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March 17, 2017


Dear Followers:

Let’s think about our fondest memories today , live in the present and enjoy our day!  I look forward to sharing  the fond memories of the America I grew up in with you!    Won’t you join me for a period of R&R!  We earned this respite,  let’s  Enjoy it, together!


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“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”




The Voice of Joyce: excerpts : ” The Great Escape”

February 28, 2016

Facts about inequality:  paraphrased from Angus Deaton’s book,” The Great Escape”

The Facts about inequality:

  •  Poor people do not choose to be poor
  • The unemployed are miserable and demoralized without work
  • The GDP is a well meaning statistic that doesn’t measure the 99% struggling at the bottom of  income distribution
  • Labor unions have declined in membership
  • Legal immigrants have gone from a well off group to being relatively poor
  • The African American male population, may not vote, because of incarceration and remain, disenfranchised


The Consequences of Inequality

  • Only the top 20% is left to vote.
  • The top 10% , those making $255,000 and up commanded 47% of all income.
  • The CEO’s of large firms, Wall Street Bankers and hedge fund managers, the working rich, have acquired more wealth with a reduction of taxes on their incomes.  They have prospered much more then the middle class after taxes.
  • We no longer have equal opportunity for upward mobility. Mobility is restricted to networking among an elite class. Middle Class kids are priced out of the job market.
  • The encouragement  of the best minds into financial engineering, “weapons of mass destruction”, is a loss to the rest of the economy reducing growth and innovation elsewhere.
  • The people playing with their own money or their clients money should get rich,   to use the “people’s” money is inexcusable. If these activities cause widespread social harm, that is intolerable.
  • The egregious behavior of a few is compounded by CEO’s sitting on each other’s boards giving giant compensation packages to their friends.
  • Government regulation and laws favor the wealthy and have failed the Middle Classes.
  • Allowing the overturn of Glass Steagall led to the creation of Mega Bank Cartels, responsible to themselves and their profits.  Encouraging risk taking.
  • Political lobbying has played a key roll in the increase of incomes at the top.
  • The collapse of Fannie and Freddie was caused by well connected political operatives who enriched themselves and their senior executives through catastrophic risk taking, keeping regulators at bay,  by means of well funded campaigns of political influence.


Bad consequences of Inequality:
Be forewarned, the income at the top may continue to grow by the continued infusion of money into the political process. Studies of Congressional voting by political scientists have demonstrated that Congressmen on both sides of the aisle are sensitive to the wishes of rich constituents and not at all to the wishes of poorer constituents.

Rules are made in the interests of the rich who become more rich. The largest increases in shares of income come from the largest cuts in taxes on top incomes.

  • Justice Brandeis argued, the United States could have either democracy or wealth concentration in the hands of a few, but not both.  


The very wealthy have little need of state provided education or health care, they have every reason to support cuts in Medicare and to fight increases in taxes.
Overturning our “State of Inequality” is appropriate to restore the well being of everyone else. If we fail to overturn our “State of Inequality”, Democracy is hijacked and we the people will never move forward or achieve well being, a decent education, health care or a good paying job. There could be no Escape from our state of inequality,  if we allow conditions to exist that prevent us from achieving real growth and creativity. The longer we wait, the more people are malnourished in their body and their mind.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice Of Joyce :” The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter”

April 9, 2015

Have I mentioned, I belong to a book club, that meets regularly, once a month.  Our mandate is to choose books of social relevancy in paperback.  This month,  one of our members, chose THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER, by Carson McCullers  published  in 1940.  The novel takes place in a poor southern town just before war breaks out in Europe.  Every race has it’s place. The people mingle with each other and love each other .  Though there is an acknowledgement of race , the enemy is not the people , it’s society.  The external pressures on the people are inequality, the lack of upward mobility and the Police brutality. The total and absolute control of the police over black citizens primarily. 

The Police incite hatred and fear in their actions. If you are Black you have no rights.  Amongst the people their main concern is to become educated and leave the town. Every year the local black Dr.  gives  a $5.00 prize to a young black high school student for the best essay on black society at the time.  This year the winner discusses the oppression of Blacks in Society and advises rebellion rather then slavery.  I’ve read pages 192 and 193  in the book relating to this “prize” and the People’s desire to be free to live their lives without oppression.
The book continues to pursue this theme through heated discussion between the protagonists, the Black Dr and his new white friend , Jake, who he calls ” the White fiend”. I will read several paragraphs from the book  to you.  They contain powerful words no less relevant today then they were 70 yrs ago.  The wheel has come full circle once again. But being man, suffering under the yoke of man made oppression we can over come and move forward. Then like now, there was a bond between the races .  This book need not be restricted to  the slavery of the mind and soul for one or two races, it’s a universal theme , representing the slavery of the mind and body of all people who are oppressed.
That’s the beauty of writing, there are universal truths, concepts that apply to all mankind though we may write from a local perspective.  The forces of evil, of inequality have always been among us, trying to suppress human thought and will.  Our goal, as the humans oppressed , is to understand what’s happening and rebel any way we can .  Always mindful, that the State has weapons and we don’t  want death, destruction or a power vacuum. Now is the time to consider spreading the word and listen to each other.  We, the poor and the Middle Class have a choice, as we gain knowledge of our Status in life and understand  Society’s constraints.  It behooves us to pass on that information to as many people as possible.  Spread the word , share your knowledge of egregious Societal behavior and we can over come man’s tyranny over man.
The road to recovery, is through good paying jobs.   We get there by enacting laws that regulate our monetary policy and start using the money to redevelop our great nation .  It can be done and laws with the People’s backing can be created quickly.  Most Laws, like Glass STEAGALL for the 21 st Century exist .  A “minor” regulation making Derivatives more transparent was proposed by David Vitter and Sherrod Brown.  None of these Laws and others proposed to curtail the influence of money in our government have been implemented.  Once we create the Society we want, rather then accepting the one we have, we’ll increase our chances for prosperity.   When we repeal Citizens United and take massive infusions of Corporate and other less transparent money out of the elections, one man one vote will be reinstated.   It’s a beginning.
If you read my  archival Blog posts, I’ve detailed the causes of this recession, the oppression that we feel and the solutions to be implemented to create jobs for the multitudes.  Thank you for following me .  I welcome your comments.  All the best. Joyce

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