Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am. Late Stage Capitalism! Time to strike! Or allow the Market Society to persist at your peril! 

June 21, 2017



Late Stage Capitalism is producing inferior products and despairing low productivity employees. The consequences: “we the People ” are paying for the despair of others and their poor workmanship with our lives.

In war we don’t appear to be excelling. We used to, not now. We can’t protect our selves from the enemy. I can’t imagine what happened to our ship off the coast of Japan? Why did it suffer severe damages and loss of life?

IN NYC subway systems, the “old” cars lasted generations. The new ones  have massive electrical failures. Not even the conductors can control the path and speed of the trains. Being stranded with no power has  become a routine occurrence. Why? Where are the folks, the computers and the signaling devices tracking the subway system? What happened to preventive maintenance? Accountability? Short term thinking , using budgeted funds irresponsibly , is costing people their jobs and shortening their life as they breathe stale air underground.

Our Healthcare dilemma has taken many forms. It’s failing ordinary Americans because those in power are literally against any healthcare coverage , period. They don’t see the necessity to maintain a healthy populace and only believe you should have catastrophic care. They’re out of touch with reality. They don’t know the facts. In South Korea the average life span is 105 yrs because they have a National Healthcare system that caters to ” hypochondriacs”. Some things can not be privatized. Healthcare deserves to be a single payer system where everyone benefits and the Uber wealthy can buy into “boutique ” practices as a choice.  Until then, guarantee subsidies to the Insurance Companies allowing them  to maintain a competitive edge .  Re write the Law for Big Pharma price negotiations.  Stabilize our existing ACA then move forward in a Bipartisan way in 2 years.


Meanwhile, too many of us , part of the once comfortable lower upper Class, are supporting family members who are part of the long term unemployed. This should be the job of Government. Congress and previous generations of legislators who knew we would have an employment crisis and did nothing for 30 yrs. “We the People ” do not have enough resources to support our children and grandchildren. Our State of Inequality must be reversed. Or most of us will have a Sophie’s choice of putting food on the table for our selves or the rest of the family.


 Let’s take back our Country sooner rather then later. A National strike beginning July 4 th is sounding more appealing every day!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice of Joyce: Apprentice level jobs only ones available? Time to Strike for more? 

June 13, 2017




We’ve become a Nation of serfs,  serving an entrenched Monarchy! When they say there are 3-4 million jobs out there, they mean , at the Apprentice ship level. I wonder, do apprentices get paid? If they were in the Union, they’d get 25-50% of the Union Journeyman wage scale plus benefits.

In our Gig economy, how much is their pay? Most likely minimum wage jobs?  If they lead to upward mobility in 2-4 yrs,  with wage increases , that’s a plus for the very young.


This was normal practice in the old days,  of the 70’s and even the 80’s,  when kids getting out of college , with no work experience made a minimum  wage of $25-35,000 a year. Today’s  $’s  should be would be higher, but they’re not.  Sad, so sad!


Why were  Middle Management jobs deemed expendable?   Why jave we dismissed qualified project managers and failed to hire them back.  We know the airline s can’t schedule without Middle Management expertise in the business, scheduling and IT.  We know Rehab facilities don’t function well without Supervisory management and staffing.  We know IT requires more then coders and upper management direction.  So, why don’t we care?  The only reason I can discern, a dysfunctional organization only affects, “we the People”.  The CEO’s and shareholders are rewarded at the expense of the working public.


So, I see a two class society.  Input at the bottom, no management and the high earners and shareholders at the top. This is no way to run a business or a country. 

At some point Americans will  Strike. Wait and see!  If you are afraid someone will take your low level job, don’t despair, there are 3-4 million Apprentice level jobs available, according to our President.  Enough to shuffle through!  Though I still wonder, when will the good high paying jobs return to America?   Where are the proposed Infrastructure jobs?  “We the People”  have nothing to lose but your continued loss of pride and the apathy we’ve sunk into!

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Wednesday: Don’t like Legislation? Litigate & ask for damages through class action law suits

June 13, 2017




Forget negativity. Forget suffering. Why can’t we the people fight back through the courts, using Class Action Law Suits? 


  • The Court’s have blocked Trumps travel ban.
  • Attorney Generals from Washington, DC and Maryland  are suing Donald Trump  for the right to review & release his tax returns.

Why can’t “we the people” call Trump, the appropriate Cabinet Member and Congress to account for their draconian actions and hold them liable for harming “we the People”?
If people start to lose healthcare due to inaction on providing subsidies to the insurance companies, sue!  Litigation is the tool of choice in a country of Laws and Justice. 

I think we should be ready with an injunction, a cease and desist order, to prevent the Senate moving forward on egregious legislation. Why sweat the details or wring our collective hands when we can block bad legislation legally? Anyone should be willing to take on the People’s case, it would be precedent setting.


  • So,  if all else fails Sue and ask for damages. 

Next Unionize all 1099’s ! The only way to get rights is to demand them and strike for them. When management knows you have a voice they respond. No one responds to an apathetic majority.   In 1907, when the mine workers protested poor wages and working conditioned , they struck and won.

However, I have a caveat; if and when we  decide on a National Strike for our return to a better way of life, don’t take to the streets,  stay home. Patronize local shops and don’t go to the stores owned by multinationals unless you think they’re one of the “good guys”:  characterized by paying a living wage and  providing  vacation time and health care benefits.   Do tell the rest of  us which Multinationals you support !  The Public needs to know who  and patronize the Corporations of excellence. We’ll invest in them, if we have more then $400.00 at our disposal.

This is one way to stop the apathy and raise our heads high. Use the tools at our disposal to fight this system of labor oppression! Be creative, innovate and we can live our tomorrow’s today.  Let’s Litigate.  If that doesn’t work for you, consider a National stay at home strike!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice of Joyce: Trump Agenda ? It’s all about 💰for Big Business. Advocate for yourself & your neighbors! 

April 1, 2017

It’s all about the money. The entire Trump administration favors big business and big business concerns. Deregulation is for them. They are in charge of an Agenda that is ” one big give back to the wealthy”.   Look at the executive orders. Who benefits? The wealthy.



Selective EPA regulations, no problem. Continued pesticide use, no problem. All that matters is generating less obstacles to bigger profits for a few. 


Trumpcare would have done the same. The goal was more money in the hands of the wealthy and nothing for “we the People” . Which reminds me, that advocating for expanded Medicaid has a short time horizon. Up until the end of this year funds must be transferred if expanded Medicaid is requested. After this year , no more funds will be allocated.


Advocate for Expanded Medicaid in your State.   6 million more neighbors could have health insurance , if you do. Alabama would like expanded Medicaid coverage, I know. Be vocal and demand healthcare now in your State. The funds are available for “we the People”. Demand them and use them. Being healthy is one step closer to restoring your dignity.

Do it for yourself and those you love. Do it now!
See you at 11 am on Monday and let’s chat. I’ll tell you why I’m passionate about restoring the Middle Class.
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice of Joyce: Vote Self Preservation 

March 31, 2017



The Congress didn’t hate Obama because he is Black. Though,  he is African American . They hated him because he was decent and represented change. That made him a threat to be eliminated.

Those self interested greedy politicians in office were not going to give up their perks and their customized legislation for their friends in high places. No way was this new President going to destroy their “game of thrones. ” He would be stopped and their ugly agenda would wait for Trump.

Trump, the perfect “patsy” for the greedy and their agenda.  Trump, like Gatsby,  was not one of them.  It was easy to win him over with visions of wealth in the here and now and maybe a little “love”.   It seems the majority of House GOP unmasked , are nothing but mean spirited selfish rogues. They deserve jail for bilking the American people. Jail for promoting guns, opioids and tax cuts on an uneducated populace.   They conned desparate people,  the people were gullible, waiting for a savior from their plight, and unable to understand that they had been conned.

The folks voting consistently for these men and women have voted for inequality and their own despair.

It’s not too late to cast off your shackles. Say no to bad policy that effects your well being and make sure to keep decent People in office.

One day we’ll have a third Party.   I’m no  longer on the fence.   Talking to folks outside your comfort zone helps making choosing self preservation easier!
Have a great day.

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Generate income and stop thinking austerity! “we the people”deserve more then Scraps!

March 24, 2017

Dear followers, you know I’m for revenue generation not deficit reduction. As a small businesswoman, I was always concerned with selling my product, I abhorred debt.   I grew up in a family that didn’t believe in debt.   However, as times became worse, it was impossible not to take on debt.

Debt is not our enemy unless it exceeds our revenue. Debt is also a function of revenue. The more revenue you generate the less the percentage of debt to revenue. 

In previous slides and Posts I’ve illustrated how to generate $5-6 Trillion in revenue to carry out infrastructure projects, to secure Social Security and other entitlements and to increase Defense spending without gutting necessary programs that make American lives healthier while providing new jobs at better wages,  restoring dignity to our most needy people, the poor and the Middle Class.

I’ve done the math, if you increase the payroll deduction limit to $250,000 @7.5% the tax collected would be $20,000. With matching funds $40,000 would be collected. Assuming 100,000,000 are working, it is not unreasonable to assume that $1-4 Trillion could be collected by the Federal Government. Do the math. Insist that the office of Budget do the Math and tell us, the American people how much income could be expected once the income ceiling is raised. 

Think Revenue generation not deficits. Why would anyone vote for austerity when we could have prosperity?  
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class ”
See you at 11 am. Let’s chat! 

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11 am This week in Washington: ACA, Russian Involvement, The Supreme Court? My takeaway? 

March 20, 2017

Dear followers:

This Post was sent to me by my friend, Cathy Albisa at NESRI, detailing 5 reasons to vote against the proposed healthcare bill.  For more analysis  of the AHCA , please review my  previous Posts  and subscribe to the  Kaiser Family Foundation newsletter for additional comprehensive analysis of the proposal’s shortfalls.

Dear Joyce:

House Republicans have introduced their health care plan, a plan that would cause incredible harm in people’s lives. Their bill, the American Health Care Act (AHCA), would lead 24 million people to lose health care coverage, including 14 million next year.

Here are five key takeaways about the AHCA:
1. The AHCA takes away people’s access to health care in order to give $464 billion in tax cuts to the wealthy and to corporations. It is an enormous transfer of wealth and well-being from poor, working class and middle class people to the wealthy and to corporations.

2. The AHCA slashes Medicaid by $880 billion over the next decade — a 25% cut that pushes 14 million people out of the program. The cut comes in two forms: ending and slowly choking off Medicaid expansion and cutting federal Medicaid payments to states.

3. The AHCA cuts ACA subsidies and allows insurance plans to provide less coverage and raise out-of-pocket expenses, which hurts people who are poorer, sicker, and older the most. A 64-year-old with an annual income of $26,500 would see her subsidized premiums rise from $1,700 to $14,600 under the AHCA.

4. The AHCA guts reproductive health care and public health funding. The AHCA would cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood, and prevent insurance plans that receive tax credits from covering abortion.  It also cuts programs that counsel 1.3 million folks with drug addiction problems.

5. The AHCA leaves the basic structure of the health care system in place, but deepens existing inequities and privatization. If implemented, the AHCA will force people to spend more than they can afford on coverage, obtain a cheaper and skimpier insurance option, or become uninsured.

Read more about how the AHCA will deepen the health care crisis and our piece covering the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the bill.
In solidarity,
The NESRI Team

See you at 11am and let’s chat.  Any group requesting linkage to this site is welcome.  We serve the Middle Class Community , we are inclusive!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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