AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The plight of Labor today. It can be Bright using Clean Slate Laws.

Labor has lost wage gains and power over the last 50yrs. The Clean Slate is a collection of Laws, reestablishing Labor’s rights. Our future can be right with a Labor friendly Administration. Vote for change, that helps all of us and restores upward Mobility. Unionize! … More AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The plight of Labor today. It can be Bright using Clean Slate Laws.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Pasteur of Dr Martin Luther King’s church runs for the Senate on Democratic ticket. Great move for Georgia politics. Based on the Senate make up, he’ll do what’s right and practical for the People. Make no mistake, unlike his counterparts, he’ll work in the best interests of his constituents. Vote overwhelmingly for him!

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Rev. William Barber & I agree , the cost of a coverup is our Democracy. I weep for justice, a real trial with witnesses & a President & GOP Senators who cared about the rule of Law. All who love Liberty & Justice for all, must organize and double our efforts to defeat an Imperial President & Injustice. Vote Democrat overwhelmingly in 2020, register now!


AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Economy slowing to 2.1 down from 2.9 GDP as consumer spending lags. If you don’t pay employees, who will buy your products? Late Stage Capitalism is not sustainable. Corporate power merged with government erases our voice unless “we the People” vote TrumpsGOP out of office

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Education is a measurement of our Country’s ability to change & share resources for everyone’s benefit, poor & wealthy alike. Illinois has a great method of displaying distribution & allocation of funds. On the ground, in most States, there should be a recognition that poorer communities need more resources & better staff. Report allocation of funds & begin programs to educate all kids equally

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce NRA shaped Interior Depts policy. Another case history of Special Interest Lobbyists making policy for the Trump Administration. Corporate Power & profits have precedence in the Trump White House. The needs of “we the People “ go unnoticed

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Martin Luther King’s spiritual journey to India in 1959. You dear followers can listen to his speech in India. Non violence was born with Jesus & shown to work with Ghandi.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce If Trump lawsuit against the validity of the ACA is proceeds, Americans will have lost Healthcare. Trump is making it more costly to purchase policies with pre existing conditions. Trump could withdraw the Lawsuit & save healthcare for millions.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Just like Opportunity Zones which don’t serve the disadvantaged, now Minuchin wants to pervert the Community Banking system, allowing them not to encourage investment in their communities for new businesses and mortgages, instead they can invest in stadium upgrades? No surprise. This government is made by Bankers for the benefit of the wealthy.

AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Why should your zip code determine whether you suffer from Pollution, asthma, heart attacks or diabetes? In suburbs of Detroit, Marathon oil pollutes the sky and poisons the air? Now this administration is removing environmental protection from Industry. There was a Law!