Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am. Late Stage Capitalism! Time to strike! Or allow the Market Society to persist at your peril! 

June 21, 2017



Late Stage Capitalism is producing inferior products and despairing low productivity employees. The consequences: “we the People ” are paying for the despair of others and their poor workmanship with our lives.

In war we don’t appear to be excelling. We used to, not now. We can’t protect our selves from the enemy. I can’t imagine what happened to our ship off the coast of Japan? Why did it suffer severe damages and loss of life?

IN NYC subway systems, the “old” cars lasted generations. The new ones  have massive electrical failures. Not even the conductors can control the path and speed of the trains. Being stranded with no power has  become a routine occurrence. Why? Where are the folks, the computers and the signaling devices tracking the subway system? What happened to preventive maintenance? Accountability? Short term thinking , using budgeted funds irresponsibly , is costing people their jobs and shortening their life as they breathe stale air underground.

Our Healthcare dilemma has taken many forms. It’s failing ordinary Americans because those in power are literally against any healthcare coverage , period. They don’t see the necessity to maintain a healthy populace and only believe you should have catastrophic care. They’re out of touch with reality. They don’t know the facts. In South Korea the average life span is 105 yrs because they have a National Healthcare system that caters to ” hypochondriacs”. Some things can not be privatized. Healthcare deserves to be a single payer system where everyone benefits and the Uber wealthy can buy into “boutique ” practices as a choice.  Until then, guarantee subsidies to the Insurance Companies allowing them  to maintain a competitive edge .  Re write the Law for Big Pharma price negotiations.  Stabilize our existing ACA then move forward in a Bipartisan way in 2 years.


Meanwhile, too many of us , part of the once comfortable lower upper Class, are supporting family members who are part of the long term unemployed. This should be the job of Government. Congress and previous generations of legislators who knew we would have an employment crisis and did nothing for 30 yrs. “We the People ” do not have enough resources to support our children and grandchildren. Our State of Inequality must be reversed. Or most of us will have a Sophie’s choice of putting food on the table for our selves or the rest of the family.


 Let’s take back our Country sooner rather then later. A National strike beginning July 4 th is sounding more appealing every day!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Monday We’re in the Paris Accord till 2020! The other Facts. 

June 5, 2017




It’s sounds good to say Trump acts in the best interest of his base. Sounds good and it’s not true. Trump is motivated by money. 22 Senators advised him to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. Those Senators took campaign funds from the fossil fuel industry, they were motivated by money.  All  the corporation’s cited,  giving Senators campaign funds , were guilty of ignoring the rights of workers while courting Senators in their States. Check them out: Devon Industries, Peabody Energy, Murray Coal.

Trump is influenced by special interest groups, a fact!   What’s more disturbing is his tendency to create chaos & dismay with his policies that will go no where. It ‘s equally disturbing to have both political parties feeding into our fears. No need for alarm on this one.


However, The quicker , we the people realize that he uses a strategy of diversion to calm some and agitate others, the quicker you’ll feel better and deal with his feckless policies.
The Paris Climate Accord is a good example of his diversion tactics. Some folks, small businesses think Trump is withdrawing from the World and concentrating on them. While globalists believe he’s exiting the World .  The truth, he’s helping no one and isolating us from the continuing R & D in energy.  Why shouldn”t America create new jobs through renewables?  It is our future, too!

How are “we the People” deluded?  If Trump really wanted to exit the Paris Accord and exit the agreement in 1 year, he had to exit the underlying UN agreement. He chose not to do that. Instead he chose to exit the Paris Accord which has International Rules in place, stating no Country can decide to exit the  Paris agreement for 3 yrs after signing.   After the 3 year wait period,  it takes 1 yr to exit. The debate will take place in 2020 , when “we the people” or the next President decide to rejoin. Meanwhile, we remain within the Paris Accord.

The take away, be informed and try not to sweat the small stuff! It’s still the Economy, Stupid! We Americans need good paying, jobs and careers! We’re not there yet!

See you at 11am and let’s chat!


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Long live the Revolution! 

June 2, 2017



I don’t know if there are conspiracies at work. What I do know is the election of Donald Trump was the last gasp of a a moneyed few sponsored by lobbyists, big business and the alt right. They can wreck havoc with our World as they try to hold onto their power and money by impoverishing the rest of us. Or we the People can defeat them!

With your help dear followers, web can resist and advocate for change that benefits us. My loyalties and passions reside , with ” we the People”. The Middle Class, the center and any stranded by our Gig economy struggling to make a living , or struggling to survive.

The People supporting Trump are varied. They can be the Uber Wealthy, or racist or the Middle Class, like you and me desperately wanting to believe that Trump and his cronies will help you.   I’ve heard the refrain, he has so much money, why wouldn’t he share?, he doesn’t need more? That’s precisely my point, his type of person, never has enough and doesn’t share. They recognize no one else except those in his select clique.

Just like the Kenyans, our country has been hijacked by an elegant group of thieves in designer suits. The worst kind of despot. Slick, very slick! 

However, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. We the People have the numbers to pressure the ” good guys” on both sides of the aisle to work for us. We can support them at the ballot box, because every vote does count. We can be aware of our Congressman’s voting record and cry out if they defund healthcare, education, infrastructure and IT.

We can be self advocates only if we want to emerge from our Gig economy and listen and learn from each other. United anything is possible. Look what happened when the French backed Macron! In one fell swoop they defeated a potential despotic regime. We can do that here. 

Never again will we allow elections to be hijacked by the moneyed greedy few. We can vote in decency and dismantle our world of for profit prisons, brick by brick.

Together , dear followers , we can dream big. Together we can change our World. No one person can undertake this task on their own. God Bless you. 
Let’s chat at 11 am. 

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am There are big bucks available to “we the People”! Read ! & Demand! 

May 22, 2017

Countering the narrative. After reading Paul Krugman ‘s and David Brook’s opinion on Friday, I ‘m disheartened that they share each other’s pain. Both are miserable about the State of our union and the Republican Party in particular. Why they opine? There is no leadership ready to take on Trump and his extreme agenda?

The ACA is already hurting individuals because the House bill creates uncertainty in the Insurance business. The Insurance Companies made a profit last year . This year they’re afraid to project future profits because of uncertainties in the subsidies promised which would make premiums affordable for Middle Class folks. This has been confirmed by investigative reporting by The Kaiser Foundation , The Washington Post and The New York Times. Further , since the mandate isn’t enforced , less young people are buying into affordable healthcare ensuring that the pool is less profitable. Whatever happened to paying it forward and feeling good about helping those less fortunate? The ACA will die by neglect, hurting millions in the very States that supported Trump. So where are the leaders to steer this project through to completion or just stay with the existing ACA? Where are the leaders to move our Country forward in spite of the chaos generated by the Trump administration?


How did we get to Party first, re election 1st and labeling dissenters as the opposite Party to be discounted. Where is your sense of responsibility to all people, not those who only agree with your position? Party , before Country as a policy , will implode.


Next, we’ll focus on Foreign Policy , much more palatable to Congressmen then Domestic Policy. The foreign policy trip has been billed as a giant business trip rewarding a few, the President included perhaps? There is big money supporting Donald Trump and his Agenda and it’s forming our foreign policy and our domestic policy as well.


Big business is gutting EPA regulations and creating an environment open to the fossil fuel business, smog, methane gas emissions and other toxins. Back to an abundance of “bad” health days is in our future allowing big fossil fuel businesses to thrive as the polar ice caps melt?
Rather then investing in innovation we are playing ” the same old record of destruction”. Benefiting the few at the expense of the many. Some are even calling the EPA, Devon Industries because Scott Pruitt has a long history of doing business with them. See Sunday’s NY Times expose!
Thankfully, I’ve also read that in spite of Big Money in the Republican extremist movement , young people who would normally identify with Republicans , those 30 and younger , are not buying into the Trump agenda. That’s good news indeed!


Now we need to convert more people to activism and convince the young to run for local office. We should be supporting all decent candidates. The Voice of Joyce will continue to report on issues that concern us dear followers. Remember my chart on Military spending? I knew from bidding experience that the Defense budget was bloated. Bob Woodward of the Washington Post just confirmed the existence of a slush fund and $125 Billion in waste and mis management of the Defense Budget. Confirming 20-25% waste.
No need to suffer when we can sway Congress with our voices and the facts. You have mine , load and clear.
See you at 11 am, let’s chat.
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am No time for chaos! Advocate loudly. 

May 19, 2017

“We the People” are being listened to!  Congress has responded with a special counselor, our previous FBI director Robert Mueller,  That’s good news. Trump is being advised to seek his own attorney outside government.  Congress continues their probes into the Trump Russian connections.  Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor appointed by Justice,  is now going to conduct an investigation into criminality on anyone’s part, in the Trump administration.    Meanwhile, the designated adults in the room, composed of McMasters, Mattis and Tillerson will be responsible for Foreign Policy damage control.
Only Congress can move our Country forward domestically and economically .


The real question is can Congress forge a union for the good of our Country, as  our Nation  now re- enters  a phase of several credit bubbles and Debt?:

1. Corporate Debt

2. Student Loans & Debt

3. Car Loans

4. Consumer credit

If interest rates rise, our fragile economy could enter a Recession. If interest rates remain low, “we the people”, will not be able to manage our debt without rising wages. Where are other proponents of a Private Public socially responsible Society. We need government revenues to improve our Economy.

Our lives depend upon a growing productive economy. Literally, as we watch chaos unfold in the White House, the Antarctic may be losing ice at an unstoppable rate. It is an impending catastrophe that could translate into boom times for us with a little long term planning. What we were promised must become reality. We need infrastructure programs to adapt to and mitigate the changes anticipated in our environment.

We have no more time left for political gamesmanship. The pettiness of our era should be discouraged as we raise our voices high and State our needs. We the people can no longer be counted on to bail out the Banks. That’s the Financial Industries’  responsibility.

Our needs are simple , a living wage for work performed. Gender equality. We’ll give our 200% only when we’re recognized as valued team players. Otherwise , Late Capitalism, will be too late to save itself. 
Advocate for a living wage. 

Advocate for a massive infrastructure program and don’t take no response as an answer. 

Advocate for affordable quality Healthcare & education!   Job  growth is the goal of our agenda. 

With 534 in Congress , there are enough Committees to make our Dreams come true. Think every day is your last and make it count.
Onward! We are moving forward! See you at 11 am and let’s chat.
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Priorities:Infrastructure, Climate Mitigation No tax cuts! 

March 27, 2017




Don’t break out the Champagne yet. Democrats and Republicans should look toward increasing the Insurance presence in many States. Our people still need low rates and choices. The battle to improve the ACA is not over. The hard work and the Art of the Deal could still improve Healthcare for millions.

So what’s next? It should be job creation and infrastructure. They’re not on Trump’s agenda. Tax reform is. Tax cuts  have not created jobs, yet!  . This is a spin your wheels do nothing incompetent administration. When do they, the President and the Congress work to help the American people?

It would help to finalize Trump’s legitimacy first. That question, looms large in half the population. The next shouldn’t be a Supreme Court nominee that favors big business. The Administration should be  concentrating on infrastructure and climate change. We the People could live better lives,  if infrastructure became a priority instead of tax cuts for big business. Which brings me to my next question?


What does Neil Gorsuch, the US climate stance and China have in common? Plenty!
Both our administration and Neil Gorsuch are proponents of individual property rights and the rights of oil and gas consortiums. Their positions may be at odds with environmentalists seeking to preserve public property and limiting oil and gas exploration on public lands. How do these positions effect China?

As a closed system, one planet, one world, our local positions effect China. The Chinese are trying to limit their smog conditions in their provinces. Their efforts are unsuccessful. Only a global effort to curtail greenhouse gas emissions will help them.
Is our government committed to Global preservation or is short term profits on fossil fuels our only concern? We are at a decision point on many issues. Isolation and denial will not help us solve our local problems or help our neighbors. Now is not the time to be isolationists. We have our selves to save and the World.
We lead by example , by building not by destruction. 


See you at 11am.  Let’s chat!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Trumped & Dumped No Federal Govt v States Right “We lose”! 

March 13, 2017




Trumped and Dumped. No Federal Govt v States rights ? “we the People ” lose.

1. ACA repeal and replace will be less affordable for the Middle Class. Medicaid will be phased out, without a war on Entitlements. A means test and State budget priorities will curb access and care.

2. Battery and Electric cars will lose valuable tax credits making them less affordable. Who wins? Big business as emissions testing and fossil fuel use are preserved as profit centers. Look for smoggy skies and dirty air and asthma increases once again. According to Big Business if they can’t participate in pricing the air we breathe, we the People won’t have clean air or water.

3. Immigration reform, mass deportations as horrible as they are to some, they’re a boon to for profit prisons.

Previously, these profitable , real estate tax exempt groups housed 1.3 million African Americans, 1/2 for non violent crimes. Now they can stay in business with new found profitability in the Hispanic market? Social Justice has no place in a World built by Business for Business Profit. Nor does clean air , clean water and People’s health.
The perfect “state “, no pun intended, is no Federal Government, State’s rights to keep business happy at the health and well being of “we the People.
4. One last example, cutting corporate taxes, gave us The ballooning Deficit. If we spend more the Deficit increases. There is another way to spend without increasing our deficit. Read my revenue generation plans. I’ll reiterate them for you. Because I know we can create $5-6 Trillion to spend easily.



Resist Trump’s agenda and save yourself and your families lives. Save yourself from more debt. Live free and happier. We can do it when we stand united together. Onward!   See you at 11am.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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