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Dear followers:  Our Agenda for this morning!  Plus a few surprises on the Mid East and Fox News.   I’ll log on @10:58 as usual.  See you later!   JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Trump’s Agenda brings stagnation and low wages to “We the People”

As Trump’s approval ratings slip in the polls, we Americans are left to ponder this administration’s lack of accomplishments .
Healthcare’s “Better Care”, as envisioned by Senator McConnell , is delayed at least one week, giving time for John McCain to recover from surgery. The CBO score should be announced sometime this week giving credence to this newest Healthcare abomination. Hopefully, this bill will die quietly leaving the GOP no option except the original pragmatic one, necessitating collaborative work with Democrats to stabilize the ACA while lowering insurance and drug costs.



periscope 7-17-17


Perhaps we’ll get a Congress willing to address the needs of “we the People”. I’m hoping but not hopeful. We still need good paying jobs at all levels of income to reverse job growth underemployment and wage stagnation.


If policy doesn’t change soon, Recession is predicted:  too many bubbles forming, again.   We are in a time of crisis. We can improve our State of Inequality,  if we had the will of the People advocating constantly for a non privatized major national infrastructure and transportation program.


While dreaming, I’d wish for more money to the States and Federal Government for Opioid addiction and improved education of our kids. I’d support a universal Apprentice program for high school students as well. Why not train kids for future Technology jobs?


If we’d stop denying climate change and embraced mitigation we could be building the infrastructure for coping with the demands of our altered climate. That would produce innovation and new industries too! We can accomplish much,  if there is a will to envision a prosperous America.
While we remain stuck in the past, only the wealthy prosper while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet. This doesn’t have to be our story. We have the power to rewrite our stories, stop electing representatives to Congress , who prefer our deaths rather then propose bipartisan programs that would help us emerge from a lost unprofitable decade. If not now, when ?


We’ve seen the real reason Trump was elected. Big business and the Banks back him to assure that their Party was sustained. Helping the People, sounded nice, but like most campaign promises, it was hot air! It fooled many of “we the People”. We’ve waited and we see no good programs to improve our sorry state of Inequality. Time to wake up and advocate for money on our behalf, too!
Why should  big business , defense , and the banks be entitled to Federal Subsidies?  In addition,  why do the upper classes benefit from massive tax cuts?    It’s time to put the needs of “we the people” first by insisting on a fair and equitable budget.  The  lower and middle class has suffered enough!



See you at 11 am and we’ll chat!
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JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Monday Wake up America, we’re being boiled alive like Frogs! 



What’s the difference between us and the Russians? They don’t care about politics or politicians, as long as they have an apartment, a good paying job and food. They’ve withstood life under the czars, the Revolution, Stalin, and now Putin. The Russian people are ok as long as their lifestyle remains untouched. Tamper with their right to life, liberty and their pursuit of happiness and the Russian people will not tolerate their governments lack of concern for their rights.  Take away the apartments of 1.6 million Muscovites and they take to the streets.

They’re different then us. We are consumed with Politics and politicians and quietly accept our fate, like frogs boiling slowly.    Otherwise, how can you explain our denial of the facts. American rights have been eroding since the 80’s,  yet most of us didn’t realize the harm done to us till recently.   Some still believe in the “goodness” and capability of Donald Trump and his Administration.  They’re accepting the Party line.   They deny their reality and believe with all their heart , as he continues to destroy our Institutions and degrade the rights of labor , that he will produce “good” paying jobs for them.

One has to wonder why are Americans so tolerant? The rest of the World appears to be demanding an end to cronyism and corruption,  while we accept it and shrug  off it’s effects at our peril.  Our economy is not improving.   Wages are stagnant.  Good paying jobs at the management level are non existent.

Wake up America! We’re being swindled. The alt right will not stop their crusade against the poor and the Middle Class till we’ve all taken to the streets or we’re dead. Stop deluding yourselves, change is slow.  I understand. After 9 yrs of being patient myself,  I realize there are no white knights to save us.   I was hoping for a 3 rd Party to emerge and that never happened either.

I am now my own advocate for change. Enough is enough. Bills are passing the House that make my hair curl and few say anything. Every decent Congressman on both sides of the aisle should be denouncing these assaults on “we the People”. I hear some opposition on the GOP side but not many. We need real dissent to counter this extreme agenda. We need centrists. 

I’m no politician and I will encourage decency no matter who says they stand with the American people. Everyone else should get out of our way as we advocate for Legislation that improves the lives of the poor and the Middle Class.  I’ll detail how to generate revenue on Periscope at 11am.

Together we can build an America for the 22 nd Century.  Wake up and join me before we’re boiled alive, ” just like the Frogs”.

See you at 11am and we’ll chat.  More to follow.  Other thoughts to be published tomorrow.  Have a great night.

“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope@11 am Say no to Trumpian Schemes! 



Blind faith in a Political Party is destroying America. It was disappointing to hear John Kaisek , a former moderate, support Trump. Why would anyone think Trump’s first 100 days was a victory for the People?  Clearly, we now know, “we the People” are infact pawns in Trump’s larger gain for himself…..

The first 100 days have been a nightmare for many who depended upon Trump for jobs. All of his schemes are a massive giveaway to himself and his 300 business advisors. They stand to make Billions, if not Trillions , as the State’s and Federal government become destitute .  Now we learn, his massive planned tax cuts for the already wealthy and Big Business will create a nightmare for IRS enforcement.  Tax evasion by the wealthy is now equivalent to our National Debt.  More evasion will exacerbate our liquidity problem.

If Corporate taxes plus loopholes , reduce taxation to 15%, this becomes a windfall for the already wealthy.  In  actuality , with no new revenue and reduced revenue, Social Security, MEDICARE and Medicaid will be defunded along with every other program that benefits the poor, the working poor and the vanishing Middle Class . Healthcare will be defunded as well, as States grapple with a revenue shortfall.

Our Country will no longer be #1 , if Trumpians get their way. A few individuals will prosper as the rest of us slip into poverty. Some of the suggestions I’ve read have made me terminate The New York Times in print. How dare anyone suggest in the business section on 4/20/17, that student debt should be converted to home mortgages for cheaper rates. The entire student loan program has become a fraudulent enterprise benefiting the Federal Government. Under this latest scheme, Fannie and Freddie are ready to convert your debt to a home equity line or a mortgage at more favorable rates for now! The operative word is for now! If Trump’s 15% Corporate Tax plan is approved, Fannie and Freddie will be forced to go bankrupt. Guess who’s waiting in the wings to take it Public, none other then another Trump advisor, John Paulson, who made a killing in the Mortgage foreclosure business along with Steve Minuchin, our Treasury Secretary, formerly with IndyMac. They’ll celebrate all the way to the Bank, once again. LOL.

Say no to every scheme put forth by the Trump administration, unless and until we know all the ramifications of their passage into Legislation. Talk and write to your Congressman and woman, today and every day. We the People must know how every law effects us and the US Deficit. It appears that the GOP has just suspended their aversion to more debt. Just say NO!

Trump has no intention of helping the Middle Class. Nothing has changed, we are being conned by masters of the art of Persuasion. Say no and maintain the pressure on Congress. Resist and advocate or we will have a rebellion, like so many other nations battling corruption and it’s outcome;   starvation!

See you at 11am and let’s chat!

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Joyce America Speaks Periscope 11am Trumped, EO’s & now Syria

Obama or Trump, with a dysfunctional Congress, Trump will circumvent Congress and legislate through White House Executive Orders. In Trump’s administration, the Trump Kitchen Cabinet, composed of the scions of Industry, media and Technology will shape the rules.

For the Bankers and Wall Street that may mean less capital cushions on hand to shield the Banks from another “crisis”. It may mean more risk! Irrational exuberance and high animal spirits! Remember those words! The epithets for the “FISCAL CRISIS of 2008”, we don’t want to see history repeating. The result could be a lot uglier then the Recession of 2008.


Sorry to be a Debby Downer, as one developer stated , but the facts remain. Businessmen are in charge and they have shown a greater concern for their personal bottom lines then ” we the People”.  Job numbers out today; they weren’t good!  98,000 added

We are a “gig” economy because business has the upper hand and they have shown little compassion for the needs of we the people. As the Economist , Angus Dean states, white males are dying at a greater rate then the minorities. Despair, suicide and drugs are crippling them with no readily available jobs in sight.

Adding to our problems is Betsy DeVos. A 16% fee has just been added to the student loan debt problem. There may be no government  guaranteed “work out” of student debt. This could be a cascading problem, since 99% of the loans are guaranteed by parents and their homes.

To a hammer the nail is the problem. To a businessman personal gain defines themselves. It’s time to rethink what we the people need and resist laws being imposed that are against our self interest even if we “like” the man in office controlling our destiny.

We have Power to resist and make our voices heard. My hope is” we the people” will raise our voices high before the next crisis hits.

Sorry to bust anyone’s bubble! The facts speak for themselves. 

See you on Periscope.  I’ll try live Facebook soon as an addition to my Periscope Broadcast.  See you at 11am.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce America Speaks Periscope @11am Populism, authoritarian state, Trump, LePen OhNo!

Too many want to keep Trump in power given the Pence alternative. They forget, Pence is running government.
The house GOP establishment is entwined with the Trump Administration, making a separation of Powers and check and balances impossible. Jeff  Sessions, the AG,  lent Trump Steve Miller his senior aide to Trump.   Nunes, head of the defunct Russian Investigation, has been compromised.  They have been  empowered by their acceptance of  Super PAC money and are  voting  for Draconian measures, that hurt “we the People”.  When the  GOP votes pro Trump, it’s all about the MONEY!  Same for the DEMS!

If you believe in conspiracies, Let’s look at 1 example,  the Russians got to North Carolina 2 hours before Trump ‘s rally.   Did they dole out money for crowd attendance prior to Trump speaking?   Trump spoke, would they vote for him out of gratitude?  protect him?  who knows?

In the Senate, Mitch McConnel  with  a net worth of $58 million and his wife, named Sec of Transportation , in the Trump Administration, do you think he’s independent enough to vote against Judge Gorsuch?   Honestly  folks,  Congress is not voting for us or our continued Democracy, they vote to preserve their self interest.  Ours no longer maters.  We’ve voted against our own self interest.  Hopefully, this will be the last time!  The new Agenda, is all about money.    Money  for the wealthy at the expense of we the people.


This is a well oiled machine to destroy our Democracy. Venezuela just brought back their Democracy by separating Judges from the State.   France may lose their Democracy through voter apathy.

The USA is a cautionary tale. Too many want a Trump or a Marie LePen to win.   They’ve drunk the cool aide and misdirected their anger from Big Business and the Collusion between Big Business and Congres/Parliment , toward “outsiders” taking their jobs.  They don’t understand, they will suffer under an Autocratic society.  The people will suffer as the wealth of a few becomes astronomical! That’s the real reason behind “populism “. The destruction of the Democratic State.  The transfer of the State’s remaining wealth to a few!  Don’t be apathethetic, only voting can get rid of these “self proclaimed” populists.  They’re numbers have bee identified in France.  Hold your nose and chosse to retain your Democracy!

See you at 11 am and we’ll chat.
” the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

JoyceAmericaSpeaks Periscope @11am Corporate Tax Cuts destroy Americans : We are swimming in Money and can’t use it! 



The plot to kill American Democracy and Americans.

Just look at Kansas. Tax cuts for big business equates to minimum revenue for education.  Therefore, in Kansas , the folks lack the basic skill sets to understand what’s best for them.  They have been given a poor education and have limited health care and access to media that speaks truth to power!  When some folks say, the electorate is stupid.   It is by design.

If you increase spending on the military, on security , on law enforcement and for profit prisons you are not only hurting large groups of people , you, meaning the Society, has chosen to decrease expenditure on basic human needs.

  • Education
  • Clean air and water
  • Health care
  • The arts
  • Science
  • Jobs

All items that would make citizens healthier and better educated are denied. Why? To provide funds for corporate welfare. While we the people are starved for knowledge and  food, large corporations are tax free citizens of the State!

Which “Segway’s ” into  my story on immigration, as a  Flooring contractor,  our competition wasn’t individuals.  Our Competition was national labor shops using illegal immigrants at low wages pushing our  labor’s salary down to levels not seen since the 70’s.      This phenomenon is not new.  We encountered “imported labor” on large union projects in the 1980’s  What’s new,  was the crash of 2008, when all jobs dried up for the once working class.  The  competition became fierce when too many of America’s citizens were left stranded by major Corporations.  The corporation seeking no taxation, was exposed to oversees markets and forgot that they left millions without full time employment. Our dilemma, centers on Corporate Greed that systematically hollowed out the Middle Class.  Our legislatures helped , too!  They provided the tax incentives to Corporations to stay in their States,  in return Corporate Management became wealthy while decreasing American salaries.   When they went oversees, the weakened American tax base,   enabled the defunding of education and basic human needs.


What happened to Merit Carpets, Inc.?    Until the crash of 2008, my mechanics earned $300/day. After the crash, my labor was supplanted by National labor shops providing low cost labor on demand. These laborers were most likely illegal immigrants, costing their employer $50-$75 / day. How did we let this happen?  How could American labor compete?

It’s not the fault of the immigrant. The employer should be penalized. 11 million people were brought into this country almost 20 yrs ago. They were denied a path to citizenship and remained part of the shadow Economy on purpose by large scale businesses. Now Immigrants are fearing for their lives. One out of many groups to be targeted by this administration. For profit prison use will continue  under this administration, imprisoning African Americans for low level crimes. Anti Semitism is on the rise as Cemeteries and JCC’s are targeted.  What group is safe?

Policy and rhetoric continues to drive a wedge through our communities. Trump’s basic pledge to return jobs has not materialized yet. We can only hope it will unite us by giving more people good paying jobs. No matter what the outcome, Americans would be wise to unite.  An attack on one group, is an attack on all of us!


“United we stand,   Divided we “hang ” separately! ” Wise words from our founding father’s.


“the heart and pulse of the Middle Class”

Joyce:AmericaSpeaks:Periscope @11am PeoplePower Day 6 Push Back expected: Let’s begin 






Dear followers:

Since 2012, I’ve been thinking about a 3rd Party for 5 years, now is the time to seriously pursue this massive effort!  I’ve named our Party, The National Centrist Party, with a nod to a great Political Danish Series, entitled  “Borgen ” .

Who are we?  Our Mission:

  • The National Centrist Party. Has formed out of America Speaks We are “All inclusive”, accepting everyone .


  • As a group we shall push back against the most egregious policies and candidates for government.
  • It is our obligation to become an active registered political party. Our affiliation should be independent and aligned with one of the Parties. While we would like open primaries That has not happened yet, we have to belong somewhere?  I’m asking you for suggestions. ?

I wrote our agenda in 2015 & 2016 and it’s still relevant. Our next step is recognition of our new Party. Recruitment of luminaries to represent us. Promotion of bills to put before Congress and new candidates at the local, State and Federal level. Referendums to change local and state law when necessary. We will partner with other groups to be effective.
If you are interested in joining , send me your email addresses.


Thank you. Push back and the realization of consensus legislation is our mission . Our tactics include civil discussion of the issues confronting us and the crafting of Bills and referendums for government approval.


See you at 11am.  Let’s chat!
Wishing everyone a great day!
“The heart and pulse of the Middle Class”