JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Long live the Revolution! 

June 2, 2017



I don’t know if there are conspiracies at work. What I do know is the election of Donald Trump was the last gasp of a a moneyed few sponsored by lobbyists, big business and the alt right. They can wreck havoc with our World as they try to hold onto their power and money by impoverishing the rest of us. Or we the People can defeat them!

With your help dear followers, web can resist and advocate for change that benefits us. My loyalties and passions reside , with ” we the People”. The Middle Class, the center and any stranded by our Gig economy struggling to make a living , or struggling to survive.

The People supporting Trump are varied. They can be the Uber Wealthy, or racist or the Middle Class, like you and me desperately wanting to believe that Trump and his cronies will help you.   I’ve heard the refrain, he has so much money, why wouldn’t he share?, he doesn’t need more? That’s precisely my point, his type of person, never has enough and doesn’t share. They recognize no one else except those in his select clique.

Just like the Kenyans, our country has been hijacked by an elegant group of thieves in designer suits. The worst kind of despot. Slick, very slick! 

However, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. We the People have the numbers to pressure the ” good guys” on both sides of the aisle to work for us. We can support them at the ballot box, because every vote does count. We can be aware of our Congressman’s voting record and cry out if they defund healthcare, education, infrastructure and IT.

We can be self advocates only if we want to emerge from our Gig economy and listen and learn from each other. United anything is possible. Look what happened when the French backed Macron! In one fell swoop they defeated a potential despotic regime. We can do that here. 

Never again will we allow elections to be hijacked by the moneyed greedy few. We can vote in decency and dismantle our world of for profit prisons, brick by brick.

Together , dear followers , we can dream big. Together we can change our World. No one person can undertake this task on their own. God Bless you. 
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” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

The Voice of Joyce: AmericaSpeaks, ” The Russia Connection”! Cartoon and thoughts by Justin Draws

May 29, 2017

The Russian Connection _wm


Dear followers, if you have something to say, say it!  My friend Justin has just contributed his latest thoughts and cartoon on Trump’s Russian Connection.   The words and cartoon,  remind me of a song, waiting to be composed, a tale we tell our children, like “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”!   Enjoy!

  • “Why are there so many ties to Russia & why is the Kremlin so close to his side?
    He says the media’s untruthful, merely illusion,  but what is he trying to hide?
    Some raised their voices & were quickly silenced
    But they are right, just “wait & see”
    Someday we’ll find it, the Russia Connection
    Trump, Putin & the GOP..”



Have a good day!  One of remembrance and community!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”



JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Where is your Compassion, sir? 

May 26, 2017

Where is your compassion ? I’ve heard several arguments on NPR in defense of the GOP ACA replacement. I don’t agree with their logic for the following reasons.

Supporters of Trumpcare : 

If I have a pre existing condition , I won’t burden the population at large , I will pay for it myself!

My argument against this premise:

If I don’t have the money to pay for my disease , I will suffer and die sooner. Or, if I’m lucky, perhaps I could join a high risk insurance pool, pay more, choose between food and insurance costs and die sooner.
This line of thinking is a lose lose for  the poor, the Middle Class and especially the elderly.  It would also decrease the marketplaces that service “we the People”:  the Insurance market , the hospitals and the Pharmaceutical Industry.  If people have no funds to purchase Healthcare everyone loses.

There’s more! Shifting the burden of Medicaid on to the States and depending on the State’s largess to grant Medicaid on a person by person basis as each person is evaluated for their ability to work.  Sounds like a daunting task.  Who decides?  Who selects and assures that good paying jobs and retraining, if requires, are provided immediately.  How would this program be phased in?


Some states and communities have pockets of economic prosperity and devastation. Who do you reward with Medicaid?   How many well paying jobs are really available?  Will you now have more working poor with limited access to healthcare?  Will you look away when they die? Who will support your next candidacy , if you keep whittling away at the electorate? I ask you all, how can you leave your disparate despairing constituents without healthcare and decent well paying jobs?

Then, Ask yourselves? , How many of the folks remaining , who are young , will vote for this mean spirited approach to Healthcare? Then ask, how many who are earning $150,000 and above constitute the majority of the electorate?

This is a death knell, not just for “we the people”, but for those in support of this bill. The pendulum always swings away from extremes. Be careful what you wish for.


  • In the meantime, please reassure the Insurance Companies that their subsidies remain for next year. The least everyone can do is safeguard our system of care while the debate continues. 


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Can “we the People” find Common Ground? Can we unite to promote Equality for all? 

May 3, 2017



Are we a Nation that can find Common Ground? Is it possible to put aside our differences and unite for the greater good of all people in these United States.

When I was a young woman entering the workforce there were no other women. Did I persevere ? You bet. Have circumstances changed since 1976, unfortunately for women, white males, older experienced workers in their 40’s and 50’s and minorities , the sad fact is there is no longer equal opportunity for all.

That’s why it isn’t enough to March, or Resist or bare witness , “we the people”  must advocate for legislative policy that mandates equal pay and equal opportunity for all of us on the economic scale.

There should not be only an elite group guaranteed promotions and pay raises and benefits. As workers we should be valued and rewarded for our performance equally , independent of race or gender or age.

To maintain the values guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, all men are created equal ( women too)  guaranteeing the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we must Unite.   Our current State of Inequality takes away our purpose in life. Without a reason to get up in the morning , we the people, can only despair , fall into depression and eventually too many of us will commit suicide or seek solace in opiate addiction.


There is a way forward.  We can no longer support corporate profits and corporate welfare at the expense of 360 million individuals here and 7 Billion world wide. The same Multinational corporation’s are destroying  “we the people”  on a global scale.
Good policy can reverse the despair and hunger so many experience.


  • I recommend as a start that all salaries be published for all individuals working at corporations with 100 individuals or more. Similar to laws recently passed in Britain.


  • I also recommend that CEO’s doing business with US government be taxed appropriately , when  their salaries exceed 15 times the salary of the average employee in their firm.
  • I recommend the creation of a National infrastructure program that creates jobs at all levels of income . Guaranteeing jobs to the underemployed , the tech savvy and college and non college educated talent. The program should be overseen by a “Feinberg”  type commission assuring fair and accountable distribution of salaries.

As noted in many of my blog posts on The Voice of Joyce, $1 Billion can feed 22,000 people at $50,000 each. Assuming labor is 40-50% of the projects cost, America should be able to generate the revenue to support these programs and the 100’s of millions capable of working at a decent wage.

We are not looking for handouts. We are asking to become part of a movement that continues America’s greatness in the 21 st and 22 nd Century and beyond. Inequality has destroyed America and Americans. It is time to bring back the old fashioned values of ethics and integrity that has made America great.
See you at 11 am.

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class “

The Voice of Joyce Periscope @11am Russian Connections, Conflicts, Supreme Court 

April 5, 2017

Don’t believe in coincidences! Years of reading mysteries and espionage have taught everyone , there are no coincidences. In life.

The tangled web that Trump wove, appears to be unraveling as we speak. It’s a large net that includes some of his staff, his family, the cabinet appointees and most likely, the Vice President. All complicit, all compromised by their Russian Connections and Conflicts of Interest.

One has to ask? Why was Betsy DeVos’ brother, the hated, “Black Prince “, of Blackwater infamy,  meeting with potential Russian spies , 3 days prior to Trump’s inauguration ?
This net is so vast it boggles the mind. Are Nunes, Sessions, McConnell equally culpable? Certainly, their cheerleading for Trump goes above and beyond normal Congressional support.

My next question has to be, if they’re involved in Trump’s cloak and dagger shenanigans, who else in the GOP is involved?   And if they’re not involved, for the sake of our Country don’t muddy the waters by voting for Judge Gorsuch. “Let him die ” in Committee with a no vote and choose a Centrist that will unite our Country. Do the Country a favor and stop this Partisanship in favor of uniting 360 million of us. Many of us are still suffering from the Great Recession.

For all our sakes, stop making matters worse. We have a student loan bubble, a credit card bubble and a debt bubble in this Country. All compounded by the Russian Connections side show at best and  Russian recruitment at it’s worse , of those in the Trump Pence administration  . We don’t need anymore diversions. Someone in government please start acting like Representatives of ” we the People”. Do what’s right and decent to move our Country forward.

Start by voting No on Gorsuch. Let’s limit the damage done by the Trump Pence administration. Thank you. I think I speak for the majority.

See you at 11am on Periscope and let’s chat!

” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

The Voice of Joyce: vote for the poor and Middle Class. We need each other! 

March 29, 2017

When Corporations and the wealthy feed off the Federal Government. That’s ok. They’re the wealth generators.  If that were true , why don’t we have jobs?

Corporate welfare sucks our Country dry and then looks at the little guy for more. The greed of the few has destroyed our homeland and us.

It’s not to late to cast off their shackles and say no. I see the truth and I don’t like it. Nothing for the poor and Middle Class and everything to make the rich richer and more powerful.
Is this what you want? Is this what you voted for America , a Class of People who views you with contempt. Who sees a good citizen as a dead or dying citizen. Too weak and too poor to purchase health care? too demoralized to think about your loss of dignity?
Cast off your shackles and see the truth. There are good people in America . unfortuneately, many are not in the Congress, or the lobbying groups or the White House or the large Corporations.
Vote for decency. Vote for people’s rights,  vote for progressive ideas and jobs and human dignity. vote for individuals who insist upon Laws that encourage “Statesmen and women” and prevent abuse of their power.

Vote and vote pro people like yourself. Ideology will kill you. Vote for self preservation not the party that cares about the wealthy at the expense of the Middle Class.   I do intend to run as The People’s President with your help.  Together,  we will seek common ground to resurrect the Middle Class and help the poor.

I am appalled by what I see in Congress. The greedy fighting to destroy the poor and Middle Class. Some decent Republicans may remain   In the interim,  Vote Democrat, when warranted , till our People’s Party and their representatives exist , to preserve our American way of life.   Vote Republican,  if they don’t vote for bills that destroy the poor and Middle Class.  The next few years will require Community Involvement and vigilance to protect our American Values and Democracy.

Joyce AmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Priorities:Infrastructure, Climate Mitigation No tax cuts! 

March 27, 2017




Don’t break out the Champagne yet. Democrats and Republicans should look toward increasing the Insurance presence in many States. Our people still need low rates and choices. The battle to improve the ACA is not over. The hard work and the Art of the Deal could still improve Healthcare for millions.

So what’s next? It should be job creation and infrastructure. They’re not on Trump’s agenda. Tax reform is. Tax cuts  have not created jobs, yet!  . This is a spin your wheels do nothing incompetent administration. When do they, the President and the Congress work to help the American people?

It would help to finalize Trump’s legitimacy first. That question, looms large in half the population. The next shouldn’t be a Supreme Court nominee that favors big business. The Administration should be  concentrating on infrastructure and climate change. We the People could live better lives,  if infrastructure became a priority instead of tax cuts for big business. Which brings me to my next question?


What does Neil Gorsuch, the US climate stance and China have in common? Plenty!
Both our administration and Neil Gorsuch are proponents of individual property rights and the rights of oil and gas consortiums. Their positions may be at odds with environmentalists seeking to preserve public property and limiting oil and gas exploration on public lands. How do these positions effect China?

As a closed system, one planet, one world, our local positions effect China. The Chinese are trying to limit their smog conditions in their provinces. Their efforts are unsuccessful. Only a global effort to curtail greenhouse gas emissions will help them.
Is our government committed to Global preservation or is short term profits on fossil fuels our only concern? We are at a decision point on many issues. Isolation and denial will not help us solve our local problems or help our neighbors. Now is not the time to be isolationists. We have our selves to save and the World.
We lead by example , by building not by destruction. 


See you at 11am.  Let’s chat!

“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

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