The egregious behavior of a few is compounded by CEO’s sitting on each other’s boards giving giant compensation packages to their friends.
  • Government regulation and laws favor the wealthy and have failed the Middle Classes.
  • Allowing the overturn of Glass Steagall led to the creation of Mega Bank Cartels, responsible to themselves and their profits.  Encouraging risk taking.
  • Political lobbying has played a key roll in the increase of incomes at the top.
  • The collapse of Fannie and Freddie was caused by well connected political operatives who enriched themselves and their senior executives through catastrophic risk taking, keeping regulators at bay,  by means of well funded campaigns of political influence.


Bad consequences of Inequality:
Be forewarned, the income at the top may continue to grow by the continued infusion of money into the political process. Studies of Congressional voting by political scientists have demonstrated that Congressmen on both sides of the aisle are sensitive to the wishes of rich constituents and not at all to the wishes of poorer constituents.

Rules are made in the interests of the rich who become more rich. The largest increases in shares of income come from the largest cuts in taxes on top incomes.

  • Justice Brandeis argued, the United States could have either democracy or wealth concentration in the hands of a few, but not both.  


The very wealthy have little need of state provided education or health care, they have every reason to support cuts in Medicare and to fight increases in taxes.
Overturning our “State of Inequality” is appropriate to restore the well being of everyone else. If we fail to overturn our “State of Inequality”, Democracy is hijacked and we the people will never move forward or achieve well being, a decent education, health care or a good paying job. There could be no Escape from our state of inequality,  if we allow conditions to exist that prevent us from achieving real growth and creativity. The longer we wait, the more people are malnourished in their body and their mind.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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